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Senior Applications Systems Tester Resume

Linthicum -, MarylanD


Seeking a challenging position in the field of Computer Science/Quality Assurance within a technical organization that will utilize my, professional expertise and will provide strong opportunity for my future career growth.


  • Over 10 years of experience in software testing and quality assurance with programming background.
  • Have outstanding knowledge of manual and automation testing along with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with emphasis on Agile, Waterfall, V - model methodologies and CMMI levels.
  • Expert on Black Box testing, functional testing, GUI testing, system testing, regression testing, integration testing, security testing, load and performance testing of Web and Client/Server based applications.
  • Have extensive knowledge in gathering technical software requirements and then formatting those requirements into technical documentation such as Use Cases, User Stories, and Data Flow Diagrams.
  • Expert in understanding of how to interpret customer business needs and translate them into application and operational requirements using strong analytical and product management skills. Experience planning and facilitating requirements gathering session.
  • Have extensive knowledge of software Quality Assurance Techniques and Outstanding analytical, decision-making, problem solving, customer service, and management skills with the ability to organize activities in fast speedy team environment with written/oral communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Skilled at building a strong team environment by maintaining effective relationships with personnel in a team environment, and have ability to acclimatize to new technologies and situations with ease.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively as needed to achieve goals.
  • Organized, motivated, and demonstrated the ability to work under minimal supervision to achieve desired objectives.
  • Experienced in Quality Assurance Tester role on analyzing business requirements, software requirement specification to create test plan and test case for both Manual and Automated Testing and validate the requirements.
  • Experience soliciting business requirements for large-scale systems applications on web-based systems.
  • Experience applying requirements analysis techniques to identify user needs for IT systems or software applications.
  • Experience documenting business requirements for large-scale systems applications on web-based systems and client server application.
  • Experience coordinating business requirements elicitation and documentation efforts for large IT projects.
  • Extensive experience in Black Box, Integration, Performance, Stress, Functional, System, Regression, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Ability to perform validation test design, execution, tracking, evaluation and documentation for IT systems or software applications.
  • Experience creating manual test scripts using Quick Test Professional (QTP).
  • Experience creating manual test scripts from artifacts such as requirements and design documentation.
  • Proficient in developing test artifacts such as Test Strategies, Test Plan, Test Case, Test Script, Test Data and maintaining the Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM).
  • Fluent in using testing tools like Test Director/Quality Center, Quick Test Professional, LoadRunner, JIRA, Clear Quest, and PVC Tracker.
  • Expert in both Manual and Automation testing with the use of Descriptive programming, Shared Repository, Reusable Functions and Test Frameworks.
  • Expertise in identifying, reporting and retesting defects using Test Director/Quality Center, Clear Quest.
  • Strong skills in RDBMS backend testing using SQL queries, generating reports to ensure data integrity and validating business rules.
  • Experienced in testing Web Based and Client Server applications compiled in JAVA/J2EE, DOTNET.
  • Knowledge and experience with end-to-end systems development life cycle methodologies.
  • Experience in writing business, data, and system software requirements, taking responsibility for the creation of all analysis, traceability, and validation documentation required throughout the life cycle.
  • Excellent team building skills in working with all levels of staff and management in leading projects, developing and communicating standards and procedures and directing problem resolution.
  • Excellent interpersonal and writing skills.
  • Skilled facilitator, able to gain cross-departmental consensus; understanding, translating, and communicating business, system and data requirement.
  • Ability to use analytical and problem solving skills in order to be able to work with problems using technical knowledge to determine resolution strategies aligned to business needs.
  • Evaluate the information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, and decompose high-level information into details.
  • Able to work independently, or as a team member.
  • Ability to work on several small to medium projects at once, manage details, plan and execute effective follows through and meet deadlines.
  • Proven skill in writing C/C++, Visual Basic, VBScript, MYSQL, PL/SQL, HTML, and XHTML.
  • Experience in EDI with X12 standard for 834 and 820.


