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Software Engineering Fellow, Manager, Principal Software Engineer Resume


  • I have had a long career in IT, alternating between managerial and individual contributor roles.
  • I am noted as an excellent technical writer, capable of describing system requirements both succinctly and completely.
  • I have often functioned as an architect because of these particular skills.
  • I have spent the last 6 years in a lead role in QA, creating objectives for an off - shore team of testers, directing and reviewing their work. In the past 2 years, my QA work was performed in a SCRUM team.
  • As a manager I have had excellent rapport with my staff, and I understand the distinction between being a manager and an individual contributor.
  • I have worked effectively with diverse and geographically distributed teams.
  • I also have worked effectively outside the organization: on an Confidential standards committee; with an international consortium of telephone carriers (MIA), and with users groups.
  • I am an original thinker with excellent analytical ability.
  • On occasion I have been able to have insights that have escaped other technically competent people, as when I formulated design principles for databases implementing a military security model.
  • This work identified a flaw in the work by the Stanford Research Institute (SRI).
  • The flaw was publicly acknowledged by the principal investigator from SRI. I wrote a published paper on this topic.


  • Strong communications skills
  • Formal and informal presentations
  • Technical writing
  • Running effective meetings
  • Ability to both conceptualize and implement effective solutions
  • Attention to detail
  • Data analysis and decision making based on hard data
  • User Interface design
  • Data design


Recent experience in PRPC. Prior experience in VB, Java, HTML, JavaScript, C, C++, Pascal, BAL, Microsoft Office Products, Windows, Unix and IBM Mainframe OS.


Software Engineering Fellow, Manager, Principal Software Engineer



  • I created test objectives for offshore testing team. I lead and monitored offshore testing efforts in the PRPC reporting facility.
  • As the test architect, this facility and team was noted for being on time with quality.
  • The product is layered on top of various web servers (Tomcat, WebSphere and WebLogic) and different DBMSs (Oracle, DB2/UDB, MS SQL).
  • I also created test objectives for off-shore contractors for other enhancements to PRPC.
  • I developed internal applications and for Testing Organization, including an effective home-grown management information system using desktop software interfacing with an internal support system implemented on proprietary product architecture.
  • This reporting system far exceeded the capabilities of the corporate production software.
  • The reporting system was instrumental in securing several large ($1M+) deals for Confidential software
  • I led the development of a software application to manage testing of software features by an offshore team using PRPC.
  • The system became the system of record for all testing and had direct interface to the bug/project management system of record.
  • I ran a special task force of managers with responsibility focusing on improvements in management information reporting.
  • I managed Level 3 Product Support for all Confidential ’ legacy software products.
  • The support team consisted of up to 9 engineers. I worked with field support organization in developing priorities for addressing technical issues. In one case I specified how to re-implement one facility called “Project Tracking” which was bug ridden and simply could not be fixed without re-implementation.
  • I created a mathematical model to be used for verifying the implementation.
  • On another occasion, I took the initiative in gathering a team to change a system so that a large banking customer would meet legal requirements and retain 7 years of data, in spite of my management sitting on the change.
  • I also wrote all user documentation for the change and conversion utility.
  • Finally. I developed and presented all for a contractor to take over maintenance of the legacy software products.
  • The contracting company’s staff said that this was the smoothest transition that they had experienced.
  • Before that, I managed 3 others in the support and creation of new versions of all client side software products associated with PegaWORKS product line.
  • I developed, evolved and maintained PegaREACH Workbench and associated utilities in Visual Basic and some C++. This was the development environment for PegaWORKS.
  • I reengineered software installation of Windows client software using InstallShield and documented the procedures so that others could take on the task of packaging new versions of client software.

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