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Test Analyst Resume


An approach to learn new Quality Assurance techniques & testing tools and gain project work experience in various industry domain.


  • 4.5+ years of Experience in Quality assurance for Client server application & Ecommerce application.
  • Experience in V model and familiarity with Waterfall model, RAD model, agile/scrum model, Iterative model and Prototype model.
  • Experience in
  • Test Planning & Control
  • Test Design & Analysis
  • Test Implementation & Execution
  • Hands on experience with
  • Sanity Testing
  • Functional testing, Manual Testing
  • System Integration Testing, System Functional Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Experience in HP/Mercury Quality Center 10.00 and MS TFS for defect Management and reporting.
  • Experience in MS SQL Server
  • Domain Knowledge of online product purchase applications, Web services, Payment systems.


Primary Skill: Manual Quality Assurance and Testing

Test Management Tools: HP Quality Center 10.00, CITRIX

Automation Testing Tool: HP QTP (Quick Test Professional) 11.00

Scripting Language: VB Script

Defect Management Tools: Microsoft TFS (Team Foundation Server) 1.0, Bugzilla3.4.4.

Database Knowledge: SQL, MS SQL Server

Operating System: Windows XP



Test Analyst

Environment: OMF (Open Media Framework), iSchedule (Internet Calendar scheduling Protocol), ESB (Enterprise service Bus), Apache Tapestry


  • Reviewed Business requirements specifications and participated in Test planning and signoff.
  • Coordinated with Test lead to write test strategy document.
  • Written high level & low level test cases for the scenarios
  • Selecting Services
  • Page displaying Information
  • Building solution in programming tab
  • Checking package availability, placing orders for new user & existing users.
  • Participated in Test cases signoff.
  • Participated in test execution and incident management. Tools used - HP Quality Center, Microsoft TFS.
  • Hands on experience in Integration Testing.
  • Integration defects logging.
  • Participated in System Functional testing (SFT) & System Integration testing (SIT).
  • Performed testing for compatibility of application over different browsers e.g. IE6, Mozilla and Chrome.
  • User acceptance testing performed on business scenarios.
  • Acted as a part of automation team, identified test cases for regression testing.
  • Identified performance related issues.
  • Identified defects and Reported using Quality Center and TFS.
  • Coordinated with developers to resolve defects.
  • Logged, Tracked, Retested and updated defects in Quality Center.
  • Handled Tapestry job completion.
  • Provided update on test execution status & defect report.
  • Provided support in release process and defect management.


Quality Assurance Intern

Environment: OrderMax application, ODS (Operational Data store), iSchedule


  • Analyzed Software Requirement Specification in inspection meeting.
  • Involved in test planning
  • Defined testing scenarios for application
  • Customer Information, Credit Information,
  • Product Configurations, Billing,
  • Customer appointment, order summary,
  • Manage accounts, manage orders, Create accounts.
  • Coordinated with Test Lead for test strategy approach & test cases.
  • Created traceability matrix to confirm requirement coverage.
  • Managed & Gathered Test data for all levels of test execution in English & French language.
  • Written Manual test script in Quality Center.
  • Participated in Sanity Testing.
  • Performed Integration testing to test user account scenarios for new and existing customer.
  • Tested complete order processing &email confirmation.
  • System Functional Testing performed for products added and removed. Ex. DSL, IP TV
  • Worked with the development team to solve the defects.
  • Tested application for Ontario and Quebec region.
  • Handled retesting for defects and updated in QC.
  • Coordinated with BA for daily/weekly issues.
  • Supported Production Releases and defects resolution.


Software Trainee

Environment: application, OMF (Open Media Framework), iSchedule (Internet Calendar scheduling Protocol), ESB (Enterprise service Bus), Apache Tapestry


  • Reviewed the Business requirement documents and identified testing scenarios.
  • Coordinated with Test lead to write test strategy document.
  • Written Test cases based on wireframes
  • Selecting Services
  • Billing information
  • Profile Management
  • Created bi-directional traceability between test cases and specification.
  • Written manual test script in QC.
  • Prepared Test data as a user credentials. Tool Used - CITRIX
  • Mapped Test data with test cases.
  • Coordinated with System administrator for network connectivity.
  • Performed component integration for navigation of web pages.
  • Performed system testing to test order processing for the services.
  • Executed Test cases on IE 6 & 7, Chrome and Firefox in English and French language.
  • Implemented Test on all levels, executed, logged and evaluated the results and documented the deviations from expected results.
  • Coordinated automation testing and regression testing.
  • Participated in daily status meetings to discuss bugs, issues.
  • Reported bugs using HP Quality Center and Microsoft TFS.
  • Retested and updated defect.
  • Participated in acceptance testing.
  • Involved in Release support with QA.

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