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Software Developer In Test (sdet) Resume

Rockville, MD


  • 7+ years of experience in Software analysis, Software Quality Assurance Testing of Web, Windows, Web Services, Client/Server applications and databases.
  • Professional experience in Finance, Banking, Insurance and Hospitality Applications.
  • Extensive experience in UFT,QTP, Jira, ALM, JSON, HTML, XML,OrACLE,MY SQL and SQL on Windows XP, Vista,7,10 Operating Systems and Environments.
  • 7+ years of experience in Back - End Testing with complex SQL Queries.
  • Familiar with tools and languages like SeleniumIDE,Web Driver,Java,C#,.NET,VisualStudio,Load Runner
  • Involved and provided input to all stages of Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC).
  • In-depth understanding of Software Testing Life Cycle(STLC) and Defect LifeCycle.
  • 7+ years of Automation Testing experience in fast-paced Agile/Scrum environments
  • Experienced in Ad-Hoc Testing, Smoke Testing, Functional, Regression, Integration and User Acceptance testing.
  • Experienced in using HP Testing Tools like Quality Center,Load Runner,QTP, ALM andUFT.
  • Experienced in Test Automation framework design and development and expert in developing Data Driven, Keyword Driven,Hybrid automation frameworks in Quick Test Professional /QTPand Unified Functional Testing /UFT.
  • Developed and executed test automation scripts using Quick Test Professional and Unified FunctionalTesting with Parallel Execution in VM (Virtual Machine).
  • Experienced in developingVB Script Functions and maintaining in FunctionLibraries in QTP/UFT.
  • Expertise in documenting defects with high level of detail, accuracy, and informative recreation steps usingJira,Rally, ALM
  • Strongly experienced in developing Descriptive programming with VB Script and working with shared Object repositories inUFT/QTP.
  • Well experienced in Test Cases Preparation, Execution, Traceability Matrix, Bug Analysis and Reporting using HP ALM,JIRA.
  • Strong SQL knowledge and very familiar with Oracle database.
  • Expertise in backend testing and writing SQL queries, joins,DDLs,DMLsusing Oracle and MySQL databases.
  • Used QTP/UFTfor functional testing, regression testing, UAT,API and WEB Services testing.
  • Highly motivated team player with analytical, organizational and technical skills,detailoriented,quick learner, unique ability to adapt quickly to challenges and changing environment
  • Experienced in Cross Browser Testing by executing the test cases in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.
  • Hands on experience in preparing Test cases, Automated Tests and Test Data
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, result oriented, hard working with a quest and zeal to learn new technologies,proven team player with an analytical bent to problem-solving and delivering under high-stress environment.
  • Experience in working on manual and automation testing of SOAP and RESTful Web Services using UFT, SOAP UI,Eclipse, Postman,ARC and Rest Assured tools.
  • Exposure to Selenium WebDriver and Jenkins tools.
  • Understands Performance testing process such as load testing,stresstesting,endure testing and so on.


Web Services(API) testing tool : Soap UI, Postman,Eclipse,UFT

Operating Systems : Windows XP,7,10, Mac(familiar with Linux)

Test/Defect Management Tool : HP ALM,Jira,Rally

Programming Language : VbScript,SQL ( familiar with Java and C#)

Tools : QTP,UFT,Load Runner (familiar with Selenium)

Methodology : Waterfall, Agile

Databases : MySQL,Oracle



Software Developer in Test (SDET)


