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Senior Qa/qc Analyst Resume

Moorpark, CA


Dedicated and proactive Mortgage professional with several years of diversified experience with a background in Compliance, BSA/AML, Financial Risk, Banking Fraud, Deposit Operations, Underwriting loan modification in loss mitigation, Credit Analyst, REO, QC Auditor, Collections and proficient in all areas of mortgage loan servicing; demonstrate, possess strong verbal and written communication and skills, excellent customer service and analytical in decision making analysis of the organization's policies and market strategic business needs and not afraid to wear many hats.


Proficient in Office Suite applications, Agent Desktop Underwriter, Lender Live, AS400, MSP Lending Portal, Lexis Nexus, Share Point, Plan view Timesheet, ADP, Arriba Buyer, KROLL CBR, Urban, Pacer, Stewart, I Portal, InterAct, Actimize Risk Case Management, Portal for Risk Investigation and Screening Matrix (PRISM), Fraud Activity and Case Tracking System (FACTS), Online Multi Network Interface (OMNI), AML/Management of Cases (MOC), File Net, Quicken, OFAC Tracker, Agent Search System, Cognos, Depcon, Fiserv, FIS System, PennySaver, Black Knight, Quandis, IPass, LaFa


Confidential, Moorpark, CA

Senior QA/QC Analyst


  • Performs auditing functions in accordance with the Servicing post implementation program to ensure Confidential is complying with various mortgage - related investor, federal and state regulations.
  • Coordinate and complete assigned audits for servicing requirements, Independently complete reviews that are targeted in scope by servicing functional area and / or specified servicing processes (Non-Default and Default areas).
  • Create and use itemized checklists to perform testing of each document and report the validation or any discrepancies.
  • Thorough knowledge of FNMA/ FHLMC, FHA, VA, USDA, Forbearance Plans, TRID GUIDELINES. Performs testing of loans selected to evaluate, analyze, and assess risk and to detect errors and omissions, as well as violation of line of business policies and procedures, audit of loan file documentation to determine if a reported HMDA, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Regulation Z, Regulation C.
  • The audit includes, but is not limited to, review of Confidential and documentation for accuracy and consistency, systems analysis, regulatory compliance assessment and investor program requirements, as applicable.
  • Gather, investigate, and review additional information and conduct additional research of Loan Documents as necessary, including targeted review findings, remediation and rebuttals related operational audits conducted.
  • Responsible to review In-Line QA (quality assurance) performed to make sure that all the requirements are met prior to finalizing the process of QC reviews. Verify any errors made during the process in order to remediate and be able to improve going forward.

Confidential, San Gabriel, CA

Sr. Compliance and Operations Analyst


  • Responsible for regulatory compliance laws for deposit operations, consumer and lending, compliance monitoring, Confidential collections, quality control, quality assurance; Interfaces with the bank officers to ensure the effective implementation of the approved Compliance and CRA program.
  • QC/QA, Compliance monitoring of Reg E- Electronic Funds Transfer (EFTA), Reg CC - Expedited Funds Transfer, Reg DD. Complies fully with all Bank Compliance policies and procedures as well as all regulatory requirements (e.g. Bank Secrecy Act, Know Your Client, Community Reinvestment Act, Fair Lending Practices, Code of Conduct, EDD risk reviewing, FACT Act, Red Flags Identity Theft Program; oversee the Privacy Program and BSA requirements. Reports Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) to Fin CEN.
  • Reviews and approves advertisements, brochures, and other promotional marketing material to ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Assist the Compliance Manager in changes in the regulatory compliance environment and recommend policies, procedures and programs to ensure compliance with existing regulations and best practices. Analyze, conduct analysis and audit to keep abreast of bank operations, and retrieve Confidential to produce reports of customers’ bank daily operations; investigate to determine the existence of fraud in check verifications.

