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Qa Engineer Resume

Los Angeles, CA


  • 11+ years of Overall IT experience with 8+ years of extensive experience in automation and performance testing.
  • Expertise in using automation tools like LoadRunner, JMeter Performance Center, HP ALM/ Quality Cen - tre, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Java Cucumber, SOAPUI, Appium for scripting and running tests.
  • Hands on experience in all phases of Project Development Life Cycle and Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) right from Inception, Transformation to Execution which include Design, Development, and Implementation.
  • Extensive experience with baseline, benchmark, load, stress, endurance, Functional, Integration, Regres-sion, Black Box, White Box, Manual, Unit, GUI, System, API, End to End testing.
  • Expertise in object oriented programming language like Java, C, and Python Programming.
  • Created performance test scripts for different Protocols like Web Http/Html, Ajax TruClient, .NeT, Web
  • Services SOAP, Restful, FLEX, Click & Script, RTE, RDP, Java Vuser, Oracle(2- Tier), Sybase CTlib (Database), Sybase Dblib (Database), Multi Protocols etc.
  • Proficient in implementing and designing automation frameworks Page Object Model, Keyword Driven, Data Driven, TestNG, BDD and Hybrid Frameworks.
  • Used various monitoring tools like AppDynamics, Splunk, HP Sitescope, HP Diagnostics, Wily Introscope, Grafana, Apache Ambari to identify Performance Bottlenecks, Root cause and Server Configuration problems.
  • Expertise in Automated Testing in different testing methodologies like Agile, Scrum, Waterfall etc.
  • Advised clients on Performance tuning and capacity planning on multi-tier architecture
  • Experience in running the Performance tests in HP’s Performance Center, standalone Controller and JMe-ter.
  • Experience in Web Services testing using Ready API for both Automation and Manual Testing Rest API.
  • Experience with Java, J2EE, Tomcat, JSON, XML, SOAP and RESTful web service framework.
  • Bug Reporting or Defect tracking using HP Quality Center and JIRA.
  • Ability to develop selenium automation framework using TestNG and developing ANT/Maven targets to execute automation suites.
  • Experience in performance testing and monitoring of Hadoop components.
  • Proficient with Eclipse and IntelliJ IDE.
  • Comfortable working with various technologies which includes JAVA/WebServices, J2EE, .Net, C, C++, VB, HTML, Oracle, SQL, JavaScript, Shell Scripts, XML.
  • Experience in Data Analysis, Data Validation, Data Cleaning, Data Verification and identifying data mismatch.
  • Involved in Continuous Integration and continuous development testing using Selenium grid and Jenkins.
  • Involved in Defect review meetings with the development team and testing team for the resolution of the defects.
  • Expert in creating and modifying Unix Shell Scripts, VB Scripts and JavaScripts for test data creation.
  • Expertise in Parameterization, Correlation and configuring Run time Settings in HP Loadrunner controller. Monitoring system resources such as CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Heap Usage, VM Stat, I/O Stat.
  • Vast experience in using SQL for validation of test data on the database.
  • Good written, communication, interpersonal skills, proven team player with an analytical mind bent to problem solving and delivering solutions.


Languages: C, C++, Java, Java Script, XML, HTML., Python, SQL, VBScript, UNIX Shell Scripting

Operating Systems.: Windows, UNIX/LINUX, MAC, Sun Solaris, Mainframe MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, DB2

Web Technologies .: HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP.NET

Web Servers: Tomcat, Apache, IIS, Websphere, AS400

Tools: Dreamweaver, Flash, Crystal Reports

Testing Tools: Loadunner, JMeter, WinRunner,Test Director, Track Record, Java Cucumber, SOAPUI, Jenkins Rational Test Suite, Test Manager, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Clear Quest, HP QC, HP PC


Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

QA Engineer


  • Develop Master Test Plan, which includes entire Testing Plan, Testing Resources, Testing Strategy and testing of end-to-end scenarios.
  • Extensively use JMeter for developing and updating Web service Scripts both SOAP and REST.
  • Enhance JMeter scripts by adding c onfiguration elements, timers, controllers, listeners etc in the script.
  • Implement Parameterization and C orrelation in JMeter script.
  • Developed Page object Model design Selenium framework on TestNG Platform using Eclipse(Java).
  • Performed Cross Browser Automation using Selenium GRID with Sauce Labs Cloud Integration.
  • Execute Load, Stress and Endurance tests using JMeter and Performance Test Framework.
  • Develop and execute Hive SQL commands to verify test results in Hadoop database.
  • Adding app and machine agents for different servers in AppDynamics to capture server metrics like CPU us-age, Memory usage, heap usage, calls/min, errors/min etc of servers for performance monitoring.
  • Setup AppDynamics Dashboard for different servers to view graphs for server metrics.
  • Verify the SOAP message delivery to the web services and verified the XML formatted response using SOAPUI.
  • Use Spunk to capture response time Confidential different components of application during end to end test for perfor-mance analysis and tuning.
  • Used Build Management tool Maven in the framework for batch triggering of Test cases.
  • Experience in Web Services testing using Postman and Ready API for both Automation and Manual Testing Rest API.
  • Responsible for collecting the frequency of JVM Heap and Garbage Collection..
  • Debug existing java and python programs and applications.
  • Monitor metrics like Lag, Messages, Bytes In/Out, Log End Offset for Apache Hadoop components dur-ing load test using Grafana.
  • In depth understanding of Object Oriented Programming and developed and modified many JavaScripts, VB-Scripts and Unix shell scripts to generate test data for performance testing.
  • Analyze Test using Summary Analysis, Average Transaction Response Time, Hits/ sec Throughput, Resource utilizations, Network delay and HTTP Codes and make recommendations for bottlenecks.
  • Raise issues in Jira for defect tracking and work with developers, business team to analyze and resolve defects.
  • Capture Java threads and exceptions in the application logs for the analysis.
  • Create detailed test status reports, performance capacity reports, web trend analysis reports, and graphical charts for upper management.

Environment: JMeter 2.13, Manual, AppDynamics, JavaScript, VBScript, Jenkins, SOAPUI, UNIX, Grafana, HUE, Apache Hadoop, Apache Ambari, Shell Scripts, JIRA, Shell, .Net, Java, C, JVM, Oracle, Python, SQL server, Web Sphere, Splunk, Spira.

Confidential, Fremont, CA

QA Engineer


  • Coordinate and collaborate with multiple groups to determine, gather and verify functional and non-functional test needs and create Test plan.
  • Developed Selenium WebDriver Framework in JAVA with PageObjects design pattern using PageFactory, Maven as build automation tool and Cucumber-JVM (BDD) as testing framework.
  • Created and executed automated test scripts in Java using Selenium WebDriver and TestNG.
  • Tested compatibility of application for dynamic and static content under various cross browsers using Selenium TestNG framework.
  • Worked closely with Software Developers to isolate, track, debug and troubleshoot defects.
  • Used Apache POI to read and write data in Excel sheet.
  • Analyzed, interpreted, and summarized relevant results in a complete Performance Test Report using perfor-mance center.
  • Extensively used LoadRunner for developing Web Http/ Html, Web services, RTE and Database protocol Scripts.
  • Worked on distributed test automation execution on different environment as part of Continuous Integration Process using Selenium Grid and Jenkins .
  • Executed Baseline, Benchmark, Load, Stress and Endurance Testing using Performance Center.
  • Customized LoadRunner scripts in C language such as String manipulation and using C libraries for the Load-Runner Scripts.
  • Experience in Web Services testing using Postman and Ready API for both Automation and Manual Testing Rest API.
  • Carried out Stress test for specific transactions by introducing rendezvous points in the script.
  • Extensively worked on performance monitoring and analyzed the response time, Memory leaks, hits/sec and throughput graphs and communicated bottlenecks to the system administrators and developers.
  • Monitored Net Stat to check the connectivity Load Balance and network traffic in each of the JVM's by using Unix Shell scripting.
  • Built reusable code and library in C, java for future use.
  • Worked on Oracle, MS SQL Server, writing complex SQL queries & stored procedures and analyzing & perfor-mance optimization
  • Monitored Metrics for application server, web server and database server using AppDynamics.

Environment: HP LoadRunner 12.02, AppDynamics, Performance Center, Java Cucumber, Shell Scripts, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, HP ALM/Quality Center, JIRA, Shell, .Net, Java, C, JVM, SOAPUI, Oracle, SQL server, SOA, Jenkins, Github, UNIX., JavaScript.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

QA Engineer


  • Involved in writing Performance Test Plan, which detailed the testing scope strategy, Hi-level test requirements, and necessary resources.
  • Use HP Load Runner to design, develop and execute performance test conditions, scenarios, scripts, and per-formance test data through analysis of product specifications and software requirements.
  • Designed multiple LoadRunner scripts (VuGen) with different protocols like Web(HTTP/ HTML), RTE, Oracle, Web services for load testing different applications.
  • Designed the Manual and Goal oriented scenarios using LoadRunner Controller
  • Enhance Loadrunner scripts by implementing C functions, correlation, parameterization, transaction points, rendezvous points and various LoadRunner functions..
  • Setup server metrics for Introscope. Executed multi-user performance tests, used online monitors, real-time output messages and other features of the LoadRunner Controller in LoadRunner.
  • Validated web services using JMeter and SOAPUI.
  • Configured Run-time settings for VuGen, Controller and Performance Center.
  • Coordinated with the application team and database team to prepare the test data and other prerequisites.
  • Hands-on experience with performance test simulations, performance analysis, performance tuning, per- formance monitoring in a n-tier environment.
  • Used and developed shell scripts for capturing server metrics and generating test data.
  • Executed tests and report results according to testing standards and procedures.

