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Business And Data Analyst / Qa Tester Resume

St Louis, MO


I worked writing software through the full software cycle for aircraft systems for 13 years, an IT database SQL application developer for 11 years and a BA/QA analyst for 3 years.


Utilize my IT technical skills and aerospace engineering background to serve in a QA/ business analyst role offering advancement into a C# programmer/application developer position.


  • Application Developer Business /Data Analysis QA Analyst
  • SQL Server Sybase/Oracle/Microsoft PL/SQL
  • Web Development Classic ASP
  • Avionics Engineer C/UNIX FORTRAN
  • Access


  • Troubleshooting Problem Solving Analytical
  • Innovative Adaptable Team Player



WEB Development: ASP, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic 6.0

TOOLS: TOAD, PVSC, Embarcadero, FTP


Confidential, St. Louis, MO

Business and Data Analyst / QA Tester


  • Developed system for testing a Freight Pay Invoicing software application by intrepreting requirements and analyzing business rules.
  • Manual test scripts on a unit level were written based on Customer provided specifications.
  • The test scripts were used as a guideline in conducting User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Many of the results were verified using SQL queries on a Microsoft SQL Server.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

Business Analyst / Programmer QA Tester


  • Analyzed requirements documents to update Medicare/Medicaid provider application from HIPAA 4010 to 5010 format.
  • Changed 837 Professional, 835 Remittance and 270/271 Planned Care of Service to fit EDI ETL format.
  • Updated code from ICD - 9 medical billing codes to ICD-10 medical billing codes.
  • Test cases were developed on a unit level in a Excel format.
  • These test cases were used for a guide line during the User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

Confidential, Clayton, MO

QA Analyst


  • Gathered and analyzed requirements to develop unit level test cases for testing Wells Fargo Financial application.
  • Unit level test cases were developed on inputs from the system provider and by going through the tool manually.
  • Test cases tested both functional and performance areas.
  • Results were verified using Microsoft SQL on a Microsoft database.
  • Test cases were run manually and results were recorded into a Microsoft Excel tool, which automatically tracked metrics for pass/fail percentages and performance of ISI Grid (performance) processes.

Confidential, Clayton, MO

QA Analyst


  • Demand Solutions was converting existing products Forecast Management and Requirements Planning from legacy code of Excel Spreadsheets and .csv flat files to a C# Web tool. Based on system provider and customer requirements I developed manual test scripts on a unit level.
  • These units were combined and used to test larger scenarios.
  • These scenarios were used in the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) stage.
  • These manual test scripts were then automated through a video capture product called TestComplete (Vendor AutomatedQA). Batch processes were created to run test scripts on a designated time schedule overnight.
  • Evaluating new web based tool used for Supply Chain management.
  • Gather history results to convert to DMI database to obtain a comprehensive understanding of existing systems and procedures. Put results into equations to predict and forecast sales.
  • Forecast results are used to project Inventory Planning for customer support and sales.
  • Requirements Planning is overlooked and perfected by safety stock time and usage along with overstock transfer calculations.


Sr. Systems Analyst


  • Defined requirements to test new Strategic Border Initiative (SBINet) Integrated Virtual Environment (IVE) tool developed in Liferay.
  • Wrote test scripts for new Development and Analysis tool with built in cost control tool for Next Generation Aircraft.
  • Process includes gathering requirements for developing integrating math and physics models using Matlab’s Mathworks.
  • Manually executed test scripts and documented results into a Powerpoint presentation.

Confidential, Des Peres, MO

Data Specialist


  • Gathered business requirements to create new telephony billing templates.
  • Created templates and wrote test scripts to help team members test database table and field names.
  • Manually executed test scripts to create status reports for management.
  • Solved issue with backlog of new user ID and password resets for call centers around the world multi-tasking with creating telephony billing templates.
  • Responsible for keying-in of job ticket issues for cable, high speed data and telephony billing systems using RUMBA mainframe in the ACRS database.
  • Duties also include creating templates for future releases using BackOffice. Proficient in writing queries and reports on demand for relational databases.
  • Writing macros from Excel using Visual Basic (VBA) to transfer data from spreadsheets to BackOffice templates.
  • I used Microsoft desktop products Access, Word and Excel.

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

Programmer/Web Application Developer


  • Gathered requirements to create new front-end web application for Analyzing Utility processes.
  • Development was done using a Oracle back end, Visual Basic Middle Tier and a Classic ASP front end.
  • Developed test scripts and scenarios to test equations used for analyzing Utility processes.
  • Manually ran test scripts and documented results.
  • Test scripts were used to develop User Acceptance Testing (UAT) document.
  • Developed a system to take raw data from sensory inputs on the utility equipment and store into a database.
  • Equations were used to process raw data on electrical, gas water and other utility system equipment.
  • Engineers needed to a web based front end to end cumbersome way of manually adding equations to database.
  • An ASP front end was created to shorten process by hours and eliminate operator errors.
  • Data was then put into equations to enable Engineers to derive dot charts and graphs analyze peaks and valleys of usage.
  • Upon implementation a compressed air leak was discovered in the Columbus Ohio bottling plant.
  • The leak was located and fixed saving the Columbus Ohio bottling company $300,000.

Confidential, Fenton, MO

Programmer/ Web application developer


  • Researched and analyzed business requirements from the user community to develop new web applications including Employee Scheduling, Inventory Control and Sales Reports.
  • Manually developed unit level functional tests and documented in Excel.
  • These unit level scripts were combined to create larger scenarios to test internet performance. Scenarios were them developed into a document used for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Applications were developed in an Enterprise driven, Internet Controlled, Point of Sale business applications - using Microsoft Enterprise Manager, ASP, HTML, VBScript and Javascript. Microsoft SQL server database and SQL extractions for touch screen cash registers for point of sale for sandwich and fast food restaurants.
  • Took the place of 3 displaced workers coming up to speed in 3 weeks and developing 7 applications.
  • These new applications help make a sale worth $500,000 in total revenue over 3 years.

Confidential, St. Charles, MO

IT application developer, PC repair, Windows Server Sys Admin


  • Responsible for gathering business requirements from the Sales department, Inventory department and Accounting department to developed a tool for employees to be able to order parts in an efficient manor, create revenue projections and inform Sales department of up to the minute of available products.
  • Created tables and defined desired field names (data mapping) needed to make tools communicate.
  • Using ODBC dumped out fields from Sales, Inventory and Accounting in to Microsoft Access database.
  • From Access I wrote Sales reports in SQL to inform Sales department of up to the minute number of products available and to decrement Inventory manager of complete product and parts after product sold.
  • Software tools include working with Microsoft Access, QuickBooks, Goldmine Sales Manager, Alchemy Network Asset Manager and Fishbowl Inventory manager.
  • Performed Systems Administration maintenance on Windows 2000 Server.

Confidential, Chesterfield, MO

Real Estate Agent


  • Working as a real estate for Confidential .
  • Assisting clients in buying and selling residential homes.

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