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Sr. Software Configuration Management Resume


  • Configuration Management (CM) Specialist, Build/Release Engineer, Team Foundation Administrator, Confidential Administrator with over 13 years in SCM and 2 years overall IT experience.
  • I have performed as the SCM Lead for more than 80 projects in Document and Printing, Financial, Mortgage and Banking, and Aerospace Industry.
  • I establishing and training client staff on enterprise CM (build, release, management and administration) processes, and in developing Base Serena Dimension ChangeMan, Microsoft Team System environments.
  • I also h ave a unique ability to understand requirements, organize tasks, document processes and data flow, design business process, manage projects, and see the forest along with the trees .
  • Designing, d eveloping and implementing software configuration management and business processes management in a fast - paced, high-pressure environment.
  • Able to solve problems, provide results, develop standards, increase productivity, make presentations, and obtain participation from individuals at all levels of the workforce.
  • Customize Team Foundation Server (2008, 2010, and 2012) activities build using window workflow, work item controls, and policies.
  • Training staff in CM tools, processes, standards and procedures.
  • Maintaining integrity of software deliveries and work closely with quality assurance staff to conduct internal audits.
  • Setup replication to support parallel development working environment between California, India, and Japan sites
  • Able to effectively manage time and prioritize multiple projects


Programming Languages: VBScript, JavaScript, Java, C/C++, C#, VB.Net, PL/SQL, SQL, Mercury Suite (Quick Test, WinRunner, LoadRunner)

PC Software: Oracle 9i, Oracle Report Builder, SQL Server (Including Analysis and Report Service), Sharepoint, Lotus Note, Microsoft Office, Crystal Report.Net

OS Platform: Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 98, VxWork, Linux RedHat 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, Linux WhiteBox, Linux Fedora, Unix HP, AIX, and Solaris



Sr. Software Configuration Management


  • Administers Visual Source Control, and conduct version control, branching, merging, labeling for managing multiple release versions of multiple products.
  • Ensures that builds and deployments are executed in a timely manner based on the team’s service level agreement.
  • Interface directly with development and operational groups in support of software and production release
  • Coordinate changes with development managers and operations personnel in the execution and deployment of code.
  • Evaluated Perforce, ClearCase, SubVersion, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, and demo pro & con of each source control to upper management.
  • Migrating VSS to Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
  • Migrating Tracker to Team Foundation Server - Work Item Tracking.
  • Implemented checked in policies, custom controls and forms for Work Items Tracking.
  • Developed custom automation build system using MSBuild API, VBScript, and Team Foundation System API for complex Web Application, BizTalk, and Desktop Application including C#, VB.Net, and SQL server stored procedures, and schema changes.
  • Designed and implemented continuous build process.
  • Maintaining more than 200 VMWare virtual machines using ESXi, vCenter Server and vSphere Client.
  • Migrated Team Foundation Server 2008 to Team Foundation Server 2010, Team Foundation Server 2010 to Team Foundation Server 2012.
  • Designing, implementing, and administrating TFS Lab Management for both manual test cases and automate test cases to ensure the integrity of Web and Desktop applications.

Senior. Serena Consultant



  • Identify and resolve issues concerning configuration management and related requirements with the software, test equipment, and test procedures on the 767 Tanker program.
  • Coordinate, review, and disposition action items, Problem Reports, and Change Orders concerning their impact on current software, design configurations, interface, and coordinate customer/subcontractor concurrence or approval as required (using Serena Dimension 9.1).
  • Define and created capture structure text including product requirements documents, design documents, system documents, functional documents and test information under Telelogic’s dynamic object oriented requirements system (DOORS) and manage these requirements.
  • Developing build script, using shell script, and make file and execute both daily and formal build and release software, Operation Flight Program for Confidential -767 Tanker via formal release process.
  • Implement Coding Standard and Unit test, and execute both coding standard and Unit Test prior build Operation Flight Program.
  • Implement Acceptance Test and execute Acceptance Test for Operation Flight Program. In addition, also responsible for capture stream data from RS-232 communication for all build-in-test for analysis.
  • Responsible for uploading Operation Flight Program to Confidential -767 Tanker Controller via RS-422 communication.
  • Designed and Implemented several web based workflow solutions for tracking, managing, and reporting on system defects, new development, and software enhancements (using TeamTrack by Serena). Each system tracks customer requests, captures information related to requests, assigns ownership (responsibility) to selected staff members, enforces process, controls user permissions, generates automatic email notifications, and provides a wide range of management tools and reports.
  • Developed helpdesk self-service system and incident management workflow (using TeamTrack by Serena).
  • Designed and Implemented a web based workflow solution /system for IT Requests and import Active Directory user to TeamTrack using LDAP (using TeamTrack by Serena).


