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Lead Test Engineer Resume

New York, VA


“Embrace change with innovation” and “Demonstrates willingness to take challenges and see them through’ remains guided behavior throughout my career. Looking for an innovative and challenging Fulltime opportunity as a ‘Technical QA Lead/Scrum master”, which allows me to utilize, deliver and enhance my competencies, experience and knowledge in Enterprise domain. Overall looking for an ideal opportunity, which can foster career development and a professional growth for an individual.


  • Over 15+ years IT experience, in Financial Banking, Telecom Billing, Risk Management, Healthcare, Insurance, and Software product industry, as an Enterprise QA Lead for designing, creating, leading and delivering test solution for AWS, SOA, IAM, Web, Client/Server and Native Mobile based applications in Cloud or Data Center hosted environments.
  • Significant years of quality assured experience for delivering Quality Assured Testing Solution for ERP, Web, Mobile, SOA, IAM and Web/Micro services designed by using Java Script and Java/J2EE Technologies.
  • Experience with Agile (Scrum), Iterative, RAD, Waterfall and RUP Development and testing methodologies.
  • Experience with working with Continuous Integration, Development and Validation model, with Test Driven Development Approach.
  • Excellent hands on ability to lead, coordinate, execute and mentor multiple projects simultaneously, those are planned to meet business critical timelines.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Enterprise Architecture & Data Architecture Knowledge, skills and knowledge that is desired for ‘Technical/Project QA Lead, “Scrum Master’ or ‘QA Architect’ type of role.
  • Enterprise Application/System Integration, AWS, Custom Adapters (e.g. API, SAML, OAUTH, LDAP and Web Services, etc.), SOA, COTS, BI, Native Mobile App and IAM (Oracle IAM and Federation) subject matter expertise that is required for Hands ON testing, leading, mentoring, troubleshooting, problem solving and out of the box critical thinking.
  • To overcome testing challenges leverage risk based, situational, exploratory and context driven testing approaches that help with achieving testing milestones effectively and efficiently.
  • Adopts Unit testing early in SDLC using TDD Approach and target all type of bottlenecks before it generates high risk and impact on customer delivery, timeline and overall customer’s satisfaction.
  • Ability to measure and communicate overall release timeline, project status, code delivery, code effectiveness, milestones progress and testing efficiency with creation and establishment of key quality metrics and burn down charts.
  • Ability to work in fast pace environment where my ‘Can do’ attitude brings a positive energy to the team during ‘crunch’ times when stress levels are very high. Brings ‘Proactive’ approach versus ‘Reactive’ mentality to the team.
  • Assist Dev Team with unit testing, problem solving, identifying the root cause or suggesting permanent interim step that helps to maintain delivery commitment.
  • Hands on manual and automation testing experience using tools like Selenium Web driver, Cucumber, Gherkin, Test NG, Postman, Para soft SOA Test, Fitness, Ready API/SOAP UI Pro, iTKO, LISA, mind reef SOAP Scope 4.1,Forumsys X - RAY, Load Runner 8.0, qTest, Rational Test Manager, QTP and Junit.
  • Experience in writing, reviewing and communicating master test strategy, test plans and unique test approach that driven by unique context of the delivery. In addition, used test case modeling and mind maps approach for facilitating JAD Sessions with core team and UAT reviews with business team.
  • Experience with facilitating and running Change Control Board (CCB), defect review and Scope review meetings.
  • Possess knowledge & experience of defect tracking and reporting tools like Bugzilla, Siebel 7.X Trax, and Mercury Quality Center 8.0, MS Share Point, Software Planner, IBM Rational Clear Quest, qTest and JIRA.
  • My early Engagement with Dev Team not only helped with achieving QA milestones timelines but, it also proved as cost and time saving factor for overall project, when reported high priority issue’s impact analysis, troubleshooting, and root cause finding was done in well advance.


Languages: Java, XML XSD, XPath/XSLT, SQL/PL, Java Script, VB Script, XML.

