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Test Associate Resume

Tigard, OR


To obtain a challenging position that will offer an opportunity to utilize and expand upon the skills I have learned through my education and work experience.


  • Create and follow Personal or Provided Test Plans
  • Find, identify and report software bugs
  • Create clear and detailed steps to reproduce bugs found
  • Regress and track previously reported bugs
  • Single Player Campaign Testing
  • Multi - player Language / Network Connection Testing
  • Frequent Grader in Training Classes


  • Fiddler
  • PIX
  • Bugger
  • Game Capture HD
  • Movie Maker
  • Expression Encoder 4
  • Xbox One Manager
  • Visual Studios


Confidential, Tigard, OR

Test Associate


  • Push Builds To Validate Newly Added Code Functions As Intended
  • Use Daily Test Plans for Focused Priorities
  • Communicate with Team and Developers through Bug Comments, Email, Skype Conferences, and Team Meetings
  • Use of Software Tools for More Focused Testing
  • Xbox Certification Verification
  • Cumulative Updates for Released Titles

Confidential, Chatsworth, CA

Development Team Quality Assurance Tester


  • Push Builds To Validate Newly Added Code Functions As Intended
  • Identify When Problematic Code Was Introduced
  • Use of Automated Bug Reporting to Assist in the Testing Process
  • Multi-Player Network Connectivity / Stress Testing
  • Performed Minimum Specification Testing

Confidential, Glendale, CA

Temporary Quality Assurance Tester


  • Toy Box Captain Responsible for the Testing and Functionality of the Confidential .
  • Create and Test Game Items Usability Spreadsheet Checklists
  • Single Player / Multi-player Testing
  • Testing Hardware Functionality of Playsets/Figures/Accessory Discs/Base
  • Testing of Disney Infinity Promotional Websites for All Regions

Confidential, Agoura Hills, CA

Permanent Quality Assurance Tester


  • Single Player / Co-Op Campaign Testing
  • Multi-player Network Connectivity / Stress Testing
  • Language Testing with Babel Testers
  • Multi-player Network Connectivity / Stress Testing
  • Performed all Minimum Specification Testing
  • Multi-player Network Stress Testing
  • Highest Bug Count on the Test Team
  • Coordinated Multi-player Tests with Development Test Team

Confidential, Calabasas, CA

Temporary Quality Assurance Tester


  • Balance Patch Testing
  • Necron Race Single Player Campaign Testing
  • Created Database Analysis Spreadsheets to Identify High and Low Bug Count Areas of Game
  • Balance Patch Testing

Confidential, Pasadena, CA

Software Engineer


  • Developement of a Business Employee Performance Appraisal Software Suite (Visual Basic)
  • Converted and Performed Major Rewrite of Software Suite to Online Service (VBScript)
  • Created and Maintained SQL Database Server Linked to Online Service
  • Created Appropriate Graphic Art for Website
  • Coordinate with Lead in Multiple Daily Conference Calls/Weekly Meetings

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