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Penetration Tester Resume


Security + Certified, 3 years in network security/ penetration testing, over 10 years of network experience. Will have the Confidential ’s Certified Ethical Hacking and Amazon Web Services Architect Associate certifications before the end of this year.


Software: Javscript, Python, SQL, Java, CC++

Proficient in: Kali Linux, Metasploit, Meterpreter, Backtrac 5 R3, Nessus, Wireshark, NMAP, Prorat, Burpe Suite, IBM App Scan, Acunetix, Superscan, Angry IP, IDA Pro, Nitko2,Witko

Familiar with: OWASP, Samurai WTF, Pen testing Execution Standard (PTES), Snort, and SPLUNK

Database: Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access

Platforms: Windows 7 - 10, some Linux, Expert Computer User


Penetration Tester



  • Used HP Fortify to find and mitigate errors using Java.
  • Found and offered suggestions for fixing vulnerable coding errors.
  • Remediate a wide range of security vulnerabilities, including the OWASP top10
  • Provided guidance in helping the DC government’s Department of Human Services pass the US government’s Social Security Administration, and the IRS’s compliance audits.
  • Consulted with the client to help with setting up policies and procedures to comply with the HIPAA security rule.
  • Administered the Oracle Identity Management logon system to provision user access in 2000 + user environment.
  • Helped secure the new District of Columbia Access System software for revision 2 updated web application and portal.
  • Configured SLUNK security information and event management to log invalid logon issues.
  • Created SPLUNK dash boards to view valid and invalid logons.
  • Foot printing and scanning networks suing public information about a target of evaluation.
  • Scanned networks for web vulnerabilities using Nessus.
  • Logged onto Nessus Server using port 8834.
  • Ran credentialed scans and allowed others to run scans with provisioned access.
  • Created credentialed scans to find vulnerabilities in their network and web applications.
  • Edited policies and enabled plugins to run scans.
  • Ran scans for all 65,535 ports, or and IP hosts ranges.
  • Provided Asset Discovery scans for selected or all hosts on the network.
  • Enumerated target hosts for more information about the particular host.
  • Created policies for HIPAA compliance using Nessus.
  • Helped clients develop business continuity planning and backup plans as part of compliance.
  • Downloaded and interpreted reports.
  • Provided consulting on findings.
  • Scanned ports using NMAP to find services being used and open ports to send payloads to the network.
  • Provide risk assessments and security plans to healthcare concerns to comply with HIPAA.
  • Used Netcat to transfer files and communicate with remote hosts.
  • Executing payloads using Metasploit.
  • Helped create policies, procedures, guidelines, and baselines for companies.
  • Used Burpe Suite to scan web applications and attack vulnerabilities.
  • Mapped Web Applications using Burpe Suite by following links, sending forms,and stepping through the phases process of request/response urls.
  • Completed recon and analysis of Web app to scan for vulnerabilities to exploit the web app.
  • Attacked content discovery using Burpe Intruder to brute force third party apps, and redirecting url’s,
  • Authentication, session handling using cookies, authentication, and access control on wep app using automated and manual testing..

Network Administrator



  • Used Active Directory to administer the network.
  • Assisted in MS Exchange migration.
  • Installed workstations, servers, network printers, and routers.
  • Provided day to day technical support to the network devices.
  • Resovled connectivity issues with the cables, patch panels, host configurations.
  • Created and installed new Domains using Active Directory.

Help Desk Analyst



  • Provided help desk support to include logon/off issues.
  • Helped with network printing issues, slow network responses, email issues.
  • Provided desktop support to resolve host pc issues and problems.

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