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Qa: Automation Engineer Resume

Washington, DC


A Sr. DevOps engineer with experience in Jenkins, Docker, OpenShift, AWS, Kafka and APIGEE seeks a C2C position to contribute to enabling/automating DevOps and streamline the whole process.


DevOps: Docker, Jenkins, OpenShift, APIGEE

Cloud Services: AWS, GCP, cassandra - as-a-service, redis, zookeeper, nginx-as-a-service, apache httpd, platformas-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service

Virtualization: VMWorkstation, SoftBox, VCD, LabManager, OpenStack, Docker, Microsoft Azure, chef, ansible, vagrant

Languages: C/C++, Perl, Java, VBScript, VC++, C shell scripts, Python

Database: Oracle, db2, SQLServer, MySql, NoSQL Cassandra, MongoDB

Test Automation Tools: JUnit, JMeter, TestNG, SoapUI, QTP


Confidential, Washington DC

QA: Automation Engineer


  • AWS Lambda Function, AWS S3, AWS EC2, AWS RDS, AWS serverless framework
  • Developed multibranch pipelines in Jenkins with automation for SonarQube, Twistlock, Jacoco and Jmeter
  • Kafka Security, Kafka encryption = configure encryption on kafka topics, Confluent SOAP/JMS protocol spec
  • Java Builds, gradle, maven build/release engineering with maven and gradle
  • Postgres, database administration, sql scripts in RDS
  • Microservices = deploy microservices in OCP
  • Developed API proxy and configured for Microservices and apikeys, configure deployment of REST api
  • OpenShift deployment and administration of microservices, Ansible, Jenkinsfile, Groovy
  • Docker image creation and deployment in Openshift


Cloud Services, Cloud DevOps


  • gcloud docker, gcloud container kubectl API for deployment
  • Cloud Services and Cloud Operations, Kuberneter, GCP, Confidential Cloud SDK
  • Cloud Automation, Confidential Cloud Deployments and CI/CD
  • Firebase CLI, REST API, Node.js, Javascript and python scripting to access production Firebase Database, gcloud API, compute engine, Confidential Cloud TPUs, Kubernetes and docker
  • Create kafka topics, perform replication - ensure replication of schema registry and topics
  • Automate deployment of kafka
  • Administer, monitor kafka with Elasticsearch and confluent control center for performance and kafka related stats
  • AWS Cloud deployment and monitoring, Ansible
  • Confluent Control Center = create monitoring dashboards
  • AWS, Docker, Monitoring, Cloud Admin, Ansible, Terraform
  • Kafka Ansible Deployment using Ansible Roles
  • Bash and python scripts for monitoring, alerting, Nagios check mk, Kafka, and OpenStack services
  • Adding inventory and decommissioning C-Series and B-Series servers in OpenStack Service Cloud
  • Installing service assurance client to management nodes, nova nodes, and puppet master for monitoring

Environment: Python, OpenStack, Ceph Storage, SolidFire NetApp Storage API, RESTApi, Ansible, Nagios, check mk, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash, Grafana, collectd

Confidential, San Jose

Director of Ops


  • Setup CI/CD pipeline with CloudBees Jenkins, artifactory, code coverage, unit testing, and deployments
  • AWS = Resolve deployment issues for Dev, QA, STAGING, and PROD with AWS environment Helix, Habitat, Sitecore
  • Generate .ipa file for iPad builds with xcodebuild, Fastlane, ionic, and buddyBuild,

Environment: Java Microservices, NODE.JS, Jenkins, IONIC, Helix/Habitat, AWS, BuddyBuild

Confidential, San Jose

Java and Puppet DevOps, Build/Release Engineer


  • Configure Android and iOS builds in Jenkins (Android SDK, XCode)
  • Perform Sonar Analysis, AppScan, OWASP Dependency Analysis, Android Lint Analysis
  • Monitor Nexus Repository
  • Resolve Deployment issues - Stash and Puppet - write YAML files
  • Administer: SauceLabs, CloudBees Jenkins
  • Build scripts with ant,, maven, and gradle,

Environment: iOS, Android, Jenkins, OWASP, Maven, Ant, Gradle, Sonar, Artifactory, JBoss, Java, Puppet, Stash, git/github, bitbucket, Saucelabs, CloudBees, Banking Applications, AWS

Confidential, Sunnyvale

Python DevOps, Build/Release Engineer


  • Convert Node.JS and scalamatic builds to gradle
  • Jenkins cleanup, Jenkins backup/restore, shelve jobs
  • Setup CI/CD deployment jobs with Wiggles, AWS
  • Provide CI/CD automation with python, ruby, and REST NODE.JS
  • Write YAML files for automation

Environment: Gradle, Node.JS, NPM, RPM Packaging, Jenkins, REST NODE.JS, CI/CD, Wiggles, Python

