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Automation Architect/ Qa Manager Resume

King Of Prussia, PA


  • Extensive knowledge in UI and API (REST/SOAP) Automation Testing using Selenium C#, Selenium - Karate, CA-Devtest, UFT/QTP and TestComplete with more than 15 years of professional IT experience with involvement in all phases of Software Quality and Security Testing on varied platforms experiencing analysis and testing of enterprise wide software, like desktop applications as well as web applications.
  • Designing Test Automation Framework, Test Harness,
  • Developing Keyword Driven, Data Driven and Hybrid Frameworks
  • Excellent command on using Selenium locators
  • Created Test strategies, Test Case writing & execution
  • Excellent knowledge of SCRUM, V Model and Waterfall models
  • Well versed with facilitating all SCRUM Events (Planning/Backlog Refinement/Review & Retrospective/Daily SCRUM)
  • Well versed SCRUM as well as KANBAN boards, way of working, Agile Thinking and Methodologies
  • Have performed a vital role of moving development team from Waterfall to Agile way of working
  • Knowledge of SDLC Concepts, Bug Life Cycle, Testing Techniques.
  • Regression Testing, Functional Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing
  • Knowledge of Automated Testing and Performance Testing methodologies
  • Strong experience in Manual Testing Activities, gathering/understanding Functional Requirements, preparing Test plans, conducting document review and helping in preparation of Training manuals.
  • Deep knowledge of various Test Management (QC, TestLink, TestDirector) and Bug reporting Tools (Bugzilla, TestTrackPro, PivotalTracker, JIRA)
  • Version Control using SVN, GIT and HP ALM
  • API testing using Postman
  • Experience in configuring, testing and troubleshooting client - server communications
  • Excellent Knowledge of scripting languages like VbScript, JavaScript
  • Good Knowledge of programming language like C# and Java
  • Exposure to BDD using Cucumber
  • Brief Knowledge of CI/CD using Jenkins & Build Projects using Maven and Other Custom Utilities
  • Brief knowledge of Robot Framework and TestNG
  • Able to handle multiple assignments and consistently meet deadlines. Enjoy working in a challenging environment.
  • Ability to adapt & work on variety of OS platforms.
  • Experience in complete SQA activities which includes participation in Major release cycle of the product
  • Excellent Leadership, Communication & people management skills, System Thinker
  • Excellent Presentation skills, developed training material for new comers in the current & previous Organizations and executed the Knowledge sharing and training classrooms


Test Automation: Quality Assurance

Quality Control: Test Planning and Test Case Development, Software

Test Management Tools: Agile (SCRUM), V Model, Waterfall

OS: Windows, Linux

Quality Control: Govern testing using Black Box Methods, Levels of Testing, Bug Review Meetings, Test Planning and Documentation, Test Estimation, System Testing

Test Automation using: QTP and Selenium using C#.

Automation Test Tools: Selenium Webdriver 2.x, QTP (UFT), Selenium-Karate, TestComplete

Bug Reporting Tools: Bugzilla, TestTrackPro, PivotalTracker, JIRA, VersionOne, HP-ALM / QC

Test Management Tools: QC/HP ALM, TestLink, TestDirector

Configuration Management Tools, Version Control: WinCVS, VSS, Tortoise SVN, GIT, TFS

Database: SQL Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012 and 2016, MYSQL


Confidential, King of Prussia, PA

Automation Architect/ QA Manager


  • Learning the Application and QA landscape
  • Gain understanding of activities across application development discipline
  • Design Test Automation Architecture for Insurance Claim Processing application
  • Develop a framework using TestComplete automation tool
  • Decide and use any scripting langauge supported by Testcomplete
  • Demonstrate and implement Test Automation Frameworks(Keyword/Hybrid), Design Patterns, architectures, best practices and programming techniques(OOPS/Modular)
  • Prepare Schedule and Effort Estimates
  • Setup an entire team, enabling them with training on Testcomplete and framework understanding
  • Training client’s resources, knowledge sharing.
  • Project management using SCRUM model
  • Talking to stakeholders/business analysts, creating automation stories, assignment and tracking
  • Code Reviews, Test Case Prioritization, Test Case Detailing
  • Version Control using TFS

