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Lead Test Engineer Resume

Schaumburg, IL


  • Versatile background in IT with over 14 years of experience
  • Ten years of experience in DSP & Embedded Systems as Lead, Software Design, Development, Testing, Integration, Implementation, Quality and Client Handling/Interaction.
  • Skilled in feature and Stress testing via automated and Manual processes - 9 years
  • Building and testing .Net application.
  • Over 6 years of experience, specializing in using Microsoft .NET Technologies, Visual Studio .NET IDE developing Windows, and Web applications.
  • Skilled in writing and executing test scripts for regression, functional, feature and performance testing
  • Tested the application Structures and Functionality's for White Box, Black Box & Alpha testing.
  • Experience in the automated/manual testing Client/Server Applications, N Tier, e-Business Applications & Web Technologies with Rational and mercury interactive products
  • Experienced working with Testing Tools like WinRunner & QuickTest Professional & Test Director, Quality Center & LoadRunner, Selenium.
  • Hands on experience with Salesforce application by testing different business capabilities such as Sales management, Profiling, 360 View and Hierarchy management
  • Experienced in using tools like Debuggers, Logic Analyzers, Emulators and Simulators.
  • Skilled in developing Test Plans, Test Methodology/Procedures, Test Cases and Test Scripts Execution process documents as per functional and business requirements
  • Experienced working with web services and ETL testing.
  • Expertise in Mission-Critical & Safety-Critical Software and Firmware Design, Development, Implementation, Testing, Troubleshooting, Requirements analysis, Project Planning and Documentation.
  • Experienced working in Cross-Culture working Environment.
  • Excellent Project and Resource Management Capabilities, Ability to handle sensitive customer relations, Fluent and Impressive Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Able to carry out challenging assignments, Self Motivated, Highly Innovative and Easily Adaptable to New Technologies.
  • Consistently recognized by the management for Leadership, Customer satisfaction, providing innovative solutions, troubleshooting and problem resolution in time-sensitive situations. Self-starter and ability to adapt and learn new Technologies quickly.
  • Experienced working in an onshore/offshore projects in cloud environment.
  • Designated as Project leader, QA lead for projects, maintaining Action items and Issue logs, assigning tasks and reviewing the deadlines. Possess Tech Lead capabilities.
  • Creates and executes expert level project work plans and revises as appropriate to meet changing needs and provide deliverables in a timely and efficient manner
  • Troubleshoot and resolve high complex problems/issues.
  • Capable to understand and work in complex applications. Ability to work independently in time sensitive environment.
  • Ability to train or coordinate training for analysts or customers. Ability to deliver the work product items on time.
  • Strong education background with numerous academic distinctions.
  • Good Team Player with Excellent Communication & Interpersonal skills, excellent documentation skills.


Testing Tools: WinRunner7.5,QTP 11.0, LoadRunner 9.0, SQA Suite, SQA Robot, Rational Robot, Rational Team Test, Rational Test Manager, TOAD, AutIT, Selenium IDE

Operating Systems: UNIX, Solaris, Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/ Windows 7, Linux, RTOS, Mac OS, Corn Shell, IOS, Window Mobile, Android

Languages: C, C++,C#, Java (JDK 1.6), COBOL, AS/400, Perl, HTML DHTML, XML, XMLSPY, VML, WML, ASP, ASP+, .Net

Scripting Languages: VBScript, JavaScript, Shell Script, Perl

M: SQL Server 2008 R2, Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, MS Access, OBIEE, ODI, ETL tools, Clarify, DFW, Tessrect, DAT-MART, ADO.NET, JDBC, ODBC, MS Access

Web Technologies: IIS, Web Logic Server, Web Services, MS Windows SharePoint Services, CSS, DOM, XSL, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, MLM portal

HP ALM: Quality Center 11, Clear Quest. Test Case manager


Other Tools: Lab view, Flash zap, Device update tool, Wireshark, ETL Tools, Airwatch, Soti, Teststand, CANalyzer, Matrix Lab tool, CANape, INCA, ATI Vision

SCM Tools: Test Director, Rational ClearQuest, Rational ClearCase, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, CVS, Subversion, Microsoft TFS, DOORS, MKS


Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

Lead Test Engineer


  • Requirements verification.
  • Involved in creating MLM design documents and code reviews.
  • Involved in deployments, upgrades for Portal customers.
  • Executed and validated OBIEE and OdI functionality.
  • Involved in web services and ETL verification.
  • Involved in SAVVION and Oracle BI Publisher verification.
  • Initiated Formal Technical review (FTR) for the test plan, test case documents.
  • Involved in the black-box, White box testing of the MDM portal web application and identified the different test cases for regression testing.
  • Analyzed Test Effectiveness of various Portal software programs in Integration test phase and perform Escaped Defect Analysis to identify the improvements in test plan.
  • Developed test plan, test cases, matching requirements with the developed test cases using Quality Center 9.0.
  • Bugs were tracked and reported through ALMA-11. Problem Reports were opened for each and every bug.
  • Created and Executed test scripts to perform Customer Acceptance Tests (CAT).
  • Configure Soti, Airwatch sytem to integrate with MDM Systems.
  • Extensively coordinated with the different team members including outsourcing teams.
  • Perform and implement Quality Assurance Scrum/ Confidential processes
  • Executed and validated Device Management Reports Analysis against Portal applications.

