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Automation Test Engineer Resume

New York, NY


6+ years’ experience in the IT Industry with diversified experience in Automated and Manual Functional Testing of Web and Client/Server applications on various OS environment to secure a position of Software Development Engineer in Test/ Quality Assurance Engineer with an aim to contribute to the future growth and success of the organization as well as my career.


  • Experienced professional with diverse experience in the field of Information Technology with an emphasis on Quality Assurance and Automated Software Testing. I have worked as a Quality Assurance Automation Engineer in the different domain such as E - business, Interactive Selling Systems, Hospitality, and Content Management System and Educational domain.
  • Solid understanding of Software Development Life Cycle like Water fall, Agile and V-model.
  • Strong Analytical and problem-solving skill.
  • Strong experience with agile test methodology and Agile Development process.
  • Strong experience in Automated Functional Testing, Acceptance testing and System testing.
  • Strong experience in development of core QA Framework Function Library for various Web Application by implementing Hybrid framework and Data Driven framework with Selenium WebDriver Page Object Model and MVC Pattern.
  • Strong experience in Cross browser, Cross platform web testing with Selenium Web Driver.
  • Solid experience with Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Behavior Driven Testing (BDT) with Cucumber-jvm.
  • Good Experience in finding Xpath on different browser using Firebug, Firepath, Eskry and MRI.
  • Experience in Flash objects and Windows base application with Selenium web driver and Sikuli.
  • Experience with SOA architecture which include ReSTful Web Service Testing.
  • Specialized in user requirement analysis, documenting test plans, execution of test cases to verify application functionality against business requirements, by using Selenium WebDriver and HP Quick Test Professional.
  • Experience in development of reusable QA Automation framework function library for various Web Application by implementing Keyword Driven and Data Driven framework with Quick Test Professional (QTP).
  • Strong experience in Robust and Easy Maintenance QTP advance scripting with VBScript, Reusable Functional Library, and Descriptive Programing.
  • Experience in preparation of Test Strategy, Test plan, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, Test Scripts and Test Matrix.
  • Experience in analyzing the requirements from User Stories and Use Cases to develop test cases and test scenarios
  • Technically resourceful in different types of testing such as Functional, Positive, Negative, Regression, Integration, Black box, System testing, User Acceptance and End-to-End Testing.


  • Software Test Engineering and Design
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Software Test Life Cycle
  • Behavior Driven Development
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Project Management
  • Application Lifecycle Management
  • Change Management
  • Test Planning
  • Test Case and Test Script Development
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Quality standards
  • Attention to details
  • Data validation


Test Tools: Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber-jvm, Quick Test Professional (QTP), SOAP UI, ReSTfulll Web Service.

Management Tools: HP Quality Center (ALM), Rational Quality Manager.

Defect Management: JIRA, HP Quality Center, On Time, Rational Clear Quest.

Languages: Java, VB Script, HTML.

Development IDE: Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, INTELJ

Application: Microsoft Office Application, VMware, MySQL Workbench, Toad, MS Outlook etc.

Databases: MySQL, Oracle.

Operating Systems: Windows7, Windows xp, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux.

Others: Maven, TestNG, Sikuli, JUnit, Jenkin, SVN, TOAD etc.


