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Performance Tuning Analyst Resume



  • 9+ years of Experience in IT Industry with 2+ years as Oracle DBA; Experienced in Performance Tuning, Creating new Database, Backup and Recovery of Database instances
  • Designed the database structure, created new Oracle Database instance and provided support for both Test and Prod environment
  • Continuous review of Business critical Database to proactively identify space issues, performance tuning issues
  • Experienced in tuning of ERP jobs, time/CPU consuming SQL Queries
  • Involved in backup of Oracle Database instances
  • Analyzed Statspack/AWR Reports to identify on - going/proactive issues and worked with Primary DBA to resolve


Operating System: Solaris UX, HP UX, AIX, Red Hat Linux, Wndows NT/2000/2003

RDBMS: Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g Release 1 and Release 2

Tools: Statspack Report, AWR, SQL* PLUS, Tracing, Explain Plan

Languages: C, VB, ASP.NET, Shell Scripting


Performance Tuning Analyst

Confidential, Illinois


  • Conducted Performance Review of Oracle Database for business critical applications with Senior Leadership team
  • Generated Statspack/AWR reports from Oracle 10g/9i database and analysed the reports for Oracle wait events, time consuming SQL queries, tablespace growth, database growth
  • Involved in SQL Query tuning and provided tuning recommendations to ERP jobs, time/CPU consuming queries
  • Used Explain Plan, Oracle hints and creation of new indexes to improve the performance of SQL statements
  • Completed minimized the space related errors in Oracle Databases by conducting month review with Senior Management and addresses the space issues proactively
  • Provided tuning recommendations and future memory requirements to Primary DBA team to make the changes in Database like table reorg, add enough spaces to database
  • Set up a new database instance with Prod and Test Environment and provided database related support
  • Created a purge script to remove more than one year old data
  • Scheduled a regular hot backup process and involved the in the backup activities
  • Perform root cause analysis on failures. Resolve performance tuning related issues and queries.

Lead Performance Testing Consultant

Confidential, California


  • Created VuGen scripts for Java applications
  • Conducted Load and Stress testing for new Rating Engine application used by Underwriters
  • Identified Business need for Load Testing and issues with application
  • Created scripts for Business Scenarios
  • Conducted Load Testing and collated the Test Results
  • Provided recommendations based on the Test Results
  • Re-certified the scalability of the application after the configuration changes.
  • Conducted programs on LoadRunner 8 at Organizational Level
  • Coordinated with offshore team for Functional Testing, attended release meetings, reviewed the requirements for functional testing during each release, worked with offshore team to execute test scenarios, identified defects and reports to application team to fix in the future releases
  • Lead the effort of Performance and Functional Testing team.

Performance Monitoring Analyst

Confidential, Georgia


  • Implemented BPM monitors for web based and client/server applications using RTE, WINSOCK, Citrix, VBA and HTTP protocols.
  • Implemented BPM Monitors for MQ Series Middleware applications.
  • Conducted a feasibility study on monitoring the applications through citrix environment and enabled successful monitoring
  • Executed QTP scripts through TOPAZ for application monitoring
  • Analysed Daylight Savings Impact to our TOPAZ system and handled the same successfully.
  • Evaluated the new monitoring tool ‘Indicative’
  • Lead the effort of migrating the monitors from Mercury Topaz to Indicative Monitoring tool

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