Databases: Oracle 11g R2, PostgreSQL 8.0, MY SQL Server

Web/App Servers: Web Sphere, Jboss, Jetty, Tomcat, Confidential Service net 6.5.1, ALBPM.

Testing Tools: Ready API 4.6, Selenium Web driver, Test NG, Cucumber/Gherkin, Itko Lisa 4.6.2, Test Fitnesse, SOA Test 6.1, Soap UI Pro 4.6.1, mind reef SOAP Scope 4.1, Coral 5.1, Formsys X-RAY (Web Service Diagnostics Tool), QTP 9.1(WebTest/Web services Add in), Load Runner 8.0, Altova XML SPY and Selenium IDE

Defect Management Tools: Rational Clear Quest, qTest, Jira, HP ALM, and Bugzilla

SCM Tools: SVN, GitHub, Ant, Maven, Gradle, Rational Clear Case and CVS.

MS Office Tools: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, MS Visio, MS Project 2016

OS: Mac High Sierra, Mac Mojave, Windows 10/7


Confidential, New York, VA

Lead Test Engineer


  • Responsible for designing, mining and implementing Enterprise Services (i.e. AWS, IAM and SOA) Testing Methodology, test processes, disciplines and applying testing governance across all SOA related projects at Confidential Enterprise Platform.
  • Responsible for designing and creating web service testing process and workflows for enterprise services (i.e. SOAP/REST, AWS hosted micro services and legacy Services).
  • Responsible for constant studying evolving Enterprise SOA/AWS Architecture, leading, managing and mentoring ongoing Tier-1 AWS, SOA and IAM Implementations related projects and responsible for providing test strategy and validation approach.
  • “Embrace change and encourage innovation” and “Demonstrates willingness to take big challenges and see them through” remain guided behavior throughout my Confidential engagement.
  • When needed, provided guidance with writing, designing, creating, executing and analyzing unit, integration, functional and end to end SOA and Micro services test cases using Ready API, REST Assured, Advanced Rest Client, Postman, Java HTTP Client, CURL and SOAP UI Pro.
  • Design, develop and executed, developer perspective, unit testing milestones using JUNIT and Selenium Web Driver.
  • Significantly helped dev team with troubleshooting the functional and vertical application integration issues (including finding the root cause) in various environments.
  • Efficiently manage resources, tasks, issues and time during highly challenging time.
  • Rapidly and positively embrace different kind of roll out changes (i.e. Dashboard for status reporting, Embrace Selenium for automation test execution, etc) without any constraints.
  • Accepted challenging task with building SOA Scripts that helped SOA Core Team to ensure outbound calls to EPSILON and AMAZON via AWS Hosted LAYER-7 Gateway.
  • Identified and actively called out different type of risks and issues at various levels, during SDLC/STLC. Also, actively involved in discussing mitigation steps for each identified risk, contingency plan if identified risk becomes an actual event.
  • Performed web services API Testing, validated and verified Web Services behavior against Service Specification Doc, Design Doc, Java API, XSD, data from underlying service layers and Oracle 11g R2 Database.
  • Responsible for creating an automated SOA test (Integration) framework for quickly identifying and troubleshooting issues during integration.
  • Automation Framework that I developed to run across different environment to ensure smooth transition of code delivery from one environment to another environment without impacting various QA Teams.
  • Automation Framework that developed to debug unanticipated failures (e.g. Gateway, API, integration, configuration, sync job, DB or LDAP errors, Timeout issues, etc) and in order to troubleshoot issue and identifying the root cause.
  • Automation Framework that I developed for benchmark and load/stress testing to ensure actual response time meets SLA & NFR requirements.
  • Unit test case frame work (REST and SOAP API Testing) that I had developed which had given early indication about failures many times during code handoff delivery and shakeout testing.
  • Performed end to end services testing for identifying risks, its impact on overall work flow and implemented automated test cases to mitigate overall risk occurrence.
  • Validated RESTFUL web services API responses (XML and/or JSON) against extensive boundary conditions introduced through SOAP UI data sources (Grid, Spreadsheet, Flat files and database).
  • Added assertions and wrote groovy script to achieve maximum WSDL (SOAP APIS), WADL (REST API), and interface contract coverage.
  • Responsible for customizing PDF and HTML Reports to cover SOA Test Result Matrix during regression.
  • Responsible for conducting performance test and used to provide matrix for all profile services into different stress environment.
  • Responsible for facilitating and running Change Control board (CCB), Scope, Release Readiness and Jira Defect review meetings.
  • Defects reporting, analysis and tracking done using Jira and Rational Clear Quest.
  • Defect analysis, scope delivery tracking, test execution progress and test results periodic progress reporting done using burn down chart.
  • Responsible for leading efforts defect retro analysis after each Tier-1 or Program Track Release.
  • Responsible for reviewing, discussing and recommendations as outcome Defect Retro Analysis.
  • Native mobile applications
  • Responsible for leading validation efforts for responsive pages in Mobile device browser and desktop browser applications.
  • Responsive testing and leading efforts for Native Mobile Application testing in various environments, across various platforms on different manufactured devices and assured delivery with quality findings.
  • Responsible for testing and leading identity provisioning and identity federation SAML and OAUTH integration for browser and mobile application platforms built using Ping Federation.
  • Responsible for testing user provisioning, user management, role management and Organization management flows on Oracle Identity Management Platforms (OIM/OVD/OID).
  • Responsible for validating key OAM policies of OAM Integrated apps and which promotes SSO among integrated apps.
  • Responsible for validating attribute based and role based authorization flows which is essential for accessing applications that promotes authorization.
  • Responsible for validating integration with other Vertical applications, to ensure that other apps follows required IAM protocols using secure token, session header variables etc.
  • Responsible for validating external identity federation using Facebook OAUTH, Google SAML, Ping Fed SAML and Ping Fed OAUTH Technologies.
  • Responsible for automation validation solution provider for smart router lambda and IAM Notification Handler Lambda delegation to SNS/SQS and Dynamo DB integration functionality with Node.js and Ready API Framework.
  • Responsible for creating automated validation framework for AWS Java Beanstalk hosted REST swagger definitions using Ready API, CURL, POSTMAN, Rest Assured framework and Java HTTP Client.
  • Responsible for automating validation of AWS hosted presentation application using Custom Selenium Web driver framework with Page Object Model which uses Test NG, Maven, Apache POI, Log4j and Extend Reports.
  • Responsible for providing automation strategy of micro services and automation solution provider of testing using Node.JS, Apache HTTP Client, Scala and JMeter 3.2