QA Test Tools: Test Director, Quality Center, Quick Test Pro, Load Runner, WinRunner, Clear Case, Clear Quest, Rational Tester, and Performance Tester

Defect Tracking Tools: Quality Center, Rational Clear Quest

Requirement Tools: QC, Requisite Pro, SharePoint

Software Applications: MS Office, MS Project, Visio

Relational Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, MS-Access, TOAD, DB2

Web Development: J2EE, XML, HTML, Dream weaver, CSS, DHTML, Flash5, and Fireworks

Languages: C, C++, C#, XML, SQL, HTML, XHTML, PHP, PL/SQL, Scheme, Assembly Language, OpenGL


Confidential, Linthicum - Maryland

Senior Applications Systems Tester

Environment: Windows, Rational Quality Manager, JIRA, Rational Functional Tester, Rational Performance Tester, SOAPUI, UNIX, Java, XML, PL/SQL, notepad++, EDI


  • Analyze operational business flows, business requirements, write test plans, test cases, execute automated and manual test cases, and log defects.
  • Report, track, and resolve defects and issues in the integrated applications.
  • Conducts technical discussion with the external entities to understand their system and impacts on project systems operations.
  • Develop and maintain Requirement Traceability Matrix to ensure comprehensive test coverage of the requirements.
  • Perform Black Box Testing, Functional Testing, Ad-Hoc Testing, Smoke Testing, GUI Testing, Boundary Testing, Beta Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing, Positive and Negative Testing.
  • Communicate defects encountered during regression test and followed up with developers until all issues were resolved.
  • Identify significant components functionality to perform Regression Test ensuring business priority.
  • Attend walkthrough meeting with the Business Analysts, Project Managers, and developers and provided feedback accordingly.
  • Create various testing documentation, including test plans, test cases, test scenarios, test metrics, and defect reports.
  • Using SOAPUI (Simple Object Access Protocol User Interface ) tool, test web services bases system with minimal to no user interface.
  • Perform EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transactions with the vendor for 834 and 820 followed by X12 standards, particular X12 Companion guide.
  • Prepare test scenarios with complete sets of test cases for the stakeholders testing.
  • Automate the test cases using rational functional tester tool.
  • Perform performance testing using rational performance tester tool.
  • Export requirements, test plan, and test cases in rational quality manager and log defect-using JIRA.
  • Develop testing strategies that address areas such as database impacts, software scenarios, regression testing, negative testing, error or bug retests, or usability.
  • Manage software defects tracking, reporting, follow-up, using a bug tracking system, and report defects to management.
  • Provide support to the technical teams through validation of business logic; provide analysis models and system interface analysis to assist with the technical specification development.
  • Participate in technical specification review to ensure that the application and database design meet the approved requirements and achieve business and technical inter-operability.
  • Write SQL queries to verify database tables for the data inserted from the user interface.
  • Validate through traceability that the product meets the approved requirements and ensures system cohesiveness and compatibility within a product/project.
  • Develop UAT plan and test cases for projects.
  • Schedule and facilitate User Acceptance Testing before production deployment to secure stakeholder approval of functionality.
  • Support the project initiation process by providing high level current and future state analysis, stakeholder and systems integration assessment documenting options and making solution recommendations; ensuring clearing defined/documented scope.
  • Mentor and coach junior testers.

Confidential, Columbia - Maryland

Senior Software Tester

Environment: Windows, Oracle, HTML, PL/SQL, Quick Test Pro, Quality Center, UNIX, Java, XML, and JAWS.


  • Assisted QA Testers to write strong test cases with many different scenarios based on the business requirements with Traceability Matrix coverage.
  • Ensured test environment and assets are managed and maintained.
  • Ensured all business use cases and functional use cases are approved.
  • Guaranteed that all unit, integration, and system testing is completed successfully and met the business requirements as articulated in the business use cases and functional use cases.
  • Ensured technical resources (DBA, Developers) are available to support all non-functional and functional testing; including data migration, conversion, security and UAT.
  • Ensured all issues discovered during testing are routed to the appropriate resource for resolution.
  • Adapted the test plan and compensate as needed, adjusting to evolving conditions.
  • Ensured testing milestones, activities, and tasks are communicated properly and completed as scheduled.
  • Monitored, measured, controlled, and reported on test progress, product quality and test results.
  • Worked with programming staff to ensure requirements will be incorporated into design and testing.
  • Using Quality Center, exported Business Requirements, Test Cases, mapped the requirements with the test cases, and executed Test cases and logged defects.
  • Identified significant components functionality to perform Regression Test ensuring business priority
  • Participated in formal and informal reviews at predetermined points throughout the development life cycle to determine quality.
  • Using Quality Center, created graphs to monitor QA testers’ performance based on test preparation and Test cases execution status.
  • Conducted all types of application testing, as needed, Performed Smoke, Functional, GUI, Regression, End to End and Production Verification testing.
  • Worked in the Agile environment with frequently changing requirements and features set.
  • Maintain test script in the repository; made changes where necessary in order to carry on proper functioning as application data change.
  • Interacted with Business Analyst and Software Developers in requirement analysis, design reviews, testing, and documentation for web based application developed in Agile environment.
  • Experienced using four different PL/SQL databases and wrote SQL queries to validate data.
  • Documented defects found during test execution including test steps and data which needed to reproduce the defects.
  • Within Quality Center’s Configuration Management, had access to view and update all the builds and kept tracked on all the QA defects to deliver the products on time.

