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Senior Qa Analyst Resume


  • Sincere hard work in accordance with the organization’s goals and objectives by making smart work and innovative thinking an integral part of the work process.
  • To do my best in relative field and to be recognized as an asset to that reputed organization.
  • To contribute towards the growth of the organization which is claiming to expand its operation.


Languages: C, C++, JAVA

Operating Systems: WINDOWS 9x, 2000

Web Technology: HTML, RMI, SERVLETS



  • Developed strong verbal and written communication skills (through seminar).
  • Demonstrated excellent co - ordination among persons & higher authorities.



Senior QA Analyst


  • Strong domain knowledge in Content Management like Data Cleansing, Classification, Rationalization, Attribute Extraction and Enrichment.
  • Well conversant with Global Classification Standards/Taxonomy viz.
  • Analyzing the details of Supplier business, application, Revenue and contacts.
  • Competitive Analysis - Comfort with using various research databases
  • Business requirements gathering and documentation, data cleansing and extraction, report design and implementation, and testing.
  • The roles and responsibilities carried out are

Delivery Manager/Senior Manager/Project Manager



  • Discussing with Managers with respect to Planning and execution
  • Owning the project right from Initial Data Assessment to Kick-Off loading to the Analysis server (final delivery).
  • Reports and Metrics.
  • Responsible for Internal and Cross for different processes.
  • Conducting team meetings for personal and professional addressing.


Customer Service Executive


  • Performing 2nd level QA throughout the cycle.
  • Any discrepancy identified is notified to Team members and followed up till fixed keeping Manager in loop.
  • Recording instances of discrepancies.
  • Regular one - one or discussion during the course of the project and fine tuning the results in line with the Customer requirements.
  • Deciding the approach required (steps to be carried out for a project as per operating manual).
  • Acting as a bridge between Team - Manager and the Customer.
  • Creates Work Instructions Document for every project.
  • Handling multiple projects at a time.
  • Prepares various reports on QA with respect to Projects/Per Month/Per Quarter.
  • Circulating the Reports to Senior Management and tracking the progress.
  • Presenting to the Audience/Senior Management during All-hands Meeting.
  • Involved in automation by creating part# repository and models for Confidential and Suppliers Classification and extracting stats of the automation results for every projects.
  • Worked on Pilot projects and enabling the company to involve in a deal with the Client for Spend visibility for long term.
  • Keeping track of the Quality and identifying key areas to be improved.
  • QA on team s work and make sure that output is delivered with 100% quality in line with Business rules.
  • Creating Master Database with feedback files received from Client with over 5,00,000 data.
  • Creating documents with latest updates
  • Creating business rules in Engineering domain and circulating it to team and Client
  • Up gradation of workflow at regular intervals in co - ordination with IT team
  • Reviewing weekly feedbacks and giving s to the juniors as per Clients updates.
  • Addressing the team issues.
  • Taking up the Client call and reviewing the work every week.

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