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

API Automation Architect


  • General understanding of activities across application development discipline
  • Demonstrate and implement Test Automation Frameworks(Keyword/Hybrid), Design Patterns, architectures, best practices and programming techniques(OOPS/Modular)
  • Working on Micro-Services architecture
  • Prepare Schedule and Effort Estimates
  • Provide continuous Coaching and Mentoring to the team members
  • Help develop end to end Test Automation framework though using Cucumber-BDD-Selenium using Java for UI Automation
  • Also developed a suite on top of existing Cucumber-Karate-Selenium framework for API Automation
  • Implement Selenium hybrid framework using excel as data input
  • Implemented POM design pattern with objects coming from YAML file.
  • Integrated the existing Selenium-ALM integration framework provided by the client
  • Performing a role of Integration Delivery Lead enabling cross Team, cross technology application stack Integration Testing
  • Participate in Agile ceremonies session to derive user stories/requirements scope for Automation
  • Perform data analysis and assist in data reporting as needed
  • Create Automation strategy and Validation Strategies for verifying the service layer protocols and E2e Automation
  • Collaborate with this functional areas on various projects as needed
  • Identify automation opportunities and drive feasibility analysis through Proof Of Concept to identify the automation approach and derive Test Automation implement strategy
  • Work with Service Virtualization team to brainstorm and identify candidate systems, services for virtualization
  • Enable team members by scheduling and providing workforce transformation trainings.
  • Responsible for enhancement of Test Automation framework to meet middleware/service requirements
  • Understand API business rules using Swagger Document and design automation scenarios
  • Validate RESTFul, SOAP, MQ based and JMS WEBservices as a part of the project using Automation as well as Manual tools.
  • Providing support to Functional Teams by assisting in Release Testing or SIT
  • Self-sufficient to drive the project with minimal supervision from conception to release
  • Performing all Test Planning Activities
  • Creation of Test Artifacts (Test Cases / Test Plan / Test Summary Reports).
  • Preparing priority list for Test Case Execution / Defect Fixing
  • Demonstrate solid knowledge of latest trends in web and mobile computing technologies
  • Version control was done using GIT
  • Defect tracking using ALM and analyzing requirements and user stories using Version One tool

Confidential, Downers Grove, IL

Automation Test Lead


  • Creating Test Automation Framework using UFT
  • Setting up Test Environment using VMs supporting Parallel Script Execution
  • Focus on removing manual interaction
  • Writing Test Automation Strategies, supporting Pre and Post run conditions and cover Test Planning
  • Writing/Enhancing Automation Scripts
  • Handling Entire Automation Project
  • HP ALM was used for Version Control
  • Handling Onsite/Offshore Model
  • Project Status Reporting to all the stakeholders
  • Leading a team
  • Reviewing of the deliverables
  • Creating and Managing all test artifacts
  • Supporting other projects as a part of TCOE

Confidential, TX

Automation Architect / Sr. Test Analyst


  • Understanding SRS, FS, Use Cases, User Stories to prepare strong set of test cases
  • Preparing Use Cases with client guidance
  • Designing Test Automation Frameworks to support rapid regression test strategies
  • Preparing Test Automation Strategies
  • Implementing Test Automation Framework (Keyword Driven/Hybrid) using Selenium with C#
  • Using POM (Page Object Model) Design Pattern
  • Designing Xpath Locators for the project
  • Designing Test cases from scratch to ensure enhanced test coverage
  • Preparing Test Plan using system thinking to help cover all the parameters
  • Preparing Test Strategies for different features requiring various tools and various types of testing
  • Defect Reporting using Jira and take it to closure
  • Upgrading & Maintaining Framework
  • Selenium - Testlink Integration using Rest API
  • Testlink - Jira Integration using RestAPI
  • RestAPI Automation
  • Writing Automation Scripts using C#
  • Used Selenium Grid for Browser Compatibility testing, running regression suite on different browsers in parallel
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Suite versioning was done using SVN
  • Initiated using BDD using Cucumber, to convert user story comments to Test Cases
  • Using third party tools, such as AutoIT, Sikuli
  • Preparing Use Cases
  • Setting Up Test Environments for Manual and Automation Tests
  • Executing automation suite
  • Facilitating all SCRUM Events (Planning/Daily SCRUM/Backlog Grooming/Review&Retrospective)
  • Scoping out test cases for Automation
  • Writing User Stories / Creating Epics / Prioritizing User Stories
  • Jira Story tracking / Maintaining the project board in Jira
  • Priortiing Test Cases execution using Jira
  • Code Reviews
  • Handling entire Automation Project in Jira
  • Performing Build and Release Engineer role
  • Played role of a Product Owner as well as SCRUM Master for Automation Project
  • API testing using Postman
  • Performing Functional Testing, UAT
  • Following SCRUM Model to help client reach its objective with every sprint
  • Facilitating all SCRUM Events (Planning/Daily SCRUM/Backlog Grooming/Review&Retrospective)

