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Performance Engineer Resume


  • Over 8+ years of experience in the Information Technology in which 4 year was worked as Mainframe Developer & Engineer & 4+ years worked as Performance engineer in Java, .Net & OpenVMS application
  • Ability to learn new things quickly & also has the tendency to handle multiple challenges and Flexible to adapt to new environment and technology
  • Good Knowledge of Software Development and Testing Life Cycle (SDLC & STLC), Defect Management Life Cycle activities & Performance Testing Lice Cycle (PTLC)
  • Highly skillful in end to end Performance Testing Process such as collecting nonfunctional requirements gathering, designing work load model, preparing & walk thru the performance test plan, developing script, executing load, longevity, break/stress test, failover test, floodgate testing, monitoring browser & apm level metrics, analyzing the performance metrics, providing recommendation, preparing intermediate report and walkthrough with client
  • Good hands - on-experience in Work-Load Modeling of an existing system as well as a new system by analyzing trends of load in web server logs and applying the same to test scenarios
  • Expertise in identifying performance framework and developing scripts in performance testing tools like LoadRunner, Performance Center, JMeter
  • Highly efficient in developing scripts using different protocols like Web (HTTP / HTML), Web Services, Siebel Web, AJAX TruClient, RTE, Citrix, FTP, RDP
  • Skillful in Performance monitoring and Analysis using tools like Splunk, New Relic, Zabbix, ignite, Hp site scope, Perfmon, Kibana etc.
  • Skillful in analyzing the JAVA spring framework app, ASP .Net app, Microservices and provided a recommendation to improve the performance
  • Good Knowledge in working with JVM tuning and analysis
  • Skillful in analyzing the heap dump & thread dump to find the root cause of the memory leak & CPU issues
  • Good Knowledge in working with profiling tools like your-kit, Ants, Thread profile with NR to identify the performance hotspot
  • Good Knowledge in working with applications which hosted on AWS ECS, AWS EC2, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, PaaS platform (OpenShift), Linux VMs (Sandbox) & Windows box
  • Highly skillful in identifying the virtualization requirement and implemented many virtualization using tools like HP LISA, Wire Mock
  • Worked on the migration of LISA to WireMock project and migrated more than 300 services successfully
  • Worked on the java development to extend the WireMock functionality to support more dynamic behavior
  • Completed a research in SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) protocol virtualization and built plugin solution using C & Python which simulated the SNMP agent response to use for load and longevity performance testing
  • Experience in analyzing AWR reports to fine tune the ORACLE DB performance
  • Experience in analyzing the Kafka metrics to evaluate the performance of Kafka and Developed a producer in Java to publish a message to Kafka bus message service to evaluate the performance of Kafka
  • Good experience in Elastic Search & Kibana. Configured a monitoring in Kibana to measure the performance of Elastic Search


Hardware / Platforms: Windows 98/XP/2003, Windows Server 2008/2010, UNIX/Linux, IBM Mainframe

Performance Testing Tools: Load Runner, Performance Center, JMeter, Blue zone

Performance Monitoring Tools: New Relic, HP Site Scope, Jconsole, HP Diagnostics, Splunk, Perfmon, Visual VM, AWR Reports, Zabbix, Ignite, GC Easy, PCA, Strobe, T4, Elastic Search, Kibana

Profiling Tools: Ants, Yourkit Java Profiler

Programming Languages: Cobol, JCL, CICS, Basic, VB Script, XGEN (Fourthgenerationlanguages), C, C++, Java, .Net

Web Scripting Languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, Java Script, Ajax