Environment: Java Apache HTTP Client, Ready API 1.9, Soap UI Pro 4.6, Web Services (SOAP and REST), TOAD, Oracle 12c, OIM, OAM, OVD, OID, PING One, Ping Fed, SAML OAUTH, Oracle IAM 11g R2 Stack, Open LDAP, Rational Clear Quest, Layer 7 Gateway, AWS SNS/SQS Bus, NodeJS, AWS LAMBDA, AWS Beanstalk, Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS, Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2, Selenium Web driver, TestNG, Maven, JMeter, Cucumber, Gherkin, Blue Print and JIRA.

Confidential, Reston, VA

Professional Test Consultant


  • Responsible for creating an automated SOA test (Integration) framework for quickly identifying and troubleshooting issues during integration.
  • Framework that I developed to run across different environment to ensure smooth transition of code delivery from one environment to another environment without impacting various QA Teams.
  • Framework developed to debug unanticipated failures (e.g. Gateway, API, integration, configuration, sync job, DB or LDAP errors, Timeout issues, etc) and in order to troubleshoot issue and identifying the root cause.
  • Validated web services API behavior against extensive boundary conditions introduced through SOAP UI data sources (Grid, Spreadsheet, Flat files and database).
  • Added assertions and wrote groovy script to achieve maximum WSDL and WADL contract coverage.
  • Responsible for customizing PDF and HTML Reports to cover SOA Test Result Matrix during regression.
  • Responsible for conducting performance test and used to provide matrix for all profile services into different stress environment using JMeter.