Environment: Quality Center11, Visual Studio 6.0. Using Tools on Windows 7, SoTI, Airwatch, MLM Portal, ETL Tools, MLM, MIS, Soti, Airwatch, DFW, Tongue, WLAN, WWAN, Tangoe, Clarify, DFW, Tessract, SQL, OBIEE, ODI, SAVVION, Oracle BI Publisher, Selenium IDE

Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

Lead Software Integration Test Engineer


  • Test Scenarios creation, developing test cases and test scripts for MOTOTRBO (conventional, trunking two-way) radio system.
  • Analyzed Business Requirements and perform White box testing.
  • Remote Repeater access authorization testing using automation Scripts.
  • System testing of third-party product for Matrix Access Feature. Ex. Digital Signaling Features
  • Co-ordinate requirements and test cases with Global (Penang & China) teams.
  • Planning and scheduling of test engineering work effort.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented a robust low maintenance keyword driven automation framework to replace an older high maintenance framework Lab Integration and Setup.
  • Create and maintain system call models for Audio Quality Testing and Validation.
  • Perform and implement Quality Assurance Scrum/ Confidential processes
  • Involved in triage to analyze the Test results for the failed test cases to identify root cause.
  • Captured and analyzed packet traces using tools such as Wire shark and Tcp dump to help troubleshoot issues
  • Create detailed requirements for various network elements and/or third party products to formally capture and describe expected functionality and performance.
  • Collaborate with Product Management to create Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for different system releases.
  • Lead and execute performance analyses on individual product elements.
  • Developed and Recorded automation VB scripts in QTP 11.0 for windows applications such as CPS application developed on .Net frame work and other applications for Regression and feature testing.
  • Perform critical assessments when there are unexpected Matrix (MOTOTRBO radio system) failures to determine if changes to the maintenance programs are appropriate.
  • Worked with Wireless protocols such as WLAN/, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and serial data protocols, such as TCP/IP, USB.
  • Work with development, integration and test teams to ensure all the requirements are tested.
  • Worked with CDMA, ASTRO, Matrix, Paradise projects and Alpha Test Execution and Beta Test Support.

Environment: C, Lab view, QTP11.0, Quality Center10. Hardware is Tx & Rx Repeaters, Two way radio Mobile & Portable. Tools being used are Moto Turbo CPS, Moto Turbo Depot Tool, Package Creation Tool, Matrix Lab Tool, winSJ CPS, Flash Zap, XCMP, Reset Checker, Rational Clear Case, ProComm, HyperTerminal, CQCM, Visual Studio 6.0. Using Tools on UNIX & Windows XP/.Clear Case, Clear Quest, Lab view, Auto IT, TDMA,Net.C#,WCF, Selenium

Confidential, Schaumburg, IL

Lead Software Integration Test Engineer


  • Negotiated, communicated and worked across a multiple organization system engineering environment
  • Developed test plan, test cases, matching requirements with the developed test cases using Quality Center 9.0.
  • Initiated Formal Technical review (FTR) for the test plan, test case documents.
  • Derived functional automation test using Quick Test Professional (QTP-8.2) for windows applications such as Offendertrak, Infotrak and web application NetRMS.
  • Performed Parameterization, text check, VB object modification and matching using object spy in the recorded scripts.
  • Wrote SQL statements to filter and gather data from Oracle, SQL server databases.
  • Performed functional, white box testing.
  • Loaded this data into the script excel table to substitute for the parameterized variable and execute the script with multiple iteration and validated the data.
  • Installed and Configured Offendertrak, Infotrak and NetRMS and its back end databases in Bender test environment
  • Executed and validated manual test cases against these applications.
  • Deployed and configured Java Integration Server (JIS) to interconnect Offendertrak, Infotrak and NetRMS and performed system Integration and data validity test between these applications.
  • Performed defect login, reported the defects to the development team and tracked the defect using rational clear quest.
Environment: Infotrak, Offendertrak, Printrak BIS, NetRMS, NetSync technologies — Solutions that trackReport and Analyze law enforcement records data for federal, state government and local police. Windows NT/XPWindows 2000/2003 server, BEA web-logic servers, SQL server 2008 and Oracle 9i and 10g databases, Rational Clear quest, Excel, QuickTest Professional 8.2 & 9.2,Test Director 8 &9, Mercury Quality Center 9.0, Word, Outlook, Toad,.Net,C#,WCF

Confidential - DeerPark IL

Sr. Software Test Engineer


  • Tested Onstar functionality’s such as Automatic Notification of Air Bag Deployment, Emergency Services, Stolen Vehicle Tracking using Confidential Validation Tool, ATT Tool, On Star simulation Verification Tool.
  • Performed Mercury performance center 8.1 administration site tasks such as user, project, privilege level settings, monitor configuration, Load test time set up for various projects.
  • Performed Software Debugging/Test for Confidential ’s OnStar™ platform.
  • Designed automated testing solutions for Mercedes-Benz Tele Aid Telematics Platform.
  • Extensive work with Controller Area Network (CAN, LIN) and KWP2000 serial communication protocols Worked closely with development to implement automation testing on various products using different development frameworks.

