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Lead Performance Engineering Consultant Resume



  • 9+ years of experience in the field of Information Technology, in which 4 years in Performance Testing, Capacity planning and Performance tuning; 3.5 years in System Monitoring; 1.5 years in application development.
  • Expertise in administering HP BAC/BSM including Business Process Monitoring and Sitescope components
  • In - depth and Very Good knowledge on enabling monitors through Sitescope, BPM in HP BAC
  • Administer HP Performance Center, BAC/BSM and Sitescope tools
  • Responsible for upgrading BSM environment, Apply new patches received from HP.
  • Successfully upgraded BAC 8.03 to BSM 9.22 in the new environment and enabled the all the monitors back, Dashboard Views created, Scheduled Reports configured and New Environment is handed over to Customer for their monitoring
  • Successfully upgraded Sitescope to 11.23 and integrated with BSM 9.22.
  • Created Sitescope Monitors for HP-UNIX, AIX, SUN OS, Linux, Windows and Sentry Servers
  • Strong knowledge on customizing template files, email templates, MIB files, reviewing log files for sizing in Sitescope
  • Created shell scripts to monitor CRON jobs, NetBIOS ports, top CPU/memory consuming processes
  • Expertise in creating WebLogic monitors, URL Monitors, Port/Ping monitors, CPU/Virtual Memory/Physical Memory Monitors, Cisco Works, File System Monitors, SNMP by MIB, Disk space, Directory, Database, Log File, LDAP, Service, Script, Microsoft/Unix Resources Monitor, Network Bandwidth and Web Services Monitors
  • Successfully enabled monitors for servers which are in LAN and behind Firewall using OpenSSH Configuration. Remote connection was established with Telnet, SSH, NetBIOS through password and Key files based authentication
  • Configure Windows servers using WMI (from NetBIOS) to gather Physical Memory statistics in the newer version of Sitescope (11.12)
  • Worked with HP and created a guideline for defining frequency for each type of monitors.
  • Developed a monitoring strategy to distribute load evenly on the server by defining the monitoring frequency accordingly for every monitor
  • Enabled monitors successfully for Sentry servers using MIB files on SNMP ports
  • Maintained BPM Probes across the globe on 8.03 and enabled Application monitoring through these probes
  • Configured Application monitoring for .Net, Java, PHP, Citrix applications and the applications running on Unix servers (working through Unix Terminals)
  • Developed an interface with Ticketing system to create an incident tickets automatically upon system failures
  • Continuous and Regular monitoring of Sitescope/BPM Log files to keep the environment up and proactively resolve the environment issues in the monitoring tool
  • Regular Dashboard cleanup of Sitescope/BPM Monitors and ensure that right team is alerted, valid email IDs are added/notified, it does not interfere with other sitescope monitors with timeout issues
  • Expertise in managing and conducting Performance Testing for Java, .Net, PHP applications, Web Services, LDAP, Citrix
  • Conducted Performance Testing against Web Services and worked with System Admin to identify Transactions issues, application was not coded to include transactions
  • Conducted Performance Testing for Java/.Net applications to identify Lock issues, abnormal system failures, system crash
  • Conducted Performance Testing against LDAP application to diagnose higher response time for login in the environment
  • Expertise in administering Performance Center
  • Solid Technical Knowledge in Capacity Planning, Capacity Reviews, Demand Forecasting
  • Strong knowledge on C, C++ and shell scripting
  • Expertise on conducting performance testing using LoadRunner/Performance Center
  • Reviewed Oracle Database 9i/10g, recommended changes in distributing load of scheduled jobs, SQL queries, creation of new indexes
  • Conducted on SQL Tuning/BAC/Performance Center across the organization
  • Developed an ASP.net application for BAC (Sitescope & BPM) -BMC interface, which shows the ticket statistics and add new applications to the interface


