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Qa Tester Resume



  • Around 7 years of experience in Quality Assurance Analyst, especially in manual and automated testing including Functional, Performance, Smoke, Regression testing, Unit, Integrated, and UAT.
  • Proficient in preparing test case designs, test script design and execution of various test scripts using automated test, Quality center.
  • Good Proficiency in performing manual and automation testing.
  • Having excellent verbal and inter - personal skills that help in communicating with Developers, team members, writing reports and test documentation.
  • Excellent Analytical, trouble-shooting, and problem-solving skills at Mapping Requirements to test cases, providing traceability to requirements, creating and documenting Test plans, Test cases, Test scripts, Test procedures, Test Data from the requirements document for various applications.
  • Creating test data, including the Test Input data using Test Management Tools and defining the configurations and expected results for Integration Testing for both positiveand negative test scenarios.
  • Experience in executing different types of Testing including Smoke Testing, Functional Testing, Regression Testing, System Testing and Performance Testing.
  • Worked onDatabase concepts and SQL.
  • Knowledge of OCAP functionalities.
  • Experience in development of Client Server and Web-Based applications.
  • Experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Waterfall Method that helped in thorough reviewing and understanding of business requirement document and functional specifications.
  • Carried out various types of testing for Set-Top Boxes including analysis testing for video and audio for different SD and HD channels.
  • Identifying, documenting and managing defects using HPQC and Clear Quest and generate graphs and reports in order to indicate the status and progress of testing efforts, and presented them to stakeholders, and work with developers to troubleshoot them.
  • Knowledge of all the test scenarios that can occur while testing features like Parental Control, Pay-Per-View (PPV), Video On Demand (VOD), Picture-in-Picture.
  • Strong communication skills for interacting with developers, technical support personals, and other department representatives and customers.
  • Experience in working with cable systems such as IP networking, data communication, Telecommunication, RF systems.


Testing Tools: Windows 95/98/XP/VISTA; MAC OS

Defect Tracking: XML, HTML, TCP/IP

Databases: Oracle, MS Access, SQL

Modeling Tools: RUP, Rational Rose, MS Visio


Confidential, IL

QA Tester


  • Participated in reviewing system requirements and studying work flow diagrams in order to make detailed test cases and expected results
  • Documented detail test scripts for various functionalities of WMS in the Microsoft excel according to the requirements
  • Extensively wrote SQL queries (Inner join, left outer join, right outer join, update, select, insert, delete) to retrieve the data from the database and created the test data
  • Tested different functions of the WMS system such as Opening, Encoding, Pricing, Cycle Count, Putaway, Replenishment, etc. to make sure that the system meets the requirements and expectations
  • Coordinated System Integration Testing of the applications for Inbound and Outbound sections
  • Used SQL queries for data validation at the backend.
  • Manually checked the backend of the system using SQL queries.
  • Created test data for KIVA Systems Testing and actively participated in validating the test results using SQL queries
  • Actively participated in retesting and regression testing of WMS functionalities
  • Widely involved in inventory validations after executing test scenarios of functional testing, integration testing, KIVA testing, and regression testing
  • Documented and reported the test results and defects with the test data at the end of the day
  • Coordinated with Test Team in order to verify the defects and to replicate the issues
  • Participated in training new team members and helped them to understand the business process and system requirements

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

QA Analyst


  • Document detail test plans, test cases, test scripts and expected results in Test Director and tracing the test cases to the requirements
  • Actively participated in the pre-testing that included review of the requirement documents, studying the use cases for developing test plans and collection of test data.
  • Designed and Documented Test Procedures and Test Cases for user acceptance, functional and integration testing.
  • Analyzed use cases, sequence diagrams and preliminary class diagrams for the system built using UML.
  • Developed Manual test cases of the complex parts of the applicationand also verified the functionality of the application using business requirements.
  • Wrote automated test cases for regression testing using WinRunner.
  • Parameterized the scripts to avoid code redundancy and avoid hard coding of frequently changing values.
  • Performed manual testing on several applications of WMS.
  • Using WinRunner for automation of Functional and Regression Testing and verifying the applications expected behavior at different stages by inserting various Checkpoints.
  • Extensively created Data Driven Test scripts to read data from text files for testing. Checked for data boundaries/limits, incorrect input of data.
  • Using the Web Test add-in to WinRunner, defined GUI checkpoints to check frames, tables, cells, hypertext links, image links and images.
  • Used Data Transformation Service wizard to import and export data to and from MS Access
  • Reported defects using Test Director, which is used to organized defects with requirements.
  • Interacted with developers and business units for resolving issues with applications that fail testing.