Environment: Onstar technologies — Validation Tool, On Star simulation Verification Tool. Windows NT/XP, Windows 2000/2003 server, CAN, LIN, Flexray, CCP, Java, C++, NAD Build Tools, Clear Case, TCM, Doors

Confidential - Chicago

Sr. Software Quality Assurance Engineer/Data Validation


  • Installed WinRunner 7.5/JDK 1.4 with new Java add-in & Windows XP and created scripts to get reports from Analyzer and InfoPro and for added new functionality.
  • Modified existing GUI objects and added new GUI objects to GUI file. Extensively used CSO/Java library functions and developed compile module new functions.
  • Extensive used Clear Quest for defect tracking and defect management and created customized defect-tracking reports utilizing Crystal Reports.
  • Extensively used enterprise Rational Clear Case/ Test Director for Win Runner and Application version Control.
  • Developed and Recorded LoadRunner Virtual generator test scripts in web/html protocol to test Amdocs various web and GUI applications such as Ecare, FDTV and Wireless Manager in a client/server environment.
  • Extensively used LoadRunner 7.6 for performance testing. Written Test Scripts, Added functions with C++ code, Created 1User (Base Line), 150 User and 250 User Scenarios by applying Business logic and ran Different types of scenarios with pacing and measured performance metrics. Analyzed and documented results. Bottlenecks were identified and corrective measures were taken.
  • Performed Parameterization, Correlation in the recorded VuGen scripts and De-bugged the scripts by running in Stand-alone mode.
  • Performed functional, white box testing.
  • Extensively used various Recording options in the VuGen depending on the requirement and the application.
  • Performance Monitor was used to monitor and analyze the performance of the server by generating various reports for CPU utilization, Memory Usage etc. Added performance measurements before running the test in the Controller for UNIX, Oracle, Web-Logic servers in Load Runner controller and monitored online transaction Responsetimes,Webhits,TCP/IPConnections,Throughput,CPU,Memory,Heapsizes, Various Http requests etc.

Environment: .Net, C#, Windows2000, AMT, Rational Clear Quest, Rational Test Manager, RUP, Rational Robot, WinRunner7.5, Load Runner 7.01, QA Partner Oracle, UNIX, Cobol, FILE-AID C/S, Excel Visual Basic, COEs, InfoPro, OLAP, AMT, ASP.Net.

Confidential - Downers Grove, IL

Software Engineer


  • Designed and Created Test Plans, Test procedures & Test cases and executed them.
  • Involved in manual testing of the VUI applications i.e. Address Book, Email, Paging, Weather, and Flight Tracking at unit level.
  • Wrote Win Runner, Rational Product, TSL Test scripts to automate the testing of GUI features for Spanish and English Languages and the log file were looked for in the test Director
  • Executed test scripts to perform Regression and functional testing of GUI Features.
  • Installed 3rd party and Confidential software, configured and provisioned the system for each software release to create test environment.

Technologies Used: Windows95, 98 & 00, Windows NT, Windows XP, Solaris, Unix, C, C++, Java, Hammer 2.6, win runner 7.01, Load Runner 7.0, True Sync, Clear Quest, Test Director, Cobol, Change man, XML, Perl, TSL, ASP, JavaScript, SOAP, AS/400, TDMA,FDMA, HTML, UNIX, WebSphere MQ Series.

Confidential - North Brook, IL

Sr. Software Quality AnalystLead Software Integration Test Engineer


  • Black box and White Box testing with real time Simulation of the application.
  • Involved in the Analysis, Design, Implementation and Testing of the project.
  • Worked on Test Director for creating Test plans, Test cases and Bug Tracking.
  • Feature/Regression tests were performed using the Win Runner, Rational Robot and the stress test performed using the Load Runner and Rational Product
  • Wrote SQL statements in Test script language
  • Performed a Proof Of Concept using Autotester Inferno from Gresham and CitraTest from Tevron to automate non-intrusive Citrix/Siebel Automation testing.
Environment: Windows95, 98 & 00, Windows NT, Windows XP, Solaris, Unix, OS/400,C, C++, Java, Unix, Test Director, WinRunner, Load Runner, Rational Product, Rational Test Manager, Silk, PL/ SQL, TSL, Perl, Visual Basic, Java Script, HTML, SOAP, HTML, Cobol, Change Man, MS SQL Server 7 and WinNT, VB Script, AS/400, WebSphere MQ Series.

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