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Delivery Associate Software Engineer Resume


  • 2.6 years of experience with MphasiS on EMC 2 xPression and HP Exstream.
  • Have been trained on EMC2 xPression 3.0 and HP Exstream 8.0 and have been involved in development, testing, migration and implementation of Customer Communication Documents.
  • I have worked extensively on Document Designing and Development.
  • I have comprehensive problem solving capabilities, excellent experience in various phases of Document life cycle such as Analysis, Planning, Design, Development, Testing and Maintenance support along with good interpersonal skills and willingness to learn.


Tools: EMC2 xPression, xDesign xAdmin, COMPUSET xPublish xQuery xRevise, Hp Exstream Design Manager Designer, Logic Designer

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 2003 server, Windows7.


  • Originations
  • Document Management
  • Printing Loan Documents
  • Security Management
  • Report Management
  • Product Enquiry
  • Payment Calculation
  • Settlement
  • Securing the servers
  • Application Development & Maintenance
  • Migration & Support (AO)
  • Business Analysis
  • New projects


Delivery Associate Software Engineer


  • Requirement Analysis: Analysis for new business requirements as well as handling of change requests & major developments for various customer communication documents. Impact analysis of proposed changes. Interaction with other interfaces for analysis of impact. Project interaction through meetings & presentations
  • Analysis of existing system with objective of improving & optimising the system performance
  • Knowledge Sharing: Conducting KSS for team members. Sharing the production problems faced and knowledge gained there from with other team - members
  • Responsible for collecting requirements from client in the form of document specification, understanding the business requirement, providing estimation with proper breakups and developing with help of xPression Suite
  • Constantly in touch with EMC as in when required
  • Administering and Designing on xpression suite 3.0

Tools: EMC2 xPression, HP Exstream


Delivery Software Engineer


  • Requirement analysis and estimate analysis for new document development or any change in existing documents.
  • Work on complete Document life cycle including planning, development, review, migration and support.
  • Development of output profiles/queues.
  • Meeting coding standards.
  • Preparation of test cases, test data and testing/review of the documents.
  • Preparation of Approach Notes.
  • Design and implementation of Test cases.
  • Ensuring High Quality Deliverables on a timely basis.
  • Migrated some xPression documents to Hp Exstream
  • Worked on complete life cycle of over 120 documents.

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