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Meter Technician Resume

Kalkaska, MichigaN


  • Technical expert with 24+ years of hands - on supervisory and training experience in the Confidential and an additional six years of experience.
  • Outstanding coaching skills, with a motivational leadership style that consistently delivers performance improvement.
  • Expertise in gas turbine engines, power generation, electrical systems and electronics.
  • Leader with a track record of cost savings, operational improvement, and compliance.
  • Teamwork Hands-On Training Innovative Dependability Judgment Quality
  • Safety Cost Reduction & Avoidance Troubleshooting Analysis Computer Software Proficiency
  • Problem Solving Simulator Training Written and Oral Communication Qualifications


Confidential, Kalkaska, Michigan

Meter Technician


  • Responsible for the removal, installation, inspection and troubleshooting of electric smart meters for the homes and business’ of Consumer’s Energy customers.
  • Maintains safe working environment and adheres to all OSHA safety regulations for working on energized electrical circuits.

Confidential, Grayling, Michigan

Electronics Technician


  • Responsible for installing, operating, maintaining, repairing, and modifying the Confidential, computers, software, databases, electronics, video equipment, battlefield effects, training buildings and site specific equipment.
  • Coordinated and scheduled training events with Confidential and law enforcement agencies to maximize training effectiveness.

Confidential, San Diego, California



  • managed in-house programs/processes to monitor training requirements utilizing various databases tracked replacement personnel; created individual training plans provided school quota management documented completed and future training schedules.

Confidential, California

Training Team Leader & Engineering Inspector


  • Evaluated and coached shipboard trainers and programs including Quality Assurance and Engineering Safety Programs to drive ongoing improvement.
  • Partnered with senior management to identify training needs and make targeted recommendations.
  • Assessed engineering plant condition to ensure a safe environment.
  • Established and tracked performance metrics.
  • Reported on crew effectiveness and provided action plans for success.
  • Supervised the development and implementation of guidelines for engineering drill certification of San Diego based Smart Ship Cruisers.
  • Conducted inspections, evaluations and training on over 20 ships receiving the highest praise from Commanding Officers and Chief Engineers.


Program Manager


  • Qualified as Gas Turbine Engineering Plant Control Officer and led dramatic turnaround by increasing qualification standards and improving the qualification process for all engineering plant personnel.
  • Earned qualification as an Aegis Cruiser Command Duty Officer supervising a Confidential warship, all aspects of shipboard operations, evolutions and 280 officer and enlisted crewmembers.
  • Directly supervised 56 enlisted shipboard engineers including Gas Turbine Electrical and Mechanical Technicians, HVAC Technicians, Diesel Mechanics, Electricians, Welders, Pipefitters, Machinists and Damage Control Specialists.

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