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Qa Engineer Resume

Columbus, OH


  • About 7 years SDLC experience in software applications for ecommerce and business systems with full life cycle management roles.
  • Experience with planning and scripting automation tests using Quick Test Professional and Visual Studio.
  • Created manual tests using Quality Center and Microsoft Test Manager.
  • Designed and executed performance tests using Load Runner and managed batch jobs using Control - M. Experience with Java coding, developing test plans/ test cases and reporting/ tracking defects.


Automation: Quick Test Pro (QTP), Visual Studio, Rational Robot, Win Runner, Selenium

Batch Job Management: Autosys, Control-M

Manual Testing: Quality Center, Microsoft Test Manager

Performance testing and Load testing: Load Runner

Defect tracking: Clear Quest, QC, Microsoft Test Manager

Test Documentation: Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Data, Defect Reports

Testing Tools: Quick Test Pro, Visual Studio, Win Runner, Load Runner, QC/Test Director

Operating Systems: MS-DOS, MVS, z/OS, Windows Variants and UNIX/Linux

Languages: VB Script, C, C++, Java, Ruby

Databases: Hogan, MS Access, MS SQL Server, DB2

Front End: Applet, HTML, VB.NET


Servers: IIS, WebLogic, Apache, WebSphere

Multimedia Tools: Adobe Photoshop, PageMaker

Others: MS Office, TOAD, File-AID, Hummingbird


Confidential - Columbus, OH

QA Engineer


  • Created automation test scripts using Visual Studio.
  • Designed and developed automated tests in C#.
  • Created XML configuration files to obtain user data and pass it to the automated tests.
  • Executed tests to validate CRM and portal functionalities and their interfaces.
  • Logged results in Test Manager.
  • Created and tracked defects using Test Manager.
  • Coordinated with development team and business analysts to resolve defects.
  • Analyzed requirements for tests of business rules and usability.
  • Identified critical business processes and Created load test scenarios.
  • Assisted with creating and executing Performance tests using Load Runner.
  • Provided daily updates to management on completed tasks and progress.

Environment: Visual Studio, C#, Microsoft Test Manager, Load Runner, CRM, MS Office

Confidential - Columbus, OH

QA Engineer


  • Created automation scripts using Quick Test Professional.
  • Designed and developed automated tests in VB script.
  • Created Recovery Scenarios in QTP to deal with unexpected errors.
  • Converted manual test script to automated VB script.
  • Executed automated tests in QTP and documented the results.
  • Planned, scripted and executed tests manually for customer service requests.
  • Planned, scripted and executed tests for enhancements.
  • Created test scripts based on Requirements.
  • Enhanced existing performance test scripts in VuGen using Load Runner.
  • Created and executed load scenarios for benchmarking and optimizing Application Configuration
  • Performed Risk Assessment.
  • Executed Sanity tests and Regression tests for multiple modules.
  • Used ‘Sprinter’ to execute manual tests and capture screenshots in QC.
  • Documented tests and requirements in Quality Center Application Lifecycle Management.
  • Worked on a portable module and tested if data synchronization is as expected.
  • Verified if the correct data is populated in the GUI.
  • Verified the data push to the appropriate tables from the user interface.
  • Scripted and Executed SQL queries to verify data was successfully retrieved from or stored to the tables.
  • Prepared batch files.
  • Scheduled and Monitored batch jobs using Control-M to test specific functionalities.
  • Reported defects in QC.
  • Participated in testing meetings.

Environment: HP Quality Center - Application Lifecycle Management, Quick Test Pro, Control-M, Dimensions, Windows, VB Script, Load Runner, C, Oracle, MS Office

Confidential - San Francisco, CA

QA Engineer


  • Created test plans, test cases and executed tests to meet the business and functional requirements
  • Created UAT test scripts and conducted UAT test execution.
  • Guaranteed comprehensive test coverage exists by understanding the test scope and approach of dependent QA groups.
  • Participated in cross functional discussions to review project requirements and the impact to relevant applications.
  • Implemented keyword driven and data driven tests in QTP.
  • Created scripts in Quick Test Pro to automate testing of new features in Smart Intranet.
  • Managed a library of test scripts in QTP and made changes/updates to existing functions in QTP to match with new requirements.
  • Executed automated tests in QTP and documented the results.
  • Manually executed tests in Quality Center.
  • Managed and categorized test scripts in QC.
  • Updated test cases and test data to accommodate modification requests.
  • Reviewed the single sign-on features and role based access.
  • Executed various scenarios to validate interfaces to Hogan database in IBM mainframe.
  • Accessed Hogan Database to ensure data was fetched and populated correctly.
  • Navigated through various Hogan screens.
  • Verified the data transformation process and ensured data quality.
  • Guided QA testers in my team to increase the value the QA team offers.
  • Checked test scenarios and scripts created by test analysts for validity and complete test coverage
  • Logged defects in Clear Quest Defect Tracking System.
  • Guided team members to successful completion of test.
  • Represented my team in defect review and test management meetings.

Environment: Quality Center, Quick Test Pro, Mainframe, Hogan CIS/IDS, Clear Quest, MS Office

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