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Qa Test Contractor Resume

Dallas, TX


  • Recent experience testing Confidential & Confidential Enhanced IP Flex ReachVoIP system.
  • Customer Portal, ECOP and Premier web interfaces.
  • Configuration and bug reporting systems: SABLIME, Confidential & Confidential SCME, HP Quality Center, BroadSoft’s defect ticketing system.
  • Familiar with Confidential & Confidential CATO and Section 508 standards.
  • Project planning and tracking with Microsoft Project.
  • Strong skills in performing Functional Testing, Regression Testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing, Stress Testing, System Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Black Box testing.
  • Familiar with tools such as Wireshark, Spirent Abacus 5000, PuTTY and PuTTY manager, Smart bits, SIPP, SipSak, TCPReplay, IPerf, Net Map, Quick Test Pro 10 and 11, Selenium.
  • Extensively used standard Unix services like SSH, FTP and TELNET
  • Structured wiring, electronics, soldering, UTP cable crimping and testing, GP - IB bus configuration for test equipment automation.
  • Experience in developing Test Cases, Test Scripts and use of combinatorial testing methods.
  • Technical writing: user manuals, test and configuration procedures, how-to documents, test plans, detailed bug reports, status reports, test result reports and product data reports based on lab test results.
  • Experience on VOIP application and SIP, SSL, RADIUS, SNMP, DHCP, HTTP.
  • Configured test environment on VMware Server and VirtualBox.
  • Good understanding of AAA and Radius authentication/ port-Based / Mac-based and 802.1 X authentications process, Muti-Factor Authentication.
  • Rich working experience on VOIP protocols (SIP), exposure to many open source tools used to test VOIP products and implementations
  • General Knowledge on NMS/EMS Testing SNMP MIB Browsing.
  • Familiar with the following security systems: McAfee Vulnerability Manager, McAfee Database Security Vulnerability Manager, McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator, Algosec Firewall Analyzer and Fireflow Workflow Manager, RedSeal Network Advisor & Vulnerability Advisor, Secure Passage Firemon, Skybox Compliance Auditor & Risk Exposure Analyzer and Tufin Secure Track & SecureChange Workflow.


Operating Systems: MS Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/2007, Red Hat Linux, Many flavors of Linux, Unix (HP, Sun), VMware, Oracle VM Virtual Box

MS Office: MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project, MS OneNote, MS Outlook, MS Infopath, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, MS Publisher

Databases: Oracle 11g, Oracle RAC, Microsoft Access

Languages: C, C++, Perl, VBA, LabView, Linux/Unix Shell, DOS Shell, Perl, Awk, XML, HTML, SQL, VB Script

Compiler/Scripting Platforms(IDE): Microsoft Visual Studio Express, Eclipse, Kdedevelop, OpenPerlIDE, gcc, make, nmake, Sablime, Oracle SQL Developer, NIST Advnced Combinatorial Testing Tool (ACTS)

Test Case Tools: NIST Advnced Combinatorial Testing Tool (ACTS), NIST Combinatorial Coverage Measurement tool.

Network Test Tools: Iperf, Jperf, SnmpB MIB Browser, Wireshark/Tshark, TCPdump, tcpreplay, NetStumbler, Webmin, Nmap, SIPp

TCP/IP Protocol Interoperability Testing System Testing Experience: ARP/RARP, DCAP

Network Layer: DHCP, IGMP, IP4

Transport Layer: IP, TCP, UDP

Session Layer: BGMP, Diameter, DNS, LDAP, NetBIOS/IP

Application Layer: FTP, HTTP POP3, Radius, RLOGIN, SIP, S-HTTP, SMTP, SNMP, TELNET


Tunneling: PPTP

Security: SSH, TLS


QA Test Contractor

Confidential, Dallas, TX


  • BroadWorks Element Management System (EMS) trap and alarm test case planning, development and testing.
  • Enterprise Business Service (EBS) Common Operations Portal( ECOP) to Customer Care Portal testing.
  • Customer Care Portal test case planning, development and test execution.
  • Premier Portal feature testing.
  • Performance Management Operations Support System (PMOSS) testing.
  • BroadWorks Application Server, Network Server, Media Server, Provisioning Server, Call Detail Server configuration script and shell verification using PuTTY, PuTTY Manager, perl and expect. Scripts configure, update and rollback the servers configured for development, system test, ITN, PSL and production.
  • Network Element Activation Manager (NEAM) Testing.
  • Call Flow Testing
  • Test Standard Method and Procedure (SMOP) document used by production administrators to migrate enhanced call logs (ECL) from the BroadWorks Call Detail Server (CDS) to the BroadSoft DBS Oracle RAC servers.
  • Test SMOP for Restoring EFFS DS ECL Database from Primary backup files. The Broadworks Data Servers operate as geo-redundant Oracle RAC clusters. Each EFFS site (Dallas and Denver) contains a pair of HS22 BladeServers configured to run as a local Oracle RAC cluster, which hosts the Broadworks Data Server application.
  • Introduced use of Oracle SQL Developer for verifying the correct records were entered into the EFFS Oracle databases. Wrote how-to for the ST teams in EFFS, EVAS, development and ITN to configure and use the tool.
  • Uncovered major performance and reliability issues with ST’s EFFS DS Oracle Rack servers while performing failover testing. It turned out to be a Linux kernel issue, but it escalated to VP level with many status meetings involving BroadSoft and Oracle engineers working on the issue until it was resolved.
  • Verified EFFS enterprise rehome SMOP for migrating one or more enterprises from one AS cluster to another. This involved the BroadWorks Element Management System User Migration Management application and shell scripts. Worked closely with the main configuration developer to convert the BroadSoft manual rehome SMOP into an Confidential & Confidential rehome SMOP with many steps automated with shell scripts.