Environment: : MS Office Suite, MS SQL, MS Visual Studio, JIRA, C#, .NET, Windows Server, Windows 7, XMLHTML, Jenkins, Web services (RESTful), Visio

Confidential, TX

Sr. Automation Test Analyst


  • Designing Test Automation framework using UFT/QTP with VBScript
  • Developing the Framework (Keyword Driven / Hybrid)
  • Preparing complete Test Harness
  • Identifying Test Cases for Automation
  • Preparing a Flow of test cases
  • Version control was done using manual process of maintaining folders
  • Writing actual Automation Scripts
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Reviewing Test Coverage and Displaying it to the Management
  • Executing and Maintaining the automation suite
  • Peer Reviewing automation scripts
  • Designing test cases
  • Preparing Test Plan and Test Strategies
  • Defect Reporting / Defect Triaging
  • Designing Test Suite for Upgrade Testing
  • Provide task estimations & allocation of tasks to resources
  • Perform Team Management activities such as Leave Management, Performance Reviews

Environment: : HP-QTP/UFT 10.5 to 12.0, VBScript, MS Office Suite, MS SQL, MS Visual Studio, JIRA, C#, .NET, Windows Server, Windows 7, XML, HTML, Web services (RESTful), Visio, Firefox, Chrome, IE11

Confidential, CA

QA Analyst


  • In-depth study and conceptual understanding of the requirements document
  • Preparing Test Plans along with the client to freeze Entry Exit criteria for different deliverables
  • Writing / Updating / Reviewing Test Cases to make sure less defect leakage
  • Setting up the framework for the same in QTP / UFT to create a strong Regression Test suite
  • Good Hands-on over Object Identification technique used by QTP
  • Coding scripts for automation testing
  • Working with Excel Macros to support data loading for the automation script
  • Setting up of Test Environment (Onsite - Offshore Model)
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Conducted UI testing, usability testing, smoke testing, exploratory testing, functional testing, regression testing, performance testing, platform testing for the product
  • Executing the automation scripts maintaining the scripts and logging bugs
  • Reviewing of Documents / Automation Scripts / Test Cases / Test Plans
  • Perform Test Management tasks
  • Maintaining versions using MS VSS
  • Change & Requirement Analysis
  • Oversee Test Plans and Test Strategies
  • Understanding Functional requirements, designing
  • Test Data Creation and Loading
  • Coordinating bug review meetings to resolve issues.
  • Creating scripts for automation testing
  • Setting up of Test Environment
  • Leading a team of 5 QA Engineers
  • Attending Client Meetings, providing summary reports

Environment: QTP 10, VBScript, MS Office Suite, HP - QC/ ALM, Sybase, Eclipse, ANT, Java J2EE, Windows, HTML, Visio, Firefox, Chrome, MS VSS, IE11

Confidential, Redmond, WA

Sr. QA Engineer


  • Setting up test environment
  • Ghost image creation and deployment of various operating systems
  • Build deploying
  • Understanding the structure and working of MSDN Library English and Japanese
  • Installation, Functional and GUI Testing of MSDN Products.
  • Admin install, advertise install and testing on minimum requirement machine and virtual machine
  • Verification of Namespace, Registry, Hxs-Hxt verifier tool, HxS Namespace verifier tool, Windiff
  • Creating and executing test cases in various branches such as Setup, Viewer, Upgrade and Language SXS.
  • Logging, Verifying and Tracking the Defects to Closure using Product Studio
  • Preparing TSR’s (Test Summary Reports)

Environment: VSTS, VS2005, MS Office Suite, MSSQL, Windows, Win CVS, Visio, MS Product Studio

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