Confidential, OH

QA Consultant


  • Responsible for the development and implementation of all testing Cycle Deliverables and documentations for System, Integration, Regression, Performance, Load testing
  • Developed and manually executed Test Cases for the different modules of applications under test
  • Interacted with Business Analysts/Users/Developers heavily for collecting Requirements.
  • Designed the data for interpreting the positive/negative Scenarios.
  • Used automated test scripts developed in QTP for carrying out data-driven and regression tests. Used QTP for web-testing of Multi Verse.
  • Used Check Points, descriptive Programming, Object Repository, User functions in QTP.
  • Involved in defect tracking and version control activities. Involved in analysis of defects which included providing possible solutions for a wide variety of possible problems.
  • Incorporated ETL process for extraction, content management and distribution of right data to the downstream applications.
  • Involved in Data Mining, Data Modeling, Data mapping and data validation process including integration of business rules and constraints.
  • Involved in the verification of GUI, Bitmap, Text, Database checkpoints and synchronization points.
  • Used all functionalities of Quality Center to link requirements to test cases, to define relationship between parent and child test cases, to track defects and generate different tests reports for senior management.
  • Involved in assisting Business Analyst during User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the application.
  • Recognized for defect analysis, reporting defects in time using Quality Center and effective interactions with developers to resolve defects or issues.
  • Involved in writing test completion reports, weekly reports, daily reports and release specific addendums.
  • Extensive use of SQL queries to perform Data Integrity testing and verifying data in backend.

Confidential, Richmond, VA

QA Analyst


  • Followed Test plans for testing a Set-Top Box and its features.
  • Created Test Cases by analyzing “Use Case Documents” for testing functionalities of the Set-Top Box.
  • Created use cases for various CPE functionalities like VIDEO PORTS, EAS, CC.
  • Conducted Functional Testing for different video features like Video On Demand (on different category channels), Pay-Per-View (for multiple programs and timings), Picture-in-Picture (its features and operational parameters).
  • Performing manual testing to verify the functionality of all features of the User Interface.
  • Used HP Quality Center for bug tracking.
  • Performed Smoke testing on IPG to assess features like Program guide, interactive channel service, channel program list, bookmarks, and audio/video settings.
  • Read and analyzed the product SDLC including Requirements, Analysis/Design, development for understanding the Test Schedule and Test Environment.
  • Tested the front panel basic functional keys like Power, Guide, Info, Select, Exit, List, and USB slots and the rear panel ports for connections for different audio/video streams.
  • Experienced in testing Parental Control by assessing its features like restrict by ratings and content, limit viewing hours and block channels.
  • Evaluated the picture quality for standard and high definition channels listed in the program guide.
  • Carried out Smoke testing of various troubleshooting functions and methods mentioned in the program guide.
  • Maintained an up to date status report of the testing being conducted.
  • Attended several meetings with the team lead and other testers in order to discuss and provide feedback for improving and modifying testing cases where applicable.
  • Collaborated with other team members to exchange information regarding the various receivers testing and usage information.

Confidential, Toledo,OH

System Integration Analyst


  • Went through the Business Requirement Document to identify TestObjectives and interacted with the Project Manage and the Stakeholder to discuss testing operations.
  • Carried out testing to check the over-all stability of Set-Top Boxes and the OCAP functionalities.
  • Executed the Test Cases by indicating the actual steps that need to occur in the Test Scenarios, also specified the Pre-conditions and Post-conditions using Test Director, Quality Center.
  • Tested the front panel tabs like power, guide, cursors, info, menu and indicator lights; and the back panel assessment was carried out on the ports to make sure that the VCR,TV, Stereo receiver, DVD, and A/V receiver module are functional.
  • Carried out a thorough testing of the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and verified the features like Parental Control, Pay-Per-View (PPV), Settings menu, and Guide Menu for Set Top Box.
  • Performed Regression testing on the recording capabilities of the DVR, including the verification of proper functioning of Trick Mode testing and Time Shift Buffer Testing.
  • Tested Video on Demand (VOD) and Pay-Per-View (PPV) functionalities including Trick Mode testing, for different test setups.
  • Carried out testing of Positive and Negative Scenarios fordifferent functionalities.
  • Tracked defects using the various defect management tools like Clear Quest.
  • Participated in monthly team meetings and interacted with the lead and the team members.
  • Discussed the status of defects with the developers.

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