Confidential, Reston - Virginia

Sr. QA Analyst

Environment: Quality Center 10.0, QTP 10.0, JAVA, .Net, HTML, DHTML, JSP, TOAD, PL/SQL, UNIX, Windows, IBM Mainframe.


  • Analyzed, developed, implemented and executed detailed test plans, test cases, test scripts and test Scenarios based on functional and business requirements, and prepared necessary test setup.
  • Used Quality Center as repository for maintaining test cases, execution and tracking the defects.
  • Developed and maintained Requirement Traceability Matrix in Quality Center to ensure comprehensive Test coverage of the requirements.
  • Created callable test steps in Quality Center for repeated steps within different test cases.
  • Involved in exporting test cases form Microsoft Excel to Quality Center and running test cases remotely In different hosts.
  • Great communication skills demonstrated by the ability to effectively lecture .
  • Administered, configured and organized directory structure in Quality Center for multiple projects.
  • Automated test cases into test scripts by using QTP for Functional and Regression Testing.
  • Created user defined functions to avoid redundancy and increase flexibility within the testing repository.
  • Using Quick Test Professional (QTP) created various checkpoints: GUI, Standard, Text, and Bitmap to compare the behavior of the application along with parameterization in scripts for validations.
  • Performed Integration testing to ensure data processing, interface validity and proper communication among components of each application.
  • Reported and tracked defects and verified fixes using Quality Center.
  • Prepared test data for positive and negative testing used in data driven testing for testing the application dynamically.
  • Performed Black Box Testing, Back-End Testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Ad-Hoc Testing, End-to-End Testing, Boundary Testing, GUI Testing, Beta Testing, Positive and Negative Testing for Application Under Test (AUT).
  • Carried out Smoke testing for each new build of DOTNET, JAVA or Web applications.
  • Wrote SQL queries using TOAD to verify database tables for the data inserted from the GUI.
  • Attended weekly cross-town meetings to discuss issues, problems, and receive updates from management.
  • Prepared written reports for the project status.
  • Prepared and collected technical information to create technical documents by having multiple drafts.
  • Worked closely with Developers and Business Analyst to resolve defects and testability issues.
  • Created test execution status and summary test report to managers.
  • Advised junior testers in development of test cases using Quality Center and QTP.
  • Participated weekly status meetings of the QA Team. Along with walkthrough meeting with the Business Analysts, Project Managers, and developers and provided feedback accordingly.
  • Often discussed enhancement and modification request issues (Change Requests).
  • Performance, Load/Stress tested using LoadRunner which created Vuser scripts denoting Virtual Users and real time scenarios.
  • Designed and performed regular Static and Dynamic Performance Analysis using LoadRunner.
  • Identified significant components functionality to perform Regression Test ensuring business priority

Confidential, New York, NY

Quality Assurance Engineer

Environment: Windows, UNIX, IBM Rational Functional Tester, Clear Case, Clear Quest, RequisitePro, WINSQL.


  • Responsible for creating and maintaining the regression test suite for regression of new releases using IBM Functional Tester.
  • Performed Regression testing of the system using IBM Functional Tester and defect reporting to the development team.
  • Maintained Requirement Traceability Matrix using RequisitePro.
  • Involved in various testing types like GUI testing, User acceptance testing, Integration testing, System, Navigation testing, and Regression testing on the application.
  • Prepared Test Plan and Test Cases.
  • Responsible for full life cycle testing inclusive of technical specifications analysis, graphic design review, user interface theory and client usability.
  • Responsible for updating and maintaining the Clear Quest for all the defects found during functional and regression testing and follow up the bug life cycle.
  • Wrote SQL queries to verify database tables for the data inserted from the user interface.

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