Confidential, New York, NY

Automation Test Engineer


  • Develop testing strategy and test plan, outlined various capabilities of the testing process. Describe the tasks of each testing capability, outlined roles and responsibilities related to the testing process.
  • Review the test environments that will support the various testing capabilities, highlighted testing schedule across all testing capabilities.
  • Analyzed current Claim Authorization Process across all the FACETS Markets. Identified possible constrains that pends claims related to Claim Authorization Mismatch.
  • Configured best suitable Facets CLUM Settings in order to auto-adjudicate maximum number of pended claims.
  • After the successful configuration of CLUM settings, performed Volume, Parallel and Post Validation Claim testing to validate new CLUM settings and to ensure nothing else in claim processing is affected due to new CLUM settings.
  • Outlined approach for documenting, tracking, and resolving issues found during testing, outlined approach for developing acceptance criteria.
  • Identify any other potential risks that exist in the current authorization and claim process related to claims overpayment.
  • Recommended improvements to standardize authorization and claim process in order to increase auto-adjudication of pended claims related to Authorization Mismatch.
  • Analyzed test results using reports and graphs generated in Quality Center.
  • Wrote test cases and test scripts, execute test scripts and analyzed outcomes.
  • Created and maintained SQL Scripts to perform back-end testing on the oracle database.
  • Prepared summary reports of configuration changes, test results and recommendation
  • Kept abreast of healthcare regulation changes to inform testing processes.
  • Followed all R&D standards.
  • Tested systems across 3rd party payers and insurance providers.
  • Developed the Automation Test Scripts in Selenium WebDriver using Java based on the design pattern Page Object Model for reusability.
  • Prepared Test Cases using Data Driven, Hybrid, Modular, and Keyword Driven Framework in WebDriver.
  • Prepared XML and Excel files for collection of data and Element Locators using object repository, used this in test suite with the help of APACHE POI library files.
  • Created Maven Project using Maven build automation tool to create dependencies like wars, jars. Usage of plugins for invoking XML files.
  • Triggered POM.XML files using Jenkins, Continuous Integration Tool to generate reports and to trigger periodically.
  • Used GitHub, source code management tool for code re-usage, high portability extending scope of Automation Testing.
  • Reviewing the Test Reports using TestNG framework.
  • Project is under Agile environment, I attended daily standup meetings, provided daily status on manual and automation test results. Attended sprint plan meetings to review the user stories and story points.
  • Responsible for developing and executing of manual test plan and test cases for Web Services SOAP and REST API testing.
  • Performed WebServices automation testing using SOAPUI pro
  • Validated WebServices SOAP request and response XML and RESTful Service Calls using SOAPUI tool. Validated WSDL Files, XML Schema, and WebServices End Points for each environment.
  • Added assertions in response xml to validate the output of web service calls.
  • Utilized multiple validation rules, property transfers, Data Gen etc. in SOAPUI tool to validate request and response of Web Services.
  • Developed Groovy Script in SOAPUI tool to connect to database for automation of WebServices.
  • Worked with programmers to test the daily builds and reported bugs.
  • Collaborated with development on test automation efforts to ensure that development supports the testing solutions.
  • Performed functional, compatibility testing on different browsers like IE, Firefox & Chrome.
  • Performed automation testing using Maven, GIT Hub and Jenkins.
  • Worked with Developers and Quality Assurance associates to identify and implement test suites/test cases for diverse projects.
  • Worked in UNIX / Linux to execute shell scripts to upload the dummy data to database.
  • Executed find, grep, ps, kill, find, cp, mv, tail, cd, view, vi etc commands in UNIX/Linux.
  • Tail the log files in UNIX / Linux to debug the issues / bugs.
  • Updated environment setup files as needed in UNIX / Linux.
  • Developed SQL queries and Joins for validating data in Data Base and used Excel and XML files for Data Driven Automation testing. Used TOAD tool to connect to database and execute SQL queries.
  • Prepared and executed Test Cases as per System Requirements and User Stories.
  • Validated the Request and Response XML from TIBCO.
  • Worked with Team members to develop TEST Plan document.
  • Prepared and execution of test suite using Selenium.
  • Participated in identifying the Test scenarios and designing the Test cases.

Environment: Selenium Web driver, JIRA, HP ALM, Jenkins, Appium, Rest Assure, REST, SOAP, Sql Developer Tool, PL/SQL, Ruby, Microsoft Project, ORACAL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, JAVA, CENT OS

Confidential, Honolulu, Hawaii

Automation Test Engineer


  • Involved in creation of Test Plan, Project Plan, Test Cases. Test procedure, Test Matrix and Defect strategy detailing scope, resource assignment, and schedule.
  • Analyzed the requirements design and determine the various different scenarios and test cases.
  • Created excel reports with output values generated during test run in data table for analysis.
  • Creating and executing test sets of all related Test Cases in Quality Center.
  • Automated the test scripts for functional testing using QTP.
  • Participated in the review of software design, change specifications, and plan against contractual and/or process requirements.
  • Involved in Manual Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, UAT Testing, Regression Testing and Functional Testing.
  • Developed test cases and test scripts for the Functional testing and Regression Testing.
  • Performed Data driven tests to ensure unique set of data values are inputted to the application.
  • Automated the test scripts for functional testing using QTP.
  • Enhanced the test scripts through Check Points and Parameterization.
  • Performed backend testing by creating database checkpoints using QTP.
  • Performed End-to-End testing manually.
  • Developed SQL queries to retrieve data from the databases.
  • Reported the bugs, Email notifications to the developers using the Quality Center.
  • Organized meeting with the developers to communicate the defects and other issues.
  • Frequently communicate with QA manager regarding the status of the project.

Environment: Quick Test Pro, HP Quality Center, VB Script, Oracle database, MS Word, MS Excel and Windows 2000 Professional.

Confidential, New York

QA Test Engineer


  • Gathered requirements documents such as business requirements and design document and other related documents
  • Reviewed the Test Basis , designed and documented Test Strategies , Test Plan , Test Cases and executed test cases
  • End to End Testing of the complete website which was developed using JavaScript , HTML5 , CSS3 and other web technologies
  • Responsible for writing and maintain Selenium WebDriver scripts for regression and functional testing using BDD Framework
  • Developed test code in Java language using Eclipse IDE and TestNG framework
  • Used Maven to build and run the Selenium automation framework .
  • Involved in design and implementation of Selenium WebDriver automation framework for smoke and regression test suites ( TestNG and Maven ). Also involved in testing the application utilizing the Scrum ( Agile ) methodology
  • Involved in designing of automation framework to be used in UI testing with Selenium .
  • Execute browser compatibility and regression tests using Selenium WebDriver for testing UI for every new build release
  • Performed SOA / web services testing using JMeter , wrote adaptors to test invoke web services
  • Implemented SDLC with Agile methodology approach and follow-up with JIRA , Participated in Sprint planning , retrospective and daily Scrum meeting
  • Proficient in using implicit wait and explicit wait in Selenium scripts to ensure that the scripts are synchronized with the application

Environment : Selenium WebDriver , Java , TestNG , Angularjs, LoadRunner, Cucumber, Agile, SQL, Maven, Eclipse, ALM, GitHub

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