Environment: HP LoadRunner, C, Performance Center, Selenium, SOAPUI, Jenkins, yourkit, strongloop, Shell Scripts, HP ALM/Quality Center, Unix, CA Introscope, Web Sphere, Shell, .Net, Java, J2EE Diagnostic tool, JVM, Oracle, SQL server,

Confidential, Fort Collins, CO

QA Automation Engineer


  • Developed Automation Scripts for Regression using Selenium Web Driver and Java.
  • Performed Regression testing for new builds in the application using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Conducted Cross browser testing in different browsers using Selenium.
  • Configured Selenium GRID scripts on Virtual machines.
  • Involved in Automation Infrastructure Development using Selenium.
  • Understand performance requirements and risk assessments to ensure test designs, scripts and data support test-ing of the requirements.
  • Executed JMeter Scripts from virtual machines for Web (Http/Html), and Web Services protocol.
  • Executed Load Test, Stress Test, Spike and Endurance Test from JMeter.
  • Added Web Logic, App server and Windows server metrics during performance testing by using Sitescope and captured CPU, Memory, Heap utilization, IN/OUT Traffic, Threads on servers for root cause analysis.
  • Ability to performance heap and thread analysis, database deadlock detection, understand and detect resource contentions.
  • Parameterized test scripts to send realistic data to the server and avoid data caching.
  • Analyzed Test using Summary Analysis, Average Transaction Response Time, Throughput, Windows Resources, Network delay and HTTP Codes to find root cause of the issue.
  • Extensively used J2EE Diagnostics/Deep Diagnostics to diagnose and troubleshoot Web/App server issues. Environment: SiteScope, Oracle, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, SOAPUI, MS SQL Server, JMeter, Java, JavaScript, WebLogic, Load Balancer, HP ALM/ Quality Center, J2EE Diagnostic Tool, Websphere, Unix


QA Performance Tester


  • Understand test plan and estimated resource requirements to support on-time delivery of test execution.
  • Created scripts for Web (html/http), Web Services, SAP and Oracle NCA protocol in Loadrunner.
  • Inserted Rendezvous points in the Vuser scripts and executed Vuser Scripts in various scenarios which were both goal oriented and manual using Load Runner.
  • Parameterized Vuser Scripts to generate realistic load on the Server.
  • Created Image and Text Verification checks in Vuser Scripts using LoadRunner Vuser generator.
  • Extensively used Controller to perform and execute Baseline, Load, Endurance, and Stress test cycles.
  • Analyzed Throughput Graph, Hits/Second graph, Transactions per second graph and Rendezvous graphs using LR Analysis tool.
  • Configured and prepared proper performance monitoring tools and captured metrics using Introscope. Identified bottlenecks in Network, Database and Ap plication Servers.
  • Generated Server Monitor statistics like CPU usage, Disk Usage, Memory, Thread Counts, Bytes/Sec etc.
  • Used Oracle Sql profiler to trace the queries while execution of the scenarios.
  • Used LR Analysis tool to view Load test results and drill down to identify possible bottlenecks.
  • Identifies performance diagnostic and tuning activities using Loadrunner monitors.
  • Compared and analyzed actual to expected results and reported all bugs to the development team.
  • Generated graphs, session reports and other related documentation required for validation and analysis. Environment:Oracle RMS, Oracle RDM, Load Runner, Neoload 4.0, Performance Center, Quality Center, C, C++, Java, MS Excel, Sitescope, Web (HTTP/HTML), Oracle NCA, Oracle 2 tier, RTE, Oracle 10g & 6i.


Software Test Engineer


  • Performed Functional, Integration, Regression and Usability Testing.
  • Created Test Plan, which includes TestingResources, Testing Strategy and testing of end-to-end scenarios.
  • Reviewed the Use Cases in Use Case document and converting into test scenarios and test cases test scripts.
  • Executed manual test cases and logging of defects.
  • Identification of environment specific Test data and created test data for validation testing.
  • Updated test cases whenever new functionality gets added / changed.
  • Prepared Test execution summary report.

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