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Qa Atm Certification Analyst- Contract Engineer Resume

Columbus, OH


  • Self - directed information technology professional with a continuous record of success in the financial services, consulting and manufacturing industries.
  • Broad based experience as a Programmer/Analyst, Systems Administrator, and Computer Operator.
  • Adept at finding solutions to a wide range of business problems, while building and maintaining strong working relationships. A Troubleshooter and Problem Solver
  • Possess a solid work ethic, and ability to learn and apply new concepts quickly, and a keen sense of professional responsibility.


Clearpath A-Series: Cobol, WFL, DMSII, Cande, XGEN, BL/Source, SDF, Cobol85 & Cobol74 w/ Confidential Extensions, Compiler Options & Debugging, DMInquiry, Dargal, Cande, Coms, and Marc.

HP Non-Stop Himalaya Series: Base24 v6.1 ATM/POS, XPNet v3.1, TAL, TACL, Tacl Macros, Cobol, NDM, Enform, NetBatch, MAKE, FUP, ICE, SCF, CMI.

Enguard Monitoring System (Unix): Enguard, Enguard ATM, and Enguard Reports.

ATM Applications: Online Authorization, Card Management System, and Settlement.

ATMs: NCR 58xx, 56xx, and 50xx, Confidential 910, 911, D1000 and D1000i, Fujitsu 4000, 6000, and 70xx.

PC: Windows, MS Office, Visio, ProCommPlus, Aspect, C++, Win6530, OutsideView, FASTerm, Attachmate.

Languages Known: Cobol74, Cobol85, C++, Tal, Basic, Tacl, WFL, Aspect.


Confidential, Columbus, OH

QA ATM Certification Analyst- Contract Engineer


  • Perform regression testing and Documentation of errors found and test scripting for any future analysis.
  • Testing new equipment and functionality.

Confidential, Portland, OR

QA Analyst


  • Analyzing newly developed Confidential ATM systems to function point and performance levels,
  • Perform regression testing and Documentation of errors found and test scripting for any future analysis.
  • Tested new equipment and functionality.
  • Prepared configurations for ATMs on Base24 Confidential ATMs and Empower.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Service Engineer


  • Responsibilities included upgrading and troubleshooting Deposit Automation software on Confidential.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Configuration Analyst


  • Responsibilities included production support, Base24 ATM/POS, Cold starts, updates, analysis, development, and documentation, etc.
  • Implemented new interface to Card Services as part of their upgrade project.
  • Performed Base24 and HP Non-Stop Cold Starts when necessary.
  • Performed and assisted in Base24 upgrade and enhancement projects
  • Created utilities TACL Macros for automating EMT Build, Warmstarts, DR adjustments, etc.

Systems used: HP Non-Stop Blade System, Prognosis

Confidential, Newport Beach, CA

Software Engineer


  • Maintained Miser ATM application including online authorization and card issuance, including run documentation.
  • Installed enhanced functions for Banking Security Act compliance
  • Added History updates to EFT card history on all programs that automatically update card data.
  • Performed analysis and debugging on production issues.
  • Created several scan programs to analyze and debug the structure of larger Cobol programs.
  • Provided Data extracts for conversion to Confidential ’s Hogan system

Systems used: ClearPath A-Series, Windows XP, FastTerm, WebEnabler

Confidential, Grand Rapids, MI

Consultant/Contract Programmer Analyst


  • Rewrote/Restructured Special Order Entry programs to allow input for multiple Order Centers, multiple Distribution Centers and Multiple Divisions as part of ID Integration Project.
  • These were real time update programs using Cobol, with Coms, SDF, & DMSII interfaces with restart & recovery logic.
  • Rewrote/Restructured Special Order Inquiry program using Cobol, to allow new filters, options, and Print Function.
  • Rewrote/Restructured several Special Order programs using Cobol to allow new specifications, options and information in ID Integration Project.
  • Added new Confidential Email function to program to alert support staff of data errors and non-communication.
  • Added new Fax function to program to release orders immediately.
  • Produced new screen to maintain additional datasets in real time using Cobol, Coms, SDF, & DMSII interfaces with restart & recovery logic.
  • Brought in all tasks under estimated times to bring in the Teams part of the project in on time, and allow a reduction in number of consultants on team.

Systems used: ClearPath A-Series, Windows 2000, Attachmate

Confidential, Clarendon Hills, IL

Consultant/Contract Analyst


  • Converted programs from Cobol74 to Cobol85
  • Re-Structured several programs that were using Alter verb.
  • Updated Run Documentation for above conversions.

Systems used: Windows NT, XP, Attachmate.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

HP Non-Stop Systems Administrator


  • Performed all Base24 NetGens and HP Non-Stop Cold Starts when necessary.
  • Assumed Operations management and daily duties when Operations staff was laid off.
  • Coordinated and monitored hardware replacement.
  • Monitored ATM Network and HP Non-Stop system daily.
  • Enhanced IPF Refresh processes using Tal. Created 2 IPF files from Cirrus/MDS update file for routing purposes to Plus and Cirrus.
  • Modified Base24 reporting programs using Cobol.
  • Installed and enhanced Enguard reporting, using MS Access and RDBMS.
  • Enabled HP Non-Stop System monitoring from Enguard to track CPU & Disk utilization, and system & port failures.
  • Wrote Aspect Script for ProComm Plus for Cirrus file retrievals, FTP file transfers from local HP Non-Stop and then to Cleveland home office.
  • Wrote file validation program using C++ for Cash Station data files and reports
  • Balanced Application across a four-processor system with backup processors also balanced.
  • Rewrote Run Procedure Documentation

Systems used: HP Non-Stop K1000 Himalaya, Enguard Monitoring Server (Unix), Windows 95,98, NT

Confidential, Oak Brook, IL

Consultant/Contract Programmer


  • Installed XGEN HELP functions
  • Developed and installed legacy Help screens
  • Researched, analyzed, and corrected Legacy software for Y2K compliance.
  • Researched and corrected DMSII Deadlock Error on multi-function online system.
  • Enhanced and optimized catalog update programs and procedures.

Systems used: Clearpath A-Series, Windows 95, FASTerm.




  • Performed all Base24 NetGens
  • Participated in installing XPNET 2.0 and Base24 5.1,
  • Certified the NCR Personal Series ATM (58xx),
  • Coordinated ATM conversions to Token Ring/Frame Relay.
  • Coordinated ATM installations with Systems, Data Communications, and Applications Depts.
  • Rewrote all Run Procedure Documentation

Systems used: HP Non-Stop K2000 Himalaya Windows PC

Confidential, River Grove Chicago, IL



  • Responsibilities included development, design, and enhancement of software including state and federal government requirements, and general data updates.
  • Applications included budgeting, accounting, payroll, personnel, admissions, class registration, class scheduling, financial aid, government reporting, etc.

Systems used: A-Series, Windows PC, Attachmate

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Programmer/Analyst, Programmer/Analyst


  • Rewrote most of Confidential ATM Cobol application for POS functionality and reporting
  • Rewrote settlement stream in Cobol, for Base24, Cash Station, and Plus interfaces
  • Added/corrected restart & recovery logic to all Confidential update programs.
  • Created CAF Update file from exiting Card Authorization Database
  • Rewrote Run Procedure Documentation

Systems used: A-Series, IBM Hogan System, IBM PC, HP Non-Stop VLX, Base24, Perle PDS500Lead I/O Clerk 1985 - 1986

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