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Implementation Specialist Resume


  • Seasoned Engineer with 15 years of broad - based Telecommunication experience
  • Ability to multi-task with minimal supervision
  • Professional attitude, excellent written and verbal skills, good planning and organizational skills


  • Cisco Meraki products (MX100, MX250, MS120-48, MR30H)
  • 4G network architecture concepts, LTE, VOLTE, IMS, SIP, TAS, IRIS tool, Wireshark
  • Technical knowledge of IPV6, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, ACL, SDN, NFV
  • Experienced with Atoll, Mapinfo and site selection basics. Experience providing optimization for VoLTE performance and capacity with NetScout TrueCall, nGeniusONE and Iris Session Analyzer (ISA) . Experience with RF related tools: Spectrum Analyzer, XCAL, TEMS, WindCatcher, Google Earth.
  • 3G network design, Node B rehomes, RNC rebalance, MSN clean-up experiences
  • Transport Planning and Optimization, Circuit Designing experience
  • Complete understanding of UMTS network. Worked on Alcatel 7670, 5620 NMS, Tellabs 8860 and Metro Watch. Working knowledge of IMA concepts, configuration, troubleshooting between Node B and Alcatel RSP (MSN) or RNC
  • Strong background on Tellabs/ Alcatel DACS platforms (DACS planning, installation, provisioning, lab testing, software certification/upgrades, resolving alarms, Facility management, optimization, cross-connects, TL1 command proficiency etc)
  • Complete understanding of SONET Networks - STS, SDH, and Digital Hierarchy
  • Hands on with test equipments like T-Berds, Digital light wave, Spirent Hekimian etc
  • Working knowledge of OSS Framework and processes - related to TMN Model ( Confidential OSS, Granite/Xpercom, MapInfo, Kramer, Tellabs Element Management System, Homer, Remedy, Net expert fault management system, Short Message Switching Centre (SMSC), Confidential Intelligent Network (IN) Prepaid system, Voicemail System)
  • Background includes Cisco experience, designing, configuring, and deploying Cisco equipment. Includes working understanding of common routing concepts and protocols. Understanding of IP addressing - IP Sub netting, CCNA protocols, LAN/WAN, MPLS routing, Cisco Firewall
  • Strong UNIX background and well experienced in UNIX administration
  • Strong background with Microsoft Office applications (e.g. Word, Excel, Access, Visio)


Hardware: Tellabs 5500/5320L, Alcatel 1677/1631, Sycamore Networks DNX11/DNX4, Spirent remote testing platform, Sun E-5000,Sun E-4000,Sun E-3000,Sun U-10, Dec Alpha, Cisco routers, Cisco AS 5200,Checkpoint Firewall,Microcontroller-8051

Operating Systems: Sun Solaris 2.5.1, Sun Solaris 2.6, Open VMS, Windows OS’s, VMWare

RDBMS: Sybase, Oracle 7.1, Watcom SQL, Exposure to Ingress.

Languages: Shell Scripts, C, Pascal, SQL *Plus, Active Server Pages, VB Script, HTML



Implementation Specialist


  • Responsible for configuring and setup of WIFI and Wired network for Confidential hotels.
  • Different network setup includes PMS network, Guest WIFI network, TV and casting network for Confidential .
  • Responsibility includes training and supporting the integrators who installs the equipment’s and applications for Confidential .
  • Regular visits to Confidential lab to test and support new application and services.
  • Travel to various sites as situation required. Products used were all Cisco Meraki based.


E911/PSAP Test Engineer


  • Responsible for supporting multi-band and multi-vendor deployment and optimization of cell sites in 800 MHz, 1900 MHz and 2.5 GHz Bands.
  • Check the environment near the site to and make plan for testing from Google earth / MapInfo.
  • Responsible for making test calls for E911/PSAP of customer assigned cell towers area.
  • Making calls to ensure they go to the correct PSAP or right server.
  • These are E911 VOLTE calls on every sector of the cell tower.
  • Working with the team to monitor and record the data for all the calls made.
  • Assist in cell site troubleshooting, if there is no VOLTE or site down.
  • Perform site walks to support new and existing upgrades.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Network Consultan t


  • Worked as a consultant to various hotels to solve their internet connection issues for guests.
  • Helped with their day to day operations and maintenance of the network.
  • Learned working knowledge of LTE, VOLTE, IMS networks.
  • Technical knowledge of placing call traces using IRIS tool and Wireshark.

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Implementation Engineer


  • Integrate Cisco Nexus, Cisco IOS, Cisco 7600 series, Cisco 9000 series, Big IP F5, Juniper M320 and SRX, Anue, MRV Optical Tap, etc., platforms utilized in the Mobility production and test environment.
  • Router staging on various Cisco and Juniper platforms. MOP review and approval.
  • Provide Layer 2 through Layer 7 troubleshooting, associated with integrating various platforms on the Mobility network.

Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Lead MSN Planner and Circuit Design Engineer


  • Worked as the lead for the contracting company, managing 4 markets in SE region.
  • Made MSN assignments, IMA and PVP paths.
  • Responsible for 3G T1 adds, RNC rebalances and Node B re-homes.
  • Responsible for preparing the transport/ATM cut sheet for Node B re-homes and CIQ for the RNC rebalances.
  • Worked on Tellabs 8860 MSN, Metro Watch, Alcatel 7670 RSP, ESE, Alcatel 5620 NM, Net analyst, Confidential OSS and moshell(Node B) to execute various responsibilities.
  • Worked with Granite client to design new and revision paths for the UMTS network (3G T1 adds, new site build out, Rebalances and Re-homes).
  • Worked with the market, MPC and Vendors to implement engineered projects with detailed project information

Confidential, Pleasanton, CA

Transport Planning and Optimization Engineer


  • Worked on CA/NV redesign project for Confidential to save 10M in OPEX.
  • The project was to collapse/consolidate approximately 45 switch locations to 15 in CA/NV States.
  • Responsible for preparing Transport plans for freeing up transport from the collapse locations and re-home to anchor locations.
  • Prepared transport plans for three markets (LA Airport, Corona and Colton) and received approvals from Confidential .
  • Executed the plan for LA Airport and worked on implementing the plans for Corona and Colton.
  • Also worked on ring optimization of optical rings (NDR09D).
  • Worked with Granite, DCS/ATM and LEC dumps to come up with new transport plan/re-design (using new OC-192 rings) of the network.
  • Familiar with using MapInfo and doing traffic analysis for optimization of the network.
  • Well versed with wire line network tariff rates and familiar with Confidential NSS/BSS platforms.
  • Prepared new designs (circuit designing) in Granite and cut sheets for the night of the cut.
  • Work closely with Market staff and Project Managers to implement engineered projects with detailed project information

Confidential, Columbus, GA / Bellevue, WA

Lab Test Engineer


  • Responsible for Digital Cross-connect systems (DACS) Software Release planning process. Responsible for developing test plans for new transmission systems and testing new software / hardware. Testing included interoperability testing, configuration and unit install / turn-up, topology design, and troubleshooting. Very experienced in network lab environments, documenting test results and test cases, as well as typical network and telecommunications testing equipment such as T1 test sets, Digital X-Connects, SONET MUXes and ADMs, and various packet generators and network analyzers. Responsible to rollout new software/systems to Confidential markets nationwide after First Office Application (FOA)
  • Major Projects include lab certification of Tellabs 5500 software (FP11.0.1, FP11, FP10.0.1, FP9, FP8) and Tellabs 5320L software (FP7.1) and subsequent FOA of this software’s in selected Confidential markets. Worked with Fault Management groups to resolve DACS alarming issues and to setup alarm standardization
  • Responsible for monitoring Tellabs Metrowatch installations and maintenance to ensure all DACs are connected to EMS.
  • Responsible for cutting over major markets for E911 project. Responsibilities included planning, DACS provisioning, developing cross-connect scripts, execution of the scripts (cutover) during maintenance window, resolving alarms, facility management etc. Work closely with Market staff and Project Managers to implement engineered projects with detailed project information
  • Responsible for supporting and facilitating Support Agreement with various Telecom Vendors (Tellabs, Alcatel, Spirent, Sycamore Networks).

Confidential, LaGrange, GA

Transmission Systems Engineer


  • Responsible for implementation of new transmission gears (Tellabs 5500, Tellabs 5320L, Alcatel 1677), spares, audits and software upgrade. Work closely with Vendor technical support to resolve complex customer technical issues
  • Responsible for configuring all Tellabs DACS (5500 and 5320) and Alcatel DACS(1677,1631,1630) with IP access and subsequent vendor VPN access. Help in the conception and creation of new standards documents to help our teams and customers work more efficiently
  • Responsible of cutting over live traffic from Tellabs 5320 system to Sycamore Networks DNX11 system. Responsibilities included DACS provisioning, developing cross-connect scripts, execution of the scripts (cutover) during maintenance window, resolving alarms, facility management etc. Work closely with Market staff and Project Managers to implement engineered projects with detailed project information
  • Reviews and approves vendor customer information questionnaires (CIQs), integration plans, MOPs, systems verification plans and issue Remedy Work Orders
  • Responsible for monitoring Spirent Hekimian installations and maintenance to ensure all DACs are connected to Hekimian for remote testing of facilities.

Confidential, WestPoint, GA

Senior System Administrator


  • Engaged in System administration of various Unix Platforms Confidential - Operations Support System, Metrica - Performance Management, SMAS - Confidential Prepaid System, Open VMS PPAS - Confidential Pre Paid system, Windows NT Wireless Email System . Required to interact extensively with the client reps. and business analysts and train team members
  • Provide Technical Support to 200+ users on Confidential OSS
  • Set up and maintain user accounts, Set up host accounts on UNIX. Resolve end user problems. Add network printers on UNIX
  • Involve in Database Administration (Sybase) with experience in setting up databases, user management, Performance tuning backup and recovery activities on Sun Solaris 2.5.1 environment. Setup cronjobs, setup RAID 1 and RAID 5 configuration using Disk Suite Tool
  • Maintain Unix Intranet website. Also upgrade OSS with Software and service packs from Confidential

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