Senior Consultant, Professional Services

Confidential, East Windsor, NJ


  • Configure, test and provide a detailed lab report for McAfee based on their McAfee Vulnerability Manager 7.0, McAfee Database Security Vulnerability Manager 4.0.0 and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.0.
  • The test bed environment consisted of a Dell PowerEdge 1950 using VMware ESX Server V3.5.0 with Windows XP clients and Windows 2003 server running the McAfee services.
  • Configure, test and provide detailed comparisons of network security applications for a Network World magazine article. Developed the evaluation methodology, then convinced vendors to agree and performed the evaluations of Algosec Firewall Analyzer & Fireflow Workflow manager, RedSeal Network Advisor & Vulnerability Advisor, Secure Passage Firemon, Skybox Compliance Auditor & Risk Exposure Analyzer and Tufin SecureTrack & SecureChange Workflow.
  • Conducted a best practices audit to determine security policy compliance on a VXworks5.5 based turret securities trading system telecommunications interface.
  • A large bank purchased a large securities trading firm and upgraded their turret phone trading system equipment.
  • The device provided interfaces to turrets, intercom modules, recording equipment, VoIP equipment (SIP/H323), databases, maintenance and code updates.
  • The security standards covered connectivity, authorization, and voice communications security. Required the ability to interpret the standards and trace the code to determine if the implementation met compliance requirements.

Consultant, Profesional Services

Confidential, St., Union, NJ


  • MS Access reports and forms written in VBA based on issues and requirements provided by staff and network administrators.

Senior Software Test Engineer

Confidential, Allentown, PA


  • Lead test engineer responsible for international interoperability field testing in 65 countries to ensure voice, FAX, data and video features operate according to requirements over a wide range of real world network conditions.
  • Automated and manual testing of modem chips and chip sets.
  • Testing of voice, FAX, data and video features to verify all modem and FAX Confidential commands and features comply with requirements.
  • Performed root cause analysis and troubleshooting of customer issues by duplicating LAN/WAN network topologies and configurations: Windows, Linux Distributions, PSTN, T1, ISDN networks and impairments.
  • Wrote C, C++ and Taskit test scripts to automate Spirent-TAS 1200 network simulators to configure modems under test and set digital and analog impairments specified in: TIA/EIA-793, TIA-TSB-37A, TIA-TSB-38, TIA/EIA-777A, NTT, ETSI EN 300 778-(1,2,3,4,5), ITU- Confidential .30, ITU- Confidential .38, ITU- Confidential -V.56 ter, Japan NTT, German Definitive Tele-Facsimile Test Standard (DTS).
  • Define and write test plans, test cases, check lists, MR(bug) reports with information on how to configure the server, applications and test equipment parameters to duplicate the issue.
  • Issue test result reports and competitive analysis reports using Perl to parse test logs for test statistics, then Excel VBA to format tables and graphs for the reports.
  • Provide test schedules, daily test and status reports with recommendations for the factory to go to mask, or not, with the chip release candidate.
  • Repaired and calibrated test equipment, wired networks, ordered equipment and supplies and managed the test lab environment and maintained inventory records and ISO-9001 records.
  • H.248.1 test bed configuration for media gateway/controller based testing as per ETSI 102 374-1,2,3- Methods for Testing and Specification (MTS), Conformance Test Specification for ITU- Confidential H.248.1.


System Test Engineer

Confidential, Parsippany, NJ


  • Provided customer support for Confidential and Confidential evaluation and deployment of the Confidential /Orinoco AP-2500 WiFi Access Point(AP) running the Nomadix service engine (NSE) software for public access.
  • Supplied customers, technical writers and Confidential customer support engineers with test scripts and documentation for configuring and testing the Nomadix and Confidential /Orinoco AP-2500 features.
  • This had a significant impact for customer satisfaction with Confidential product support of the AP-2500. The tools and experience acquired while system testing the AP-2500 provided the answers to all the customer questions during conference calls with customer management.
  • Contributed to improved reliability and performance of Confidential 802.11a, b and g access points and clients with root cause analysis documented in trouble resolution test reports provided after executing test cases.
  • Provided detailed status reports and MR reports on a daily basis as testing progressed on each release.
  • Drove improvements with detailed test plans/test cases based on IEE 802.11 standards for interoperability testing. Areas covered included: Ad-Hoc configurations to pass ICMP echo requests, RTS and fragmentation threshold, beacon and DTIM interval, WEP security, configuration utilities, radius servers and DCF, WEP and power-save enabled/disabled performance, SNMP MIB configuration testing. Throughput tests in varied configurations using Smartbits, Chariot, Ethereal and iperf.
  • Developed test cases and built mobile test lab for outdoor throughput/range testing of 802.11b Agere/Orinoco RG-1000, BG2000, AP-200 and AP-2500. Provided reports and competitive analysis reports for marketing and feedback to hardware and software developers.
  • Test cases development platform: Mercury Test Director.
  • Uncovered firewall security issues present in Orinoco 802.11b AP-200, RG-1000, BG-2000 and AP-2500 access points with Linux open sources Nessus vulnerability tool for firewall penetration testing. xDSL acceptance and performance testing of Lucent/Agere G.Lite and G.DMT modems based on ANSI T1.413 Issue 2, ITU- Confidential G.992.1 Annex(G.DMT), ITU- Confidential G.992.2 Annex(G.Lite) and ITU- Confidential G.996.1-Test Procedures for Digital Subscriber Line(DSL) Transceivers.
  • Test case automation with Quality Works/QA Partner(AKA-SilkTest) 4Test language with the following xDSL test equipment: DLS-400A/N/E DSL Network Simulator/Impairment Generator, SAS-DSLAM, Alcatel ASAM, Stinger DSLAM, Cisco 4500.

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