Environment: Soap UI Pro 4.5.2, Web Services (SOAP and REST), TOAD, Oracle 11g R2, Rational Test Manager, Rational Clear case, Rational Clear Quest, Layer 7 Gateway and JIRA.

Confidential, Bridgewater, NJ

Test Manager/Consultant


  • Responsible for the development, review, implementation and execution of the Integration QA test strategy and test cases for each SOAP and REST Services Projects..
  • Maintaining and evaluating project test metrics that provide insight into QA effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Participating in the selection, and implementation of SOA test harness (using itko Lisa 4.6.2) and technologies to be dedicated to clients testing.
  • Responsible for creating tool evaluation report (i.e. usage of itko Lisa in integration testing) for identified real time integration components under test.
  • Design independent test approach using itko Lisa 6.5.2 for testing different integration layer of a SOA based application.
  • Responsible for identifying risks/key challenges/its impact into integration layer of an enterprise application and wrote mitigation testing plan to requirements.
  • Wrote recommended approach to cover various types of integration and workflow testing (i.e. real time messaging/ event integration, B2B and A2A integration).
  • Responsible for validation and of each integrated component as an individual unit for all key aspects - Functional (Acord Transactions, BPEL), Security, Performance and interoperatibility.
  • Used ITKO LISA for Asynchronous and Synchronous integration messaging testing and orchestration testing between components (ie. Web Services (WSDL, XSD, XML Schema), TIBCO EMS QUEUE, TIBCO BW, Oracle 10g(SQL-Joins), Web Sphere MQ, ORB Servlets and ALBPM)
  • Testing integration early at provider level (testing without front end) before testing from consumer side resulted in early defect identification and better root cause analysis.
  • Defects reported, tracked and managed into Mercury Quality Center 9.2

Environment: Itko LISA 6.5.2, TIBCO EMS Queue, TIBCO BW (Business Works), SEEC, Web Services (XML, XML Schema, XSD/XPath), Altova XML Spy Enterprise Edition, Mercury Quality Center 9.2, MQ Series, IBM Web Sphere 6.0, ALBPM, CSC(STP Middleware), Cyber life( Life Insurance Admin System), ORB(Object Request Broker) Servlets), IBM DB2, Oracle 10g, Windows XP)

Confidential, Dublin, OH

SOA Consultant (SOA Test Lead)


  • Designed and developed Test Plan, Test Indexes (Test Scenarios) and testing strategy for SOA and integration layers of an enterprise app.
  • Designed integration testing workflow for manual testing and test automation harness using Soap UI Pro and Para soft SOA Test 6.1.
  • Created and implemented complex web services (WSDLS) Xpath assertions by using Altova XML Spy and Oxygen XML Editor 9.1.
  • Actively participated in QA and engineering check point (factory) meeting for defects review, target completion and testing status for various ongoing phases of an enterprise app.
  • On daily basis for end to end regression testing perspective, worked closely with query team, data team and developers before and after build deployment into developer sand boxes. Performed developer perspective unit and system integration testing on local developer sand boxes.
  • Assessed and identified high risk area and its impact on web services components and implemented mitigation strategy in building SOA Test framework.
  • Worked closely with SA and developer team for creating integration test strategy, designed test indexes(test cases) for Duplicate Suspect Processing(DSP) functionality of NW customized WCC(Web sphere Customer Center) services layer(Project-I) and CISP(Nationwide Web Services)layer(Project-2) simultaneously.
  • Responsible for installing, creating and maintaining test harness on various windows and UNIX servers.
  • SOA Test 6.1 harness designed for seeding data (manipulating DB2 data using SQL to emulate specific scenarios), request/response (Soap over Http/Https, Soap over JMS) validation and testing of services and its orchestrations flow with data power and without data power device.
  • Used Beyond Compare for XML Diff, file, folder and build comparisons.
  • Build Path assertions for Property and Casualty Data Integrity, Standardization, validation and error handling checks with Soap UI (Open Source SOA Testing Tool) for IBM WCC and CISP Services.
  • Defects reported, tracked and managed in Mercury Quality Center 9.2 for various environments.
  • Also, managed and deployed build from cruise control into UNIX environment for all three web sphere instances (WCC, CISP & Event Manager (IBM MQ Series)) on daily basis before executing test framework for regression.