Confidential, Woodland Hills, CA

Sr. Financial Risk Compliance Analyst


  • Support the Compliance Manager with heavy administrative & business functions
  • Responsible for monitoring merchant account activities & strategic escalations to identify suspicious activities such as financial fraud, banking risk, Anti Money Laundering and reports it on Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) to Fin CEN; Able to assess EDD Regulatory Confidential Corp Reporting, OFAC Tracker, UDAAP, AML, BSA, AUP; performs credit analysis, evaluating financial position and credit worthiness, for existing merchant/portfolio accounts; conduct enhanced due diligence on high-risk customer relationships to identify potential legal, regulatory or reputational risk; analyzing moderate to complex account activity utilizing various fraud tools in order to detect and prevent fraudulent activity as well as investigate suspected, alleged or known internal and external fraud perpetrated against the company.

Confidential, Westlake Village, CA

Sr. Business Analyst/Fraud Investigator


  • Responsible for writing and reporting Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) for Mortgage and AML; utilized Financial Crimes Case Management/MOC system & Interact for KYC client profile; conduct enhanced due diligence on high-risk customer relationships to identify potential fraudulent activity, regulatory or reputational risk; concise documentation of fraud results, investigate, prepare in decision making related to the filing of a Suspicious Activity Report in accordance with Confidential, Bank’s mortgage lending compliance laws, including to Truth-in-Lending, ECOA Fair Housing Act, HMDA, Fair Lending, Predatory Lending, RESPA, FCRA, FACT Act, Privacy & UDAAP. CDD/KYC process for newly on boarded customers of the Los Angeles Office . Accumulate all pertinent review and audit findings, examination, scoping, to include an analysis of the SARs and organize report escalation to management, law enforcements and regulators. Knowledge of ability to apply regulatory/compliance risk mgmt & BSA/AML related requirements, Sanctions and Watch List Screening.
  • Able to identify risk & exclusionary rule on multiple cases of fraud investigations; able to identify foreclosure scams, straw buyers, identity thefts, credit card scams, loan modification misrepresentation and bankruptcy fraud scheme.

Confidential, Thousand Oaks, CA

Sr. Business Analyst/QC Auditor


  • Perform daily quality assurance reviews on all loans, audit, qc underwrite loan modification files on Conventional, Jumbo, Bankruptcy, Subprime loans, DOJ, HAMP/NON HAMP and foreclosure loans; monitor, review, analyze, investigate, interpret, image files, document, calculate, render final underwriting dispositions to determine the risks, evaluating credit worthiness and impacts on the loan modification and comply with Bofa lending programs and Investor Guidelines in compliance with real estate regulations, policies and procedures; qc/qa 30 to 60 day letters, escrow account, rental and boarder income, wages, child support, non-borrower income, ssi and pension; gather information and develop/track information to conform to Federal and state regulations in an ever-changing field; order BPO interior/exterior, pull cbr, ordered title and escrow; adheres to all applicable compliance regulations, including BSA, Right to Financial Privacy and demonstrates a fair commitment to Fair Lending.

Confidential, Chatsworth, CA

Mortgage Loan Underwriter/Loss Mitigation - AVP


  • Responsible for oversight of department operations, hiring, training within the Home Retention solutions including monthly and quarterly audits, reporting, change management, compliance, quality assurance/quality control and vendor/third party communication.
  • Perform all duties in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures, all US state and federal laws and regulations, wherein the company operates; reviewing, analyzing, approving and underwriting unusual or complex individual loan modification packages.
  • Analyzing credit documents including but not limited to, mortgage applications, residential credit history and income documents, title documents, appraisals and all applicable compliance documents, credit worthiness before approving a three months payment plan; prepares summary and/or credit approval reports documenting credit analysis and supporting information for credit decision recommendations.
  • Evaluate debt ratio, loan-to-value ratios, credit score, property valuation and various other factors, title review and loan closing; Offer guidance to all applicable workout options to borrower’s retention of their property according to their situation such as credit repair, reinstatement, repayment plans, short sales or DIL; liaison with account managers & third parties to communicate needs and requirements.