  • DevelopesTest Cases and Automation test scripts.
  • Other activities included test execution, report generation.
  • Workes in an Agile Scrum software development environment - consisting of many iterative releases with extensive celebrations between the DEV, QAs and the BAs.
  • Designs,develops and executes test automation frameworks and test automation suites
  • Evaluates and maintains existing manual and automated test cases
  • Involves in regression test planning,automated test executions and test result analysis.
  • Creates custom functions using UFT to handle complex and dynamic application to improve execution time.
  • Runs Smoke Tests for several teams on the project, for stability and minor changes in the application.
  • Participates in test result evaluation, documentation, and relevant reporting.
  • Involves in Hybrid Driven Frameworkdesign, including setting up Coding Standards, Naming Conventions and folder structure in QTP/UFT automation environment.
  • Analyzes the Regression Suite, identified and prioritized test cases for test automation development in QTP/UFT using VB Script.
  • Develops reusable functions with Descriptive Programming and maintaines in the function libraries in VB Script.
  • Uses Regular Expression, Error Handling and conditional loops to enhance the automation scripts.
  • Keeps Environment Variables for URLs, username and passwords in XML files for QTP/UFTtestdata.
  • Uses HTML DOM and XPath to identify dynamic objects from web applications
  • Extensively uses VB Script to dynamically File System Object handle files and folders for test automation framework in QTP/UFT.
  • Involves in Backend testing using complex SQL Queries.
  • Attends Team meetings to give the project status updates and discuss any technical issues in the project that are faced by teammembers.
  • Attends Daily Scrum, SprintPlanning andReview meeting in a dynamic Agile Scrum environment.
  • Analyzes and communicates test results to management. Makes recommendations for product improvements wherever necessary.
  • Involves in creating Environment for Web Services testing using UFT and Postman
  • Creates,Tests and Verifies Web Services APIrequests, Restful Protocols.
  • Attends all Agile Scrum meetings to discuss project issues,enhancements etc.
  • Implements all phases of SDLC during product development and testing
  • Performes Regression testing against the various build of the applications using UFT
  • Developes functions to handle dynamic object of the web application and solved complex Object Recognition problem

Confidential, Rockville, MD

Test Automation Engineer


  • Developed Test Plan, Test Scenarios, Test Cases andTest steps for various Business Services/methods covering both Positive and Negative testing requirements.
  • Wrote complex SQL queries in order to do backend testing
  • Designed and Developed Hybrid Framework in QTP/UFT to perform automation testing for theUI.
  • Created user-defined functions with VB Script and Descriptive Programming in QTP/UFT to increase the reusability and maintainability of the test automation framework.
  • Worked in Agile Environment as cross functional team member
  • Performed Data Driven, Keyword driven and Hybrid Framework using QTP/UFT and managing data in ALM.
  • Skilled in writing VB script for creating descriptive programming, Function library usingQTP/UFT.
  • Executed scripts on QA and UAT Environment to perform Regression Testing using QTP/UFT.
  • Worked closely with development and Technical Support teams to resolve quality issues
  • Worked Agile methodology, where developers, users and testers worked together to create Stories, Document requirements by interviews andanalysis.
  • Provided training to other employees on best automation practices.
  • Responsible for GUI and Functional Testing,also actively involved in Back End Testing.
  • Involved in Automation Infrastructure Development in QTP/UFT.
  • Ran regression scripts to ensure that the existing features are working correctly for each release.
  • Developed test automation scripts in QTP /UFT for testing scenarios involving the multiple regions using vb script.
  • Developed Reusable Functions and maintained in the multiple Function Libraries based on the application’s functional component
  • Executed large amount of Regression test cases and provided high level execution report to the development team and business team
  • Involved in testing all backend processes with SQL Conducted Functional testing, Integration testing, Smoke Testing and Regression testing during the various phases and releases of the application Interacted with developers to discuss exiting software defects and re-tested the fixed issues

Confidential, Bethesda, MD

Quality Assurance Specialist


  • Prioritized Manual test cases based on the Business Requirements and selected the Test cases that need to be automated in QTP/UFT.
  • Developed Hybrid framework using UFT/QTP and generic keywords were implemented.
  • Responsible Functional and Regression testing by QTP/UFT during the various phases of the product development.
  • Developed QTP/UFT Test Scripts by Descriptive Programming and enhanced the scripts through Parameterization, Synchronization, Regular Expressions, Customized Error handling with VBScript.
  • Extensively used SQL queries to verify the Database Tables.
  • Reported software defects and worked with business analysts and developers to resolve technical/functional issues with HP Quality Center.
  • Supported UAT test issued by working with end-users and technical staffs and documented UAT test results.
  • Provided demos of the working product at the end of the release cycle to the development team, Business team and stakeholders.
  • Designed and developed test plans, test scripts, for manual testing of all the modules
  • Worked on SOAP Web Services testing using SOAP UI.
  • Worked in both Waterfall Environment and Agile Environment
  • Performed Debugging and Maintenance of the scripts as and when required.
  • Participated in Code Review meeting and provided feedback for test automation scripts.
  • Involved in System, Integration Testing, Regression Testing and Performance Testing.

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