Environment: IBM WCC (Web Sphere Customer Center), WSDL, XPaths, Eclipse 3.2(Test Harness Creation), ESB, CVS, Para soft SOA Test 6.1, Web Sphere 6.2, DB2, MQ Series, IBM Data power, JMS, Soap UI Pro, Altova XML Spy 2008(For Xpath Assertion Creation) Eclipse Plugin, DB Control Center, QTP 9.2, Mercury Quality Center 9.2, Beyond Compare, Windows XP Pro, IBM-AIX 6.1, HP-UX 11.3

Confidential, Dayton, OH

SOA Consultant (Programmer QA Analyst)


  • As a QA Analyst, reviewed V2 (Content Migration Rewrite) style sheet, queries and data requirement docs closely with BA and developer team for various components of PRMA and Accurint Applications.
  • Wrote Content Migration testing strategy for data validation, data integrity testing, and query testing before and after data migration. Also, wrote end to end testing approach to test ESP Web services functionalities with roxie integration.
  • Tested, database rewrite and functional components at various layers of applications 1) one way roxie (Database Layer), 2) Middle ESP Web Services layer or Moxie (XML Framework) and 3) Web Portal.
  • Also involved in writing and building various test data conditions. Manually executed various complex types of (Rewrite Query, Data Rollups, Data Decoding, Web services functional and XML Response Schema validation, end to end integration, etc) scenarios for search cite list, Embedded comprehensive person/business report results, Source doc and full report results.
  • Worked as a lead functional consultant in review and analysis of V1 Specs. Added significant modification and enhancement in development of V2 components, after discussing with BA Team.
  • On daily basis for end to end regression testing perspective, worked closely with offshore Query team, Data Team and ESP Developers before and after build deployment into developer sand boxes. Performed developer perspective unit and system integration testing on local developer sand boxes and later on also put follow-ups efforts with Ops team for Build migration and deployment into qa staging.
  • Attended daily, Engineering QA Check Point meeting for test matrix review (reported, pending, reopen, and failed Data, Query, xml, Business logic, requirement, integration and Web UI display Issues into bugzilla). At the same time, responsible for providing an update of testing status and target completion date, etc.
  • Responsible for conducting BVT (Build Verification and Sanity Testing) before release sign off, for various roxie queries, moxie queries, data build ESP build and web portal releases into production for content migration project.
  • Wrote performance vugen scripts against portal application, ESP and Roxie web services by using load runner 8.1 for various search forms, source docs, batch services and reports.

Environment: Soap Plus, Soap UI Pro, Oxygen XML 9.0 XML Schema(XSD)/XML Path, Queries Editor, QTP 9.1, Load Runner 8.1, Windows 2003/XP Professional, Red Hat 9.1, bugzilla, Roxie Query Builder, Rational Clear Case.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

SOA Consultant (Programmer QA Analyst)


