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Avp Quality Assurance Resume

Arlington, TX


  • As an innovative thought leader possessing the skills of a solutions enabler to move departments, organizations and companies to the next level, I have:
  • Developed and implemented corporate - level processes and enterprise adoption of governance procedures; enriched with policies centered around productivity drivers that align business with IT
  • Created and established corporate-level governance policies and productivity procedures (e.g., CMMI Level II certification, Capital Approval Process, and Service Warranty Analysis Team)
  • Led CIO appointed corporate initiatives that resulted in: a) improved time-to-market, b) increased revenue, c) reduced costs, and/or d) minimized risks
  • Established corporate strategies that streamlined operations and implemented state-of-the-art technology solutions (e.g., $20M regression and post production analysis savings, $4M tactical prioritization of business needs savings)
  • My professional career has encompassed a variety of disciplines; beginning as a Confidential Electrician Mate, moving to telecom, and eventually into the healthcare field. My path through the military and corporate structures has produced a systematic approach to resolving complex corporate issues to right the ship or move forward to the next level.
  • I accepted a position with Confidential to design and establish an automation functional test organization that was responsible for functional regression, performance validation testing and software virtualization efforts. Automation savings coupled with increase test coverage will improve application availability and customer satisfaction.
  • I was given a CIO directive to build a production - like Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) enterprise platform to include a real-life functioning Mail Order pharmacy. This test environment assisted the business in securing new clients, and retaining existing clients. PBM could then validate planned changes, and conduct what if scenarios with formulary and pricing models. PBM regression also utilized the same environment to validate production changes.
  • I transitioned to the CIO management organization and was selected by the CIO to develop and charter four (4) distinct engineering processes:
  • Helping the business understand and translate IT verbiage into manageable and defendable performance guarantees
  • I developed the Process Map, Risk Control matrix for 28 application areas
  • Identifying key sub-processes in each auditable process. The data inputs used to initiate the process, and how data inputs are routed/processed to produce the data outputs
  • Becoming the only area that was certified CMMI Level II.


  • Integration Methodologies
  • Quality Assurance
  • Program Management
  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Business Operations/Performance
  • Capital Management
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Productivity and Governance Leader
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Organizational Development
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Client Services & Satisfaction
  • Compliance/Auditing
  • Training & Staff Development
  • Technology Solutions
  • Process Engineering
  • Integration Methodologies


36 Years Results oriented leadership in growing and maturing organizations as cost effective, efficient, value-driven entities that aligns to corporate objectives.

24 Years Implementing technology solutions (hardware, software, virtualization, and more) in support of local government, reducing costs, improving services, and enhancing infrastructures.

16 Years Healthcare (emergency patient management, pharmaceuticals), Quality Assurance (QA), professional services and Performance Engineering.

12 Years Enterprise process engineering and business policy management.

(Note: Each area listed below has different levels of familiarity from novice to advanced; please inquire what specific skill qualities are important)


Operating Systems: AS400, Unix, Windows Server, Windows Client O/S.

Databases: Oracle, UDB and MySQL.

Hardware: Various hardware platforms ranging from IBM Mainframe, AIX, AS400, HPNS and more

Solutions (Tools): HP Loadrunner and QTP, iTKO LISA, Soasta, Crystal Reports, Microsoft Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Project, Visio), HP Quality Center, VMWare, HP Atlas, CA Clarity, and more.

Methodologies: Capital Governance, CEM, SEI CMMI, ITIL


Confidential, Arlington, TX

AVP Quality Assurance


  • Development and implementation of Risk Based Quality Management that objectively and automatically scores requirements and determines prioritization of test efforts
  • Created an Automation Test Framework for delivery of automation functional UI for mobile and desktop applications
  • In concert with development and release management in process of creating the continuous delivery of 1st application (.com) to provide end to end automation deployment
  • Created an automated funding process that provides critical test data in minutes instead of hours
  • Established the mobile testing platform (Perfecto) that increases coverage by 300%
  • In process of creating an automated validation system for F5 servers & Apps status notification
  • Completed 5/8 QA Assessment objectives, included is a QA Governance Steering Committee


AVP Quality Assurance


  • No pharmacy benefit plans in the test environment for benefit validation
  • No methodology around stage gates for completion of requirements, development and quality assurance completion dates
  • Production codes changes not reflected in the configuration item repository
  • 10% regression coverage of business features
  • Code was not delivered as a final package
  • Installed a regression test suite utilizing 2MM production claims and associated client members that provided 90% benefit plan coverage reducing production severity one issues forty five (45) days from implementation.
  • This ability to rapidly discover and correct deficiencies allowed
  • AdvancePCS to go twenty-nine (29) months without a severity I & II in production; increasing client retention and satisfaction.
  • A Business Submission Request (BSR) process was established to align the business establishing an intake process with rigid stage gates.
  • Meetings with senior business management to explain the importance of each gate especially the requirements gate, their main responsibility.
  • The new BSR process included an early estimation in IT hours what each project would take to develop and associated resources.
  • By converting IT resources into consumable services business was able to “cash’ projects against the IT checkbook until no more hours existed for each release.
  • At the newly established Tactical Prioritization Committee ( Confidential ) the business, not IT ordered and prioritized their projects for the next two future releases while reviewing the current release and its obstacles.
  • This new BSR methodology, coupled with the new ability to place IT resources into the hands of the business (via the Confidential ), significantly drove down costs, increased corporate-wide efficiencies, and allowed for higher quality products that translated into the highest client retention amongst the PBM industry leaders.
  • The business was now enabled to pursue new revenue streams as well as entice new business from our competitors.
  • Additionally, an evaluation process was established to review IT staff that allowed for replacement of current personnel with individuals who possessed greater skills.
  • Improved overall efficiencies by 375%, 125% decrease in time-to-market, 200% productivity increase in the IT department with an estimated savings in excess of $20MM in the first year.
  • Scanned industry trends and experts, then developed a PE organizational blueprint (later transitioned to support ITIL framework); commenced with developing performance models of the types of services performed by the key revenue-generating applications. Implemented full PE end-to-end processes for work entering and leaving.
  • Integrated with the SEP Processes and had PE added to various stage gate checkpoints and architecture documents.
  • Developed a cohesive training department with collateral programs
  • Hired senior personnel in all four areas to become mentors and leaders of each organization
  • Presented a revised implementation plan adding a structured approach with redundant checks to ensure completeness
  • Developed a regression test suite increasing the quality

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