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Programmer Analyst Resume


A highly motivated individual with keen interest in the areas of Computer Networks, Distributed/Cloud Computing, seeking full - time QA opportunities.


Programming Languages: C/C++, Java

Scripting Languages: Python

Operating Systems: Windows, Unix, Linux

Tools: Eclipse IDE, Wireshark, QTP

Protocols: TCP, UDP, IPv4, Ipv6, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, Ethernet, VLANs

Technology: SDN, Openflow (OVS), Mininet, OpenDaylight,Selinium


Programmer Analyst



  • Performed Unit, Integration, System, Acceptance, SDLC and Regression testing for the client Confidentialin the development of their web application.
  • Detected bugs in the application and tracked it in QTP.
  • Got spot light for the excellent performance in the project.
  • Working on my Master’s project to implement a load balancer in a POX controller using multiple algorithms like round robin, random and load based.
  • A status table will be maintained on Confidential and clients would be handled via a proxy server with virtual IP.
  • Performance comparison of different scheduling appropriate algorithms will be performed.
  • Implemented a multithreaded sever and multiprocessor client using Confidential sockets to run an application on the server that would take a text file as input and return various logistical information such as the word count, the number of non-literal characters, the number of digits and the top ten words.
  • A thread would be spawned to run each of the tasks and thread synchronization was tested with mutex as well reader-writer locks.
  • The performance was much better with reader-writer locks owing to the nature of the server application.

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