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Onsite Coordinator, Technical Lead Resume


  • Managing > 100K machines (Desktops,VDI,Laptops,ThinClients) and 6K Servers with Software deployments, Patches, Image management, Configuration Baselines,SW Metering Reports. SCCM client and Server troubleshooting.
  • Powershell,VBS,WMI scripting, Automation.
  • Maintaining knowledge base articles to make end users understand the process about software delivery model.
  • Client health monitoring & remediation Application packaging (InstallShield) and UAT coordinator.
  • Application Virtualization.(MS APPV) Troubleshooting end user Software installations, desktops issues by explaining them root causeanalysis.
  • Given best architecture and process with respect to packaging, deployment and end user testing.
  • Involved in end to end software life cycle: Data gathering > Tech review > packaging > QA > UAT > deployment > troubleshooting end user issues >SW retirement.
  • Handling Major incidents.
  • Citrix XenDesktop, Vmware.
  • Citrix Desktop studio, Desktop Director.
  • Citrix Provising services Active Directory, moving users between different OUs.
  • Service now for ticketing systems and WCAB approvals.


Packaging Tools: Wise Package Studio, InstallShield,, APP - V Sequencer 4.6x

Deployment tools: SCCM, Marimba, Citrix Xenapp, SPOON Virtual application studio

Scripting/Programming Languages: VBScript, WiseScript and Powershell script.

Operating Systems: Windows 10,7, 2008, 2012 and 2016Server.

Administration: Windows 10,7 and Window 2008, 2012 and 2016 server

Virtual Computing Tools: VMWare WorkStation, Hyper-V and ESX server.Vsphere client, Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, PVS

Troubleshooting Tools: FileMon, RegMon, Picture Taker, Orca, Cacls, Subinacls, Regshot, Araxis, Setacl, Process monitor,ACDC 1.1.

OS Imaging Tools: MDT, User State Migration Tool.



Onsite coordinator, Technical Lead


  • Proactively involved in monitoring 6K Server ’s Disk,Memory,CPU utilization, Capacity management, Services bouncing, Restarting Servers by the help of System Center Operations Manager Alerts, IIS troubleshooting, AppPool monitoring.
  • Best troubleshooter award for fixing 100K desktop client’s and Server client’s un - healthy SCCM client agents.
  • Involved in application in-place migrations on server builds. Scheduled downtimes and notices.
  • Creating Vitrual machines using VMware technologies.
  • Creating native packages and virtualized applications to deploy on servers.
  • Utilizing System Center Configuration Manger to deploy Updates/Patches(WSUS), packages, applications, Complaince baselines, Creating and Maintainence of Boundaries groups using IPsubnets, applying Maintainencehours,Software metering reports.
  • Have knowledge on Operating system deployments,MDT+SCCM OSD.
  • Have strong knowledge in VBS /WMI scripting and hands on experience in Powershell scripting to automate adminstrative tasks.
  • Key member of Change Management Board meetings and making sure the changes will not affect any applications in Production.
  • Responsible for all Day to Day Server activities and End user requests.
  • Documentation of all troubleshooting techinques and maintaining as known error database.
  • All most all rollouts of any software to servers or desktops i am involved from end to end as i have good experience in Desktop and Server environment. (creating a package-deployment-upgrade/retire - End User signoff)
  • 13Years of relevant experience as Systems admin in Maintaining Servers &Desktops, Application Packaging, Virtualization sequencing and Compatibility testing.
  • Experience in SCCM Current branch administration and sequencing the applications using app-v client 5.x, including advanced scripts and testing the applications using SCCM Deployment tool
  • Experience in Citrix XenDesktopStudio,XenDexktop,Xenapp,PVS 7.x versión. Cloning VMimages,assigning pools- users,troubleshooting Citrix VDA agents,User profile personalization using AppSense.
  • Experience in SPOON virtualization packaging and SPOON Cloud
  • Involved in every phase of Packaging life cycle such as Data gathering, Compatibility testing, Packaging, QA, Deployment, UAT and Issue resolving process
  • Experience in APP DNA 6.1 sp1 (import, Analysis, Reports,MST fix), Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6, Remediation and Shim creation and packaging and deployment through SCCM, marimba 7.x and Citrix Xenapp server 4.5(Profiling).
  • Expertise in creating Application packages with Wise Package Studio 7.x (MSIs and wrapper exes), InstallShield 2012,Orca, marimba 7.x and Citrix presentation server 4.5.
  • Experience in Powershell, VBScript, Wise Script and batch script.
  • Worked in migration / transformation projects and hands on experience in Windows 2007, Windows Vista, Windows XP, 2003 Server Administration, Have hands on experience in Windows 2008 and 2012 server.
  • Hands on experience in virtualized environments like VMWare and ESX server.
  • Expertise in application trouble shooting tools like File, Registry, Process monitors, Picture Taker, InstallRite, Subinacl, RegDACL, Regshot,ACDC1.1 tool(Trouble shooting tool for APP-V ).
  • Knowledge on Image Build Engineering. Created and Deployed OS images using MDT and SCCM 2012 server
  • Good Communication Skills.
  • Trained and mentored new team members on Wise, APP-V Sequencing, Marimba and Citrix technologies.
  • Have onsite experience as UAT technical coordinator in London and Mexico
  • Helping company with Staffing/Budget and recruitment requirements.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and budgets by implementing best Application packaging and Deployment methodologies for the clients.

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