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Release Analyst Resume



  • Configuration and Build management - 12+ years
  • Release Management - Packaging / Deployment / DevOps - 8+ years
  • Subversion Administration
  • GIT Administration
  • ClearCase and Confidential Administration


Build Management: TeamCity , Jenkins, Visual Build, Gradle, Ant, Make

Release Engineering: Packaging, Distribution & Deployment - Installshield, Docker

Tools Administration: Artifactory, CodeCollaborator, BlackDuck, Dynatrace, QC, JIRA

Perl Script Automation: Batch, Shell automations

Development in: .Net (C#), ASP, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL

Operating Systems: Windows and Linux


Confidential, IL

Release Analyst


  • Subversion (SVN) and GIT Administration
  • Managing SVN and GIT which includes managing server, upgrades, repo backup, user access, branching and merging, SVN and GIT hooks
  • Various SVN and GIT automations using Perl scripts
  • Release Packaging and Distribution
  • Package and distribute all iVOS releases
  • StoryDBTool packaging
  • Build Management using TeamCity and Jenkins
  • DEV Tools Administration (Dev-Ops)
  • Administer TeamCity, Artifactory, CodeCollaborator, Jenkins, GIT, Dynatrace, BlackDuck, JIRA Manage maintenance, upgrades, access controls, user support etc.
  • UAT Upgrades (Dev-Ops)
  • Upgrade UAT environments for UAT and Enhanced testing, Docker deployments
  • Upgrade Internal (Prospect/Demo/Training/IM-BA/Pentest) and customer UAT environments
  • Process Control and SourceCodeEscrow
  • SVN monthly/quarterly controls for audits
  • Source Code escrow for all Confidential products after each major release
  • Automations
  • SCM Release packaging and Client deployment
  • UAT deployment automation
  • Blackduck - auto-update SVN source for iVOS and RiskConsole for new analysis
  • StoryDBTool packaging

Confidential, IL

Software Configuration Engineer


  • Subversion (SVN) Administration
  • Installing and configuring Subversion server (Linux)
  • LDAP integration with SVN
  • Backup and restore repositories
  • SVN server upgrade
  • SVN branching/locking/hooks
  • Various SVN automations using Perl
  • SVN user level administration and training
  • ClearCase to Subversion conversion
  • Training in SCM concepts and process to the team
  • Build Management
  • Created custom continuous integration build system using Perl CGI. This was the initial build system automated before CruiseControl and TeamCity systems were implemented
  • Various TeamCity upgrades (from 6.0 to 9.1) and new build agents configurations
  • TeamCity server move to new server and database move to Oracle
  • Release Management
  • Support all iVOS releases (SVN/ClearCase stream, Setup builds, Prepare DB changes for release db packaging, Build promotion process, Release Packaging and distribution, Release notes)
  • Support bi-weekly rolling patches and bi-monthly feature release for iVOS
  • InstallAnywhere Automation
  • Worked on InstallAnywhere and created an automated install package for iVOS
  • Generate packages both on Windows and Linux (clean and upgrade install)
  • Worked on InstallAnywhere commandline builds
  • Worked on restoring iVOS customer specific during installation
  • GIT Administration
  • Setup/Administer Git (Gitblit)
  • User level training and Support
  • Creating and maintaining SCM Web for various automations on build and release
  • ClearCase (UCM and Base) Administration
  • ClearCase/ Confidential move to new server
  • Creation of VOBs, UCM projects, streams and metadata
  • Set up SCMP (Software Configuration Management Process)
  • ClearCase domain migration and upgrade (from 7.0.0 to 7.1.0)
  • ClearCase user level (CST/EST/PST/Offshore - China) support
  • CCRC (ClearCase Remote Client) set up and administration
  • Perl automation for various ClearCase tasks
  • Confidential Administration
  • Confidential Schema update (VBScript) and maintenance
  • Day-to-day Confidential admin activities
  • Work on Confidential to TI (Technology Intranet) transition
  • Confidential domain migration and upgrade (from 2003.06.16 to 7.1.0)

Confidential, MN

Programmer Analyst


  • Determining the scope of the defect and change request model
  • Defining State-transition matrix for SPX workflow
  • Designing, Developing and Maintaining of Confidential Schemas using Perl
  • Setting Confidential users and groups
  • Defining public/private queries, custom reports and charts Automation of defect submission through external utility using CQAPI (custom script) Implementation of Test management system (web), which work closely with Confidential
  • Defining custom email rules for periodic defect tracking Confidential web setup and database server setup
  • Configuration Management web set up Training users on Confidential usage

Confidential, NY

Team Leader


  • IBM Rational Confidential and ClearCase administration (v7.0.1)
  • Build management using Perl, MakeFile & Visual Build and Installshield packaging
  • IBM Rational Confidential Administration
  • Installing Confidential and Confidential MultiSite
  • Defining state - transition diagram
  • Designing, Developing and Maintaining of Confidential Schemas (Script Language: Perl)
  • Importing and exporting of Confidential data
  • Migrating Confidential schema to new user database
  • Setting Confidential users and groups
  • Training users on Confidential usage
  • MultiSite synchronization between UIC USA and India site
  • Restoring Confidential DB from backup and fix the integration conflicts with ClearCase
  • Implementing Confidential full-text search
  • Integrating Confidential with Rational ClearCase
  • Setting up Confidential Test Manager (test environment) and integration with ReqPro
  • Migrating Test Manager data to CQTM (test environment)
  • Upgrading of Rational products - ClearCase, ClearQuest, Test Manager, Robot, ReqPro
  • Creating upgrade plan, Setting up release area, Creating upgrade instructions
  • Upgrading servers, Supporting user upgrade, Post upgrades support
  • Installing and configuring Rational License Server, Test Manager (DB Migration)
  • Installing Rational License Manager
  • Downloading license file from IBM Rational site and configure the same
  • Transferring the licenses from one license server host to another
  • Installing and configuring IBM DB2
  • Migrating Test manager data store from SQL Anywhere to DB2
  • Daily Test Assets back up
  • Planning the ClearCase site requirements
  • Analyzing the UCM workflow into UIC s software development process and planning of ClearCase operational implementation
  • Preparing various documents like 'Software Configuration Management Planning (SCMP)', UIC UCM workflow, UIC Patch development process, Code delivery process etc.
  • Conducting user awareness training programs for the user groups to help them to use ClearCase effectively
  • Installation of ClearCase and MultiSite
  • Configuration of MultiSite synchronization between UIC USA and India sites
  • Creation of ClearCase repositories (VOBs) and population of VOBs with project data
  • Creation of views for user group
  • Automating the process and policies like composite baseline promotion, project policies etc
  • Setting the access permissions as per the iterations in the project
  • Troubleshooting ClearCase problem pertaining to VOB, Views, and ClearCase metadata.
  • Automation of MultiSite Syncs, Scheduled checkvob for any skews
  • Restoring VOB from back up, Moving VOB

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