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Student Software Tester Resume

Englewood, CO


  • 2+ year experience in manual software testing.
  • Strong Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle and its methodology like Waterfall, Spiral, Iterative and Agile and experienced with iterative and agile(scrum).
  • Talented in carrying out all stages of Software Testing Life Cycle from requirement analyses to closure.
  • Skillful in analyzing requirements, ability to find defect in story during early stage.
  • Proficiency in creating different test cases and test steps for story and robust knowledge of Traceability Matrix bug management tool so as to perform mapping between test cases and requirements.
  • Well versed in performing smoke test for every build and skillful in performing functional, component, integration and system testing for cric - drive application developed in java, JavaScript, angular js etc.
  • Strong knowledge of Entrance and Exit Criteria, for decision making, test strategy and test summary.
  • Proficient in carrying out Defect Life Cycle from open bug to closed, ability to found and log the defect.
  • Skillful in retesting and regression testing of defects to make sure that the older programming still works with the new changes.
  • Logical understanding of black box, white box, grey box testing and alpha, beta testing used in support.
  • Vigorous knowledge of Unix commands, to check the server.log, Catalina.log and output.log.
  • Good understanding of XSD, XML and HTML to design web pages, store and transfer data.
  • Hands on SoapUI technology, for web service inspection, invoking, development, simulation and mocking, functional testing, load and compliance testing.
  • Strong knowledge of RDBMS and has ability to validate back end data using DDL,DML,DCL,TCL commands.
  • Robust knowledge of simple query and complex query or Join, to validate user interface with database.
  • Basic knowledge of automation testing and Selenium tool, play and record the data.
  • Excellent communication, problem solving, and good judgmental skills.
  • Desire to learn, adaptable, persuasive, competitive, enthusiastic in nature.


Project Management Tool: Jira, rally

Defect Management Tool: Zephyr

Application Server: Apache Tomcat

Database and Database Language: MySQL, SQL, MS Access

Database Browser: Heidi SQL, workbench

Web Technologies: HTML, XHTML, XML, XSLT, CSS, Servlet, JSP

Programming Language: Java, C, C++

Scripting Language: JavaScript, PHP

Other Tools: Eclipse(mars, neon), putty, plink, WAMP, XAMPP, soapUI, confluence


Student Software Tester

Confidential, Englewood, CO


  • Followed two-week sprint in agile(scrum) methodology on cric-drive project.
  • Analyzed requirements for Admin login and Scorer login modules and performed preventive testing.
  • Authored detailed test cases and correspond test steps for different components like New Match, Ground Detail, Add Fixture, Flood Lights, Add Squad, Add Score and Pagination.
  • Implemented mapping between requirements and test cases to form Traceability Matrix.
  • Participate in internal peer review, on add squad page and made modification according to the feedback.
  • Executed Smoke Test as part of entrance criteria to ensure high-level functionality of admin, scorer and user interface modules also verified GUI-mapping.
  • Performed Component Test on New Match, Team, Date, Venue and Ground Details etc. components.
  • Executed Integration Testing by combining both admin and scorer module.
  • Implemented Boundary Value Test for minimum and maximum number of players and umpires in team.
  • Performed retesting as well as regression testing after bugs get fixed and made Test Executional Report.
  • Performed Mobile Testing for T3 mobile application, worked on e-mail validation, response time, registration form, courses, events, contact us and on other functionalities.
  • Worked on customer facing UI, Wrote and executed SQL queries - to ensure that the matches and the team information entered by the admin, and the scorer is correctly logged in the MySQL database.
  • Worked on Selenium IDE as record and play, automation testing for Add Squad modules.

Confidential, Greenwood Village, CO

Manual Tester


  • Followed iterative methodology for Confidential project.
  • Gathered domain knowledge and understanding of how enrollment process works.
  • Analyzed the requirement and understand them completely and suggested some change requests to business analyst if necessary also analyzed requirements for Student login page, courses & result page.
  • Authored detailed test cases and correspond test steps from BRD in ms-word for different components like enrollment form, scholarship form, result form, Confidential courses, home page and contact page.
  • Performed Traceability Matrix between requirements and test cases.
  • Participate in internal peer review, then made changes according to the feedback from co-workers.
  • Executed Smoke Test to ensure high-level functionality of system.
  • Performed Component Test on contents of about us, phone no., e-mail id, enroll id, sex, address, name of student, course name, course duration, scholarship criteria form, contact, news and events etc components.
  • Executed Integration Testing by combining student information module to examination module so as to display result online and to provide grading to their certification.
  • Implemented Boundary Value Test for minimum and maximum number of student in one batch/course. performed usability testing to ensure ease of navigation and general appearance of the Confidential website.
  • Performed functional testing on various features and sub-features to make sure that the application works as per the requirement.
  • Participated in CCB meeting for decision making related to verification, regression testing, and validation after every enhancement or bug fixes
  • Performed compatibility testing of the Confidential application in different web browsers.
  • Worked on MySQL database, wrote and executed SQL simple and complex queries - to ensure that student information get logged in the MySQL database and its easy to delete, insert and update student information.

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