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Sqa Engineer Resume

Bedford, MassachusettS


  • Systems Engineer with experience in requirements writing, software testing and Software Development Life Cycle process.
  • An engineer able to create requirements, design, code, test and trouble shoot software and communicate solutions to the stakeholders.
  • An engineer able to start a new position and start writing protocols using prior background.
  • Systems background in real time systems.
  • Expertise in: Requirements Management, Software Testing (PQT, FAT, SAT) and Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Software Development Life Cycle
  • Real Time Systems
  • C++ and Object Oriented Design
  • PQT, FAT, SAT experience
  • Concept Lead / Function Lead
  • System and functional Requirements.
  • Knowledge of UML
  • Data Analysis to resolve issues
  • Provide reviews for foreign and domestic stakeholders (Kickoff, SDR and PDR)
  • White - Box and Black-Box Testing (Scripted and Manual)
  • Knowledge of EO/IR


Operating System: Windows, Solaris, UNIX

Languages: C++, CMS-2, JAVA (Self-Study), knowledge of C, FORTRAN, JAVASCRIPT

Platforms: HP workstation, VAX/VMS

Hardware: UYK-43 main frame, AN/Q-21 consoles, Patriot Consoles, Barco Touch Screens

Tools: Rational Rose, Clearcase, Reverse Engineering Design, DOORS, InterleafVISIO, MS Word, PowerPoint, ITRACKER, Excel, DARTS, C-Shell, JAMA CONTOUR, JIRA, WINSCP, Eclipse, HIS/LIS Interface (HL7), VMWARE and knowledge of MATLAB

Methodology: Object Oriented Design, Structured Design, Waterfall, White-Box Testing, Black-Box Testing

Other: Six Sigma qualified, Knowledge of EO/IR, Knowledge of CMMI, Knowledge of UML.


Confidential, Bedford, Massachusetts

SQA Engineer


  • Evaluate IL product software complaint reports. Evaluated 60 complaints from within IL and the customers. Of the 60 complaints, I was able to provide more information for 20 complaints to the developers.
  • Provide a timely documented resolution.
  • Review existing requirements and submit change requests for the software when necessary using DOORs.
  • Provide written test cases for new requirements and for customer complaint resolutions.
  • Attend and participate in complaint handling and complaint resolution meetings.
  • Attend and participate in Test Design meetings providing feedback to authors.
  • Execute Smoketests for releases.
  • Perform other related software testing duties as assigned.
  • Use knowledge of JAVA and C++ for code reviews and debugging errors.
  • Mentor colleagues.

Environment: VMWARE, DOORS, ACCUREV, Eclipse, WINSCP, Rational Change, CSV and JAVA

Confidential, Salem, New Hampshire

Test Engineer


  • Write and manage 20 protocols to provide functional tests for the overall operation of a blood glucose monitor firmware (embedded code) using JAMA CONTOUR.
  • Used multi-meters and power supply to establish power minimums and maximums for tests.
  • Create data files used to test the monitors using EXCEL and creating .CSV files.
  • Discover problems and issue trouble reports using JIRA. Written 10 issue reports and 5 were on major problems.
  • Use my requirements management skills I have reviewed and rewritten requirements to make them more robust and testable.


Confidential, Tewksbury, MA

Senior System Engineer


  • Write and manage requirements for the Display Function of a large scale real time system (Patriot). Perform system analysis to resolve issues within the Display Function. Manage multiple requirement concepts. Research issues until a solution is found.
  • Write system and functional requirements for international and domestic customers for the Patriot Defense Display System.
  • Present Kick Off, SDR and PDR concept reviews to the domestic and international customers.
  • Concept Lead on multiple concepts, direct up to 6 engineers.
  • Save the customer 600 SLOC, redesigning a 3 page tabular display into a user-friendly 1 page tabular display.
  • Solve issues through thorough research, when the operator could not hook a target using touch, research the issue until data was found on the area size required to hook a target by touch. Presented the findings to management and software group and solved the issue.
  • Design the display layout for the Modern Manstation, making it more user friendly.
  • Combine two Display Requirement documents into the Display SRS using DOORS and receive a Raytheon .
  • Use the Six Sigma process to design standard Power Point displays, providing a standard for all reviews.
  • Obtain the knowledge of the Battalion and Fire Unit Displays and became the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the Display System.
  • Assist other groups (SLAAMRAAM and JLENS) developing requirements and other documents such as the Interface Design Document (IDD).
  • Perform system analysis using the DARTS system to resolve display problems.
  • Mentor junior personnel, informally and formally, providing a good foundation.
  • Use VISIO to initiate the redesign of the Patriot flat screen layout.

Environment: Windows, Solaris, Unix; Jovial, C++; Interleaf, DOORS, DARTS, VISIO, MS Word, EXCEL, PowerPoint, knowledge of MATLAB, SIX SIGMA

Confidential, Marlborough, MA

Senior Test Engineer


  • Write and manage test procedures for an international program, using scripted and manual test procedures. Write problem reports focusing on issues found during testing. Perform test procedures at the customer’s site.
  • Write test procedures (PQT, FAT, SAT) for German Enroute Air Traffic Control System (P1).
  • Create scenarios for applications within P1 and the European ATC program (VATCAS).
  • Present test procedures reviews to the customer.
  • Write procedures and perform engineering dry runs, SQE dry runs and SAT for the PETRUS program.
  • Perform trouble shooting tasks on applications.
  • Mentor junior personnel, assist them in their tasks.

Environment: P1, VATCAS, PETRUS; ClearCase, C-Shell, MS Word, PQT, FAT, SAT, White-Box Testing, Black-Box Testing

Confidential, Moorestown, NJ

Senior Computer Scientist (Senior Software Engineer)


  • Perform Software Development Life Cycle for multiple applications on a large scale real time system. Direct engineers in multiple functions. Present design reviews to domestic and international stakeholders. Take the initiative to learn a programming language to resolve design issues.
  • Use Software Development Life Cycle, to develop new and update existing applications in a large scale/real time COTS environment.
  • Use Object Oriented Design methodology in conjunction with Rational Rose and C++ to create new applications within the AEGIS Display Systems (ADS) and SPY Radar Group.
  • Present design reviews to domestic and international stakeholders, providing the stakeholder with an insight to the application changes.
  • Become the Doctrine Function lead, direct 4 engineers, provide direction.
  • Present entire Doctrine Function to the Japanese customer.
  • Design the Doctrine Comparer Module, to assist naval personnel in the creation of doctrine.
  • Translate customer’s equations into CMS-2 (AEGIS programming language) from C for the Doctrine Comparer Module.
  • Receive a CSC Excellence for handling multiple applications in the Japanese and U.S. program.
  • Receive an AEGIS Excellence for handling multiple applications in both the Japanese and U.S. program and resolving critical issues that affect the program.
  • Become the Display Utilities Function lead, direct 3 engineers.
  • Member of the generic flight simulator proposal team, provide aeronautical data.
  • Design, code, and integrate display function of an online debugger, for use by the software engineers to correct problems.
  • Established test procedures for AEGIS baseline and Naval Wargaming System.
  • Mentor junior personnel, provide a good foundation in AEGIS Display System applications.

Environment: AEGIS; WINDOWS, UNIX, SOLARIS; CMS-2, C, C++; Rational Rose, Clearcase, C-Shell, Reverse Engineering Design, MS WORD, Object Oriented Design, Structured Design, White-Box Testing, Black-Box Testing

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