Confidential, Chatsworth, CA

Foreclosure Loss Mitigation - Supervisor


  • In charge of the Foreclosure Loss Mitigation department, training, hiring, scheduling, assist staff in generating solicitation calls to identify and utilize creative solutions focusing on homeowner's retention of property ownership.
  • Obtained, gather, reviewed, process loan apps, analyze repayment plans, forbearance plan, loan modifications, short sales and deed in lieu to coordinate safety with Bank’s mortgage lending compliance laws. Analyze loan, escrow accounts, credit date, tax returns, financial statements, rent rolls, and other financial information.
  • Determines if financial information will provide accurate analysis; Communicates directly with loan officer and/or customers to obtain missing or additional financial information.
  • Respond to inquiries, order escrow, bpo and title.
  • Evaluate homeowner's financial package to determine the best workout option. Interact with real estate agent, escrow companies, attorneys, and title companies.
  • Evaluates work flow procedures and provides detailed analysis to improve efficiencies, and ensures that policies and procedures set by the business unit are being followed; adheres to all applicable compliance regulations, including BSA and Right to Financial Privacy.

Confidential, Simi Valley, CA

Sr. Project Analyst/ PMO


  • Acts as a liaison for staff and managers, IT, translating conversations as necessary
  • Prepare and analyze financial status reports on deliverables, process payment requests project-related to SAP, account payables/receivables, purchasing, and order supplies, send meeting invitations, maintain vacation schedule in MS SharePoint repository, train new users, create files, verify time reporting system for quality assurance of travel expenditures for consultants.
  • Worked with the Senior Business Analyst to collect and interpret Confidential trends/patterns and project plan updates, business requirements, policy and procedures, compiling weekly status report, action, risk items, job responsibility changes, mid-month report overdue & expired notices and reconciliation with contractor blended list.

Confidential, West Hills, CA

Sr. Compliance Analyst/Auditor


  • Perform daily quality assurance reviews on all loans, audit, QC/QA, and evaluate files documentation to determine the existence of fraud.
  • Determine if there is evidence that consumers were provided the T.I.L., GFE, ARM, Note, HUD, RESPA, other disclosures on timely manner with the Senior Business Management and Finance to ensure coordination of templates and deadlines; image files, identify and implements methods to maintain compliance and recommends changes to existing programs based on evaluation of mortgage compliance laws and regulations including to ECOA Fair
  • Housing Act, HMDA, Fair Lending, Predatory Lending, RESPA, FCRA & UDAAP; ensures the borrowers has copies of the disclosure statement, Annual Adjustment Notice sent, notify the borrowers of any change in the interest rate, monthly payment according to their Mortgage Note, escrow reconciliation, debt collections; assists in the development, execution and monitoring of the Bank’s mortgage lending compliance programs. Gather information and develop/track information to conform to Federal and state regulations in an ever-changing field; review broker’s impermissible collected fees to effectively refund the amount due to borrowers to reduce the organization's possibility of incurring a loss without detection.

Confidential, FA Chatsworth, CA

Quality Control/Auditor - Assistant Manager


  • In charge of overseeing and managing of special loans department.
  • Reviewed new loan acquisitions, audit, qc/qa loan disclosures such as Notes, Deeds to determine if ARM, LIBOR or Fixed Rate, correct errors of margin, escrow account, pmi, periodic statements, pay off statements, in compliance with internal policies and business procedures; communicate Confidential discrepancies to the Quality Assurance & Loan Boarding, QC escrow Reconciliation of funds, escrow accounts and refunds to borrower upon payoff of a loan; assist the Senior Business Analyst to manage, track and maintain the scheduled project in accordance with mortgage lending compliance laws and regulations and implementation of changes.
  • Prepare present analytical information and evaluate files, documentation to determine the existence of fraud in a concise format; demonstrate core values, support of Bank’s mortgage lending compliance laws, including to Truth-in-Lending, ECOA, Fair Housing Act, Fair Lending, Predatory Lending & RESPA

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