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San Jose, CaliforniA


  • Helped develop iOS7 and Android application for a local conference.
  • Lead developer for an Android port of an iOS water quality app.
  • Broke project down into independent parts for time - tracking, performed majority of the front-end engineering and application development.
  • Tasked with working on miscellaneous internal-use projects, and researching viability of new software to enhance and expand testing.
  • EG - Using Calabash to better reflect use-cases to customers; or Ranorex to enable non-technically proficient project managers to generate their own functionality tests.




  • Majority Shareholder, CTO, CFO, CQC, WYSIWYG
  • Designing, building and releasing Android applications on Google Play.

Confidential, Tucson, Arizona

Software Engineer


  • Worked on a team of 3 almost independently (time critical or priority tasks were still delegated).
  • Programming was done in two proprietary languages, FORMs and MACRO, both created in 1989, which I had to learn and implement as soon as possible.
  • Highlight: Wrote a script to comb through the file hierarchy, find and extract to a CSV file any hard-coded strings; when support of a new language was required, a person could run the script and compile a fresh CSV file, ensuring any new file additions or code changes were included, that was then given to the translators.
  • The initial task was to manually comb through each file and manually extract the strings (due to the various ways strings are used in FORMs); the initial time frame allotted was two weeks.
  • I did it in four days using Bash, and AWK.
  • Creating test cases for bug fixes/new modules being released.
  • Writing documentation, towards audiences of varying levels of technical understanding.
  • Worked with outside contracted translators to clarify or correct translations.
  • Placed in charge of assigning files to translate throughout the team due to familiarity with translation process and the program I created.

Confidential, San Jose, California

Software Integration Test Engineer


  • Worked on a large team consisting of people from various departments involved in constructing, from the ground up, a tank prototype; remotely running systems tests and metrics on the embedded hardware as the build-stages progressed. Documenting failures, seeking out any potential problems and created reports regarding them to development.


Software Test Engineer


  • White box tested C code according to Aviation coding standard DO-178B.
  • This included verifying complete code coverage, code verification and submitting any failed test cases with write-up of failure to project manager.

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