Confidential, San Ramon

Director of Ops/IT/Engineering


  • Write chef cookbooks and deploy docker container for Infrastructure-as-a-service
  • Write vagrantfiles for automation and virtualization for Predix platform with CloudFoundry, AWS
  • Provide scripts for artifactory, Jira, bamboo, confluence, gitHub, and crowd server
  • Schedule maintenance, server downtime, server monitoring with nagios
  • Artifactory cleanup with REST NODE.JS, JSON, http
  • Automation of Log Transfers with logstash

Environment: Atlassian, github, artifactory, confluence, JIRA, Chef/Vagrant, IaaS, Bamboo, Logstash

Confidential, San Jose

Director of Engineering


  • Manage builds and releases for Confidential Symphony Cloud and for vMS Hybrid Cloud solutions for Platform-as-a-service with OpenStack, Docker, Kafka, Microsoft Azure, and CloudFoundry, AWS
  • OpenStack deployment of CIS environment for production p-1, p-2 using cloud foundry automation, Ansible/Docker containers, and python automation scripts
  • Configure Cassandra as-a-service and, kafka/zookeeper, and redis.io in the cloud
  • Configure microservices
  • Maintain continuous integration with git/gerrit, gradle, Node.JS, Jenkins, ant, eclipse, and svn, SonarQube
  • Jenkins job for Automation of JUnit tests with Selenium
  • Code changes to support Release2Release Upgrades
  • Production installer builds with InstallAnywhere
  • Jenkins automation of installer testing and REST/SOAP/JSON
  • Work with Red Hat to resolve Security Vulnerabilities in latest Virtual Appliance
  • Provide code coverage reports: coverity, jacoco, and cobertura
  • Verify war file deployment and software-as-a-service with oracle, sql server, jboss, vSphere, Confidential UCS Director for Prime Services Catalog cloud services
  • For new project, scope out build systems with Gradle, Maven, Grunt, Node.JS, eclipse and Spring Tool Suite

Environment: Jenkins, Cassandra, Kafka/Zookeeper, OpenStack, Docker, Selenium, Spring, Oracle, SQL Server, vSphere, vCenter, PaaS, LAMP, NODE.JS

Confidential, San Jose

Mobile Test Engineer


  • Test Confidential Servers, SIP Telephony Gateways, Client Gateways, jetty server
  • SAN Certification Test Plan, NODE.JS Tests for Call Processing
  • Test Devices for connectivity: Android Devices, iPhone, Confidential IP Phone, Motorola phone, smartphones
  • Test Confidential Collaboration Suite, Confidential Connect apps downloaded from Confidential
  • PlayStore and iOS App Store
  • Installer testing, SSL Testing, Upgrade with Windows 2003, 2008, 2012

Environment: wireless, SIP, Android, iOS, CUCM, SSL Web Services, SAN Certification, LAMP

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

DevOps/Build and Release Engineer


  • Build OpenGL/HSA graphics SDK and graphics driver targets WinBlue, Linux,
  • Win7, and Win8 with WDK for Kaveri APU
  • Python automation for Automated Driver Signing and OS Install
  • Test OpenGL/HSA compiler, runtime, KMD/KFD/KIOMMU, Audio/Video
  • Setup testbed for Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Linux RHEL6.5, CentOS, Android with
  • Kaveri APU for testing sBIOS, firmware, driver changes for Audio/Video
  • Continuous Integration of Windows driver builds, Linux driver Builds, Android driver builds - debug and root cause analysis of build failure issues
  • Provide support for continuous integration with Team City and Constructicon
  • Perform Cherry Pick, alpha promotions, and bootleg testing on various GPU, APU and flash sBIOS
  • Performance Engineer - GPGPU (Perl Framework)
  • Compare benchmark results on various GPU architectures such as Turks, Caicos,
  • Tahiti, Cayman, and Cypress cards for driver, firmware, and BIOS upgrades
  • Tune performance for NODE.JS libraries DXX and OGL tests: Company-of-heroes, Crysis,
  • Far Cry, GLBench, 3DMark Vantage

Environment: OpenGL, TeamCity, Perforce, Python Automation, Windows and LAMP

QA Automation Performance Test

Confidential, San Jose, CA


  • Setup Python Framework for Performance Testing
  • Test 3DTV, IPTV, HnavIntegration, HDMI, H.264, MPEG codec, Audio/Video
  • Axiom, ODN, OCAP: testing stack, middleware, and firmware upgrade for set-topbox testing
  • Perform Nightly Regressions, and Configure racks for Set-top-box testing Python Regression Framework

Environment: Python, Audio/Video, 3D, LiveStreaming, HDMI/Composite/Component, LAMP


DevOps: Quality Engineer


  • Workload automation, Scheduling jobs, and monitoring status with Control-M/EM, Control-M/Server, Control-M/Desktop with Java Module and DB Modules
  • Developing Banking Application and handle Banking Transactions
  • Automate backend processes and monitor process for handling Small Business Loan Applications, and Other types of Loan Applications with Control-M
  • Providing training in Linux and Control-M

Environment: BMC Control-M, Java Modules, DB Modules, Banking Application

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