Configuration Management/Build & Release Engineer


  • As CM, Responsible for consolidating the organization’s SCM activities into a single enterprise toolset using Serena (PVCS) on Microsoft Windows 2K and 2K3 to support the Enterprise Source Code Repository project needs and to facilitate the conversion from Microsoft Visual Source Safe to PVCS v7.0, and then migrated to Dimension 8.x and 9.x later on as the enterprise repository tool for whole of Document Solution Engineering Division and applications
  • Implemented and developed Enterprise Source Code Repository Project Plan in MS-Project
  • Developed and implemented a full life cycle SCM process which involved documenting the full life cycle SCM process established for more than 8 projects
  • Establishing a change process to facilitate the evolution of SCM across the organization
  • Supporting and driving the evolution of consistent SCM processes across all development organizations; Automating SCM processes where applicable and support the efforts of groups implementing automated implementation tools and Facilitating the Change Management Board supporting SCM and CM/CMMI processes.
  • In addition, has successfully evaluated Microsoft Visual Team System and used combining Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Office System and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for Software Source Code Control, assigned development, test tasks, bug fixed, risk management, requirement gathering, Reporting data warehouse, and other work items appropriate to our project development process.
  • Worked towards Ensuring and establishing an CM Processes supporting CMMI Level II certification requirements for managing all software projects via an repeatable and auditable delivery vehicle, Eliminating potential code introduction from sources other than the selected SCM toolset
  • Developing standard reports documenting the SCM activities, Making standard reports available to affected groups and individuals and Ensuring the compliance and support of organizational CMM efforts.
  • Established a quarterly roundtable feedback sessions to support process improvement and to Meet at least quarterly with stakeholders to direct the evolution of SCM, Change Control and Release Management processes and tools.
  • Document and prioritize changes requested to the SCM, Change Control and Release Management processes and tools.
  • Implement changes consistently across all groups in a planned and concerted manner. Conduct User Group sessions for information distribution and training purposes.
  • As Build & Release Engineer, I was responsible for establishment of SCM Process and Tools for software development on both Windows (VS.Net Web Application using vbscript, Java Application, Apache Web Application, using Maven, shell script and Nant), and Linux platforms (Linux embedded using shell script and GNU make).
  • Administrating and mainatenancing SubVersion and its associated tools (svnlook, svnadmin, and svndumpfilter).
  • I was also responsible for setting up the SCM standards/process and CM system for the development groups, Managing branches, merges, baseline, replication, third party libraries, builds to ensure that good code is delivered to Production and ensuring that developers are working on correct CM plan to enforce the Corporate SCM process.
  • Implement and maintenance windows desktop and web installation package for printer drivers using Installshield Professional Localization, East and West Edition.


Software Quality Assurance


  • Writing and execution of test plan, conduct test plan review, testing schedule
  • Design and execute functional and black box test plan and test procedure for Web Jet Admin, Printer Drivers (Win9x, WinNT, Linux, HP Unix, Solaris Unix, AIX Unix).
  • Automating Web Jet Admin using Quick Test, Print Driver using WinRunner, and Performance test using LoadRunner from Mercury Suite.

Confidential, Long Beach

System Administrator Assistant


  • Network Troubleshooting and Maintenance, Installing and configuring Windows operating systems and windows applications platform
  • Administration of research/development lab for Natural Science and Mathematic Department consisting of PC compatibles running DOS, Windows, OS/2, and Windows NT, and Macintosh systems.
  • Implementing Backup and security solution.
  • End user and Server end Support.

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