Lead Performance Engineering Consultant

Confidential, Illinois


  • Implemented BAC/Sitescope Monitors for 150 applications under Confidential Mobile Devices, developed shell scripts for custom monitoring requests
  • Worked on upgrading Sitescope, BPM, BAC to higher versions
  • Administer HP Performance Center, BAC/BSM and Sitescope tools
  • Responsible for upgrading BSM environment, Apply new patches received from HP.
  • Successfully upgraded BAC 8.03 to BSM 9.22 in the new environment and enabled the all the monitors back, Dashboard Views created, Scheduled Reports configured and New Environment is handed over to Customer for their monitoring
  • Successfully upgraded Sitescope to 11.23 (latest stable version from HP) and integrated with BSM 9.22.
  • Integrated Sitescope with Performance Center to gather system metrics during performance testing
  • Customized OS template files to monitor individual system metrics like CPU, File systems, Physical & Virtual Memory
  • Upgraded BAC, with a new database instance created on Oracle 11g Database
  • Upgraded Performance Center, with new database instance created on Oracle 10g
  • Upgraded BPM probes ( from 5.0, 6.5) to 8.05 and connected to BAC
  • Administered BAC Prod and Test environment for continuous monitoring, application of patches from tool Vendor
  • Successfully moved the entire application monitoring onto new Mobility environment during Confidential Separation
  • Administered Performance Center (Prod and Test) environment, deployment of patches, version upgrade
  • Conducted performance testing for maximum of 3600 concurrent users for applications like .Net, Java, LDAP, Web Services and PHP
  • Transaction issues, Oracle locks, sessions time outs were identified during performance testing and resolution was implemented to resolve
  • Created an interface for Ticketing system with BAC, to create incident tickets automatically whenever system is down
  • Continuous, regular monitoring of Sitescope and BPM Monitors to ensure that there are no false alerts/configuration issues and application is alerted on time

Lead Capacity and Performance Analyst

Confidential, Illinois


  • Conducted Capacity, Availability & Performance Review for business critical applications with Senior Leadership team
  • Captured CPU/Memory/File System usage for each of the applications and analyzed the trend reports for possible issues in future
  • Generated statspack/AWR reports from Oracle 10g/9i database and analysed the reports for Oracle wait events, time consuming SQL queries, tablespace growth, database growth
  • Provided recommendations to Architecture team for server consolidation
  • Provided the recommendations to DBA team to make the changes in Database like table reorg, add enough spaces to database
  • Involved in SQL Query tuning and provided tuning recommendations to ERP jobs, time/CPU consuming queries
  • Conducted CAP Review for Capacity Planning and Demand Forecasting on ERP applications during Year End Sales

Lead Performance Testing Consultant

Confidential, California


  • Created VuGen scripts for Java applications
  • Conducted Load and Stress testing for new Rating Engine application used by Underwriters
  • Identified Business need for Load Testing and issues with application
  • Created scripts for Business Scenarios
  • Conducted Load Testing and collated the Test Results
  • Provided recommendations based on the Test Results
  • Re-certified the scalability of the application after the configuration changes.
  • Conducted programs on LoadRunner 8 at Organizational Level
  • Coordinated with offshore team for Functional Testing, attended release meetings, reviewed the requirements for functional testing during each release, worked with offshore team to execute test scenarios, identified defects and reports to application team to fix in the future releases
  • Lead the effort of Performance and Functional Testing team.

Performance Monitoring Analyst

Confidential, Georgia


  • Implemented BPM monitors for web based and client/server applications using RTE, WINSOCK, Citrix, VBA and HTTP protocols.
  • Implemented BPM Monitors for MQ Series Middleware applications.
  • Conducted a feasibility study on monitoring the applications through citrix environment and enabled successful monitoring
  • Executed QTP scripts through TOPAZ for application monitoring
  • Analysed Daylight Savings Impact to our TOPAZ system and handled the same successfully.
  • Evaluated the new monitoring tool ‘Indicative’
  • Lead the effort of migrating the monitors from Mercury Topaz to Indicative Monitoring tool

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