  • As a QA Programmer & Analyst, reviewed Business and Functional Requirements for developing testing strategy, workflow and functional test conditions for CPS (Wealth/ Assets Management Service) to underlying (CAT, BP&T and CHBS) services (XML Web Services) routed to mainframe endpoint.
  • Involved in creation and management of web service workspaces by using Midreef Coral 5.1 for CPS (Assets Service) with all underlying services endpoints and simulation workspace endpoint.
  • Participated from Schwab CPS QA team to discuss and address daily and weekly issue with QA Management and PHH Mortgage vendor.
  • Played role as key person in SDLC for designing, executing, assigning and validating end-to-end functional test cases using Mind reef coral5.1, designed for valid as well as non-valid product, registration and employment role for borrower’s assets (bank, annuity and brokerage accounts).
  • Involved in critical testing of historical balances amount, effective date, total assets, margin balance and current total value being pulled and aggregated from various underlying services connected to mainframe endpoint to measure data discrepancy.
  • Executed, Maintained and validated significant end to end functional test cases across various builds to test filtering process of CPS and CAT (Customer Account Technology Service) to measure account assets eligibility matrix. Also, designed important test cases for CAT to check aggregated & consolidated accounts data, mixed case scenarios and multiple corporate custids for active bank affiliated brokerage, bank affiliated deposit, annuity, credit card and cyber trader accounts.
  • Also tested underlying services and wrote significant SQL queries to validate data.
  • Responsible for generating and reporting Traceability and Defect Tracking Matrix for every new build and release on daily and weekly basis to check the software development progress over period of time.
  • Also Involved in Phase-II PHH Data Pull Project (Wealth/Assets Management), for creating test strategy, testing workflows from CPS to underlying services. (ie.getConsultantInfo, PogoService and getPersonInfo Service).
  • Wrote Adhoc/Daily/Weekly Test Summary Reports which include information about Test Completion, Issues/defects found at EOD, Test Data and Target Completion Date.
  • Involved as a team member in coordinating User Acceptance Testing efforts with PHH offshore team in BLT UAT Preproduction environment.
  • Worked with Shared Service Team (SOA-BLT) for writing test plan, testing approach and designing test cases for Unrealized Gain & Loss Service shared across multiple domains of Schwab (SOA).
  • Also worked with DWT team, Spark team and BP&T teams for data cloning, data mining for test data in test environment.
  • Involved in writing and reviewing load, performance & stress test plan for Shared Services in BLT across multiple domains which includes measurement of average response time across multiple users, fixed request size and for certain duration of recurring calls.
  • Involved in writing sql queries for setting up & manipulate test data to emulate specific test conditions into various environments for end-to-end data pull functional testing from SI Portals, and web services.

Environment: Mind reef Coral 5.1(Web Services publishing, management, recording, Parsing and simulation tool), IBM Rational Clear Quest (Defect tracking, reporting and release management), Altova Stylus Studio XML Schema/XML Path, Queries Editor, QTP 9.1, Windows 2003/XP Professional, Load Runner 8.0, Mercury Quality Center 8.0, IBM-AIX

Confidential, Fairfax, VA

SOA Consultant (QA Engineer & Analyst)


  • Involved in designing, writing and executing test scripts for virtual services by using Mind reef SOAP Scope 4.1 and Forumsys X-Rays.
  • Designed functional test conditions for intermediary’s management and service readings monitoring. Also Involved as Team member in writing components test plan
  • Also created test cases for virtual services with direct routing, content based routing (XPath Statements) and least connection.
  • Involved as a team member in testing a pattern for an alerts rule, which includes state transition and toggle status for fired as well as associated alerts.
  • Designed complex Quality of Service and regular compound expressions test cases for creating a rule to measure request count, fault count, response time and throughputs through service monitor.
  • Involved in testing SLAS with consumer role in WSSE SOAP Header with the help of Diagnostics X-RAY tool.
  • Executed test cases for up and down state of services and measured readings for liveness for service net-enabled container WSDLS as well as intermediaries.
  • Installed service net build on various platforms include HP-UX, IBM AIX, SUN OS, RED HAT and Windows 2003 and performed platform testing and also conducted regression testing with fixes. Also done build comparison testing with beyond comparison tool for various build deployed from different sand box.
  • Wrote and executed installation test cases for various platforms and setup utility test cases for configuring license files, subnet port, hibernate properties setup, portal & service net port changes and standalone intermediary installation.

Environment: Mind reef Soap scope 4.1, Forumsys X-RAY (Web Services Diagnostics), Confidential Service net 6.5.1,Glue, Portal, Optimize, Oxygen XML Schema/XPath/XQuery editor, 6.0, QTP 8.0, Load Runner 8.0, Siebel Trax 7.X, HP-UX, IBM-AIX, SUN OS 5.9, RED HAT ENTERPRISE, Windows 2003 Enterprise edition/XP Professional.

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