Cloud Technology: Amazon Web Service, Azure

Virtualization Tools: LISA, WireMock

Platform As a Service: RH Open Shift

Version & Integration: SVN, Jenkins

Database: DB2, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Excel, My SQL

Other Tools: Vugen, Soap UI, HP ALM, Quality Center, Post Man, Eclipse, Selenium



Performance Engineer


  • Implementing Early Performance Engineering by reviewing the LLD/HLD and Providing a recommendation which reduce the performance defects before development phase
  • Deriving a production like Work load Model using Splunk, New Relic & Application logs and walk thru with clients
  • Preparing a highly informative performance test plan as per the client standard which describe all the Non-Functional Requirement & SLA
  • Developing a script using different protocols like Web (HTTP / HTML), Web Services, AJAX TruClient, Remote Desktop Protocol, Citrix, RTE
  • Identifying the virtualization requirement and create a required virtualization service using a tools LISA/WireMock and avoid test data & down/upstream dependency
  • Developing WireMock extension (JAVA) based on the virtualization requirement
  • Running a performance execution using a tool like HP Load Runner, JMeter, Performance Center
  • Monitoring and analyzing the performance metrics using the tools like New Relic, HP Site Scope, Jconsole, HP Diagnostics, Splunk, PerfMon, Jvisual VM, AWR Reports, Zabbix, Ignite, GC Easy, PCA, Strobe, T4
  • Involving the performance engineering exercise like analyzing the heap, thread dumps, profiling the application code, JVM tuning to find the hot spot
  • Creating a detailed performance Execute Summary report which explained various root cause analysis and recommendation. Providing GO\NO-GO handshake based on the report summary. Walk thru the report with Client & Get it approved
  • Creating a Dashboards & Report in Splunk & New Relic which handful to monitor the Production performance
  • Working in the Agile and Waterfall environment& Delivering the performance testing in Agile Life cycle
  • Effectively derive the performance estimation based on the Non-Functional Requirement and worked on high end cost saving perspective
  • Creating daily and weekly status report and raising a flag to client if any concern on the action items
  • Well coordinating with development, QA & Client and deriving the performance excellence
  • Handling More than 3 projects in each release and experienced in effective time management
  • Involved in Design, coding, test cases preparation, unit testing, Integration testing, QA support, Production and Warranty support in the critical and high visibility projects
  • Performed key developer role in the projects which have the below functionalities
  • Claims Systems
  • Adjudication Systems
  • Cost Share
  • Frame work Rules
  • COB
  • Plan and Provider Systems
  • EDI Process for Medical, Hospital and Dental Application
  • Complex tables and Simple tables
  • One of the developers in conversion project from XGEN technology to COBOL technology which was the high critical and direct lead by client
  • Performed a QA role on the critical project and done the system testing for both batch and online components effectively
  • Developed new modules for the requirement which were based on the cost share functionality. The modules are acted as example\sample for the new associates for coding standard & crispy logical design
  • Acted as the member of production support team and closed the greater number of P1 defects on time
  • Undertake the new Service Request at IT phase and deployed the SR without any production bug with in the short period of time
  • Performed an analysis the major part of the Dental application. Analysis the dental module and explain the clear idea about the existing world to the client.
  • Create automated Process checklist to stimulate the checklist process using VBScript
  • Created automation monitoring tool using Vugen and VBScript to reduce manual efforts
  • Involved in the integration of Load Runner & Selenium scripts
  • Identified & implemented the approach to invoke Jconsole using X terminal & Identified possible error in the process and documented
  • Involved in installation of HP Diagnostics in the RH Unix, Linux & Solaris Unix system
  • Prepared Proof of Concepts (POC) and Recommendation docs for Claims and Enrollment functionalities and has been submitted to clients
  • Responsible for tracking and verifying the build version db2, XGEN and CPW builds. Installed and tracked if any issues
  • Performed as C2.0 coordinator and submit the metrics on monthly basis without any overdue
  • Performed as SCM (Software Configuration Management) coordinator and participate in the various internal and external audits with minimal observations


Tools: Load Runner 11.50/ .53, JMeter, HP Diagnostics, Yourkit, Informatica, AWR Reports, SOAP UI, Jenkins, Quality Center / ALM, JIRA, HP Site, New Relic, Splunk, PerfMon, Ants, VBScript, Zabbix, Ignite, HP LISA, WireMock, Post Man, SVN, Elastic Search, Kafka, Kibana, AMQ

Platforms & Technologies: JAVA Spring Frame work, ASP .Net, AWS, OpenShift, Linux Sandbox, Windows VMs, DB2, Oracle, MYSQL, SQL

Project Lead (Onsite)


Tools: Load Runner 11.50/12.00 , Performance Center, HP Diagnostics, Your kit, Informatica, AWR Reports, SOAP UI, Jenkins, Quality Center / ALM, JIRA, HP Site, New Relic, Splunk, Perfmon, Ants, VBScript, Zabbix, Ignite, HP LISA, Wire Mock, Post Man, SVN, Elastic Search, Kafka, Kibana, AMQPCA, Strobe, T4

Platforms & Technologies: JAVA Spring Frame work, ASP .Net, AWS, OpenShift, Linux Sandbox, Windows VMs, DB2, Oracle, MYSQL, SQL

Project Lead (Onsite)



Platforms & Technologies: Mainframe, COBOL, JCL

Project Lead (Offshore)

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