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System Architect Resume

System Architect Franklin Lakes, NJ


  • A programmer/analyst with over 25 years of Application Development & Testing experience on IBM Z/os mainframes using COBOL with DB2, IMS DB/DC, CICS & VSAM.
  • Achieved an expert level of understanding of Tool Development using REXX, TSO CLISTs & ISPF Dialog Manager.
  • Technical support and trouble - shooter for application and testing teams.
  • Timely & accurate, designing & coding of COBOL programs (with DB2, IMS. CICS, VSAM).
  • System/User acceptance/QA testing, Y2K testing, and Regression testing.
  • Creating time saving tools and utilities using REXX execs and ISPF Dialog manager facilities.
  • Heavy usage of JCL and the setting up and running of large system batches.
  • Y2K - searching for, and analysis of non-compliant dates in programs and databases etc.
  • Rapid development of ad-hoc (one off) processes for data correction, file reformats or complex reports using available tools or creating new tools to resolve the problem.
  • Experience in the following industries: Health and PBM, Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Information services.


HARDWARE: IBM Mainframes, and Windows PCs.

DB2: SQL, SPUFI, Fileaid/DB2, CA Filemaster/DB2, Unload/Reload utilites.


COBOL: COBOL, COBOL II, COBOL 370 (MVS), Easytrieve.

Z/os (MVS): JCL, MVS utilities, Syncsort, Endevor.


CICS: BMS mapping.

IMS DB/DC: MFS, BTS, IMS utilities.

COMPUWARE Tools: Hiperstation, FileAid/RDX, DataSolutions (Encryption and Aging).

PC: Use of Windows, MS Office (Word, Access, Excel, Powerpoint


Confidential, Franklin lakes NJ

System Architect


  • Tasked with developing, documenting, implementing, and supporting proprietary automated testing tool suites for the Central QA, business area, whose primary function was monthly production release verification.
  • Automated the manually, time, and resource intensive process of QA & regression testing and claims processing in support of regularly scheduled code releases. Creating tools using REXX & COBOL that encompassed the front-end Hiperstation processing of Mainframe CICS test scripts, direct communication with other mainframe server applications (batch and online), as well as the associated back-end baseline/testline batch reporting functionality. These Mainframe utilities were written with the ability to interact with feeds from server and distributed based applications that provided users with a GUI interface.
  • Increased the success and efficiency of software implementation by minimizing the effort required to verify the accuracy of software changes on a broad scale.
  • Built and supported a number Adhoc production processes which used Data on Excel spreadsheets as source to provide update through Production CICS to modify benefit accumulators (using Hiperstation scripts). This processing allows for much faster data entry than a user entering by hand.
  • Designed and built a system to update 50+ client profile screens from a data file FTP’d from a server based system. The Hiperstation script updated the screens based on the field positions defined in a cross reference VSAM file. This allowed for screen changes and the addition of more screens by updating the VSAM file without changing the Hiperstation script. The system was capable of updating data on 20,000-30,000 screens per hour by running concurrent jobs to perform the updating - the system is totally automatic and required no operator intervention.
  • Designed and built an application to submit “canned” RDX DB2 extracts which move data from 250+ related DB2 tables between DB2 environments, based on a request file. The JCL is generated to insure all requests have unique file names and to return emails of the results back to the requestor. This allows for movement of millions of rows of data between 17 different environments. It also tracks the data to insure that one requestors’ data does not overlay the data from another requestor without permission (provided data-alteration of sensitive data when extracting production data).
  • Designed and built a unique set of flexible and system-independent REXX-based tools that could be used to interpret standard flat-file input data and execute the appropriate Hiperstation/CICS commands, allowing both fellow developers and non-technical business users access to producing and updating scripted test scenarios
  • Fulfilled a variety of roles from working independently, to technical lead with simultaneous status reporting responsibility for numerous consultants and other full-time dedicated resources
  • Created dozens of on-demand utilities within extremely compressed timelines to alleviate manual work on pressing and unforeseen business needs that did not allow for the usual full development lifecycle
  • Demoed project concepts and represented project progress to upper management, including executive committees, on multiple occasions
  • Met with business clients to determine project scope, define requirements and create technical specifications.
  • Performed routine maintenance, trouble-shooting, and enhancements in support of both newly developed systems and legacy applications related to general QA support.
  • Provided Technical Support to the team of testers, testing Cobol, DB2, IMS DB/DC and CICS systems.
  • Designed/created tools for managing multiple DB2 test environments (DB2 table unload/reload & check/repair utilities, for testers with a minimum DB2 knowledge (i.e. unload/reload only the tables changed by testing etc.).
  • Created a REXX/ISPF facility to AGE the dates in Hiperstation Scripts, which can be replayed for the future date.
  • Developed an ISPF/REXX QA tool to collect all the output files created from each test for a specific program into a logical set. This set can then be checked for completeness for each test date (all the files for each test exist and that all the compares were successful). Compares for the individual files may also be submitted from here.
  • Designed a process to Age converted dates within the Y2K windowing code to simulate processing across the 1999/2000 boundary. Then developed and implemented the code for the process.
  • Created tools to help speed up the testing effort.
  • Involved in developing Code-Around techniques for IMS database calls to databases with dates embedded in the keys.

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