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Program Analyst Resume

Alexandria, VA


Interdisciplinary professional with over 17 years of Federal and Defense budgeting, auditing, acquisition and intelligence experience


Confidential, Alexandria, VA

Program Analyst


  • Lead, Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) quarterly data call. These duties include soliciting quarterly OIR questions within the directorate, planning and leading a quarterly data call conference with external stakeholders, as well as, compiling and assessment of command responses to be trended over time for the development of advanced analytical products.
  • OIR data call stakeholders include OSD Policy; OSD Comptroller
  • Provides situational awareness to leadership.
  • Conducts liaison activities.
  • While deployed, facilitated weekly sync meetings with members of the Confidential .
  • De - conflicted oversight projects and project team travel.
  • Assisted in coordinating distinguished visitors travel, as well as the scheduling and execution of high level meetings.
  • Attended entrance and exit conferences.
  • Other duties include maintaining data files, serving as subject matter expert for OCO mission-relevant topics and generating reports for use in the mandated Quarterly Report to Congress. Identifies and monitors OIR operations, funding resources, and policies.
  • Proficient and regular user of Microsoft Office’s suite of programs, ArcGIS, and DAMIS.

Confidential. Arlington, VA

Senior Auditor


  • Responsibilities included ensuring production of high quality and timely audit reports which comply with government auditing standards
  • Led the identification and planning of FY 2015 Confidential financial audits
  • Researched and identified approximately $800M in U.S. funded Confidential reconstruction projects for planning FY 16 financial audits
  • COR on several Confidential contracts with GSA approved independent public accounting (IPA) firms to oversee financial audit planning, fieldwork, reporting and other stated performance work statement objectives
  • Performed quality control reviews of reports and supporting documentation of IPA audit work compliance
  • Maintained audit evidentiary files
  • Served on the Technical Evaluation Board to evaluate and make recommendations on contractor proposals
  • Attended Entrance and Exit Conferences
  • Resolved audit issues
  • Referenced and indexed Confidential ’s Quarterly Reports to Congress.

Confidential, Suitland, MD

Financial Management Specialist


  • Represented Confidential in support of the Confidential Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness ( Confidential ) program
  • Performed risk assessments associated with potential financial accounting misstatements
  • Assessed financial environment for necessary internal controls and regulatory compliance, such as the Federal Financial Management Regulations, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation, OMB Circulars, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and Federal Accounting Concepts and Standards, GAO Audit Manual, Treasury Financial Manual, and U.S. Codes
  • Instituted business process standardization at Confidential to conform to Confidential policies and procedures
  • Performed audit testing on hundreds of financial transactions, reviewed the associated key supporting documentation and implemented over thirty corrective actions on minor to complex issues

Confidential, Washington, DC

Program Analyst


  • COR responsibilities included the preparation of acquisition plans and contract documents
  • Tracked contract deliverables and reviewed and certified contract invoices
  • Monitored and reconciled monthly contract progress and financial reports * Processed SF 86 security packages for contract nominees, scheduled new contract hire orientation and processed badge paperwork
  • Assisted the contracting officer and program manager in resolving contract personnel, schedule, cost and quality issues
  • Agency Program Coordinator (APC) of all Confidential travel card holders; GPC cardholder and check-writer.

Confidential, Falls Church, VA

Intelligence Analyst


  • Developed informational and top secret summaries, reports and presentations for both Confidential senior leadership and for the Congressional Budget Justification Book
  • Created and maintained complex spend plans and tracked commitment, obligation and expenditures. reported and disseminated on persons of interest conducted threat assessments on counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence, domestic terrorism and weapons of mass destruction and disseminated to relevant agency points of contact. Specialized in bulk data processing and analysis, which included formatting structured and unstructured data, querying datasets, and filtering and categorizing results
  • Leveraged information technology tools, including Microsoft products, mapping software and link analysis
  • Provided instruction at Quantico, VA in monthly new agent training class; analyst and agent training in various field offices and to legal attachés’.

Confidential, Chantilly, VA

Management and Program Analyst


  • Compiled the monthly data call results to identify statistical operational trends
  • Drafted unfunded requirements and reclamas
  • Created MIPRS and MORDs * Lead the ISP Balance Scorecard and OMB Circular A-123 Activities
  • Monitored and updated the spend plan’s Utilities line item.

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