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Business/qa Analyst Resume


IT professional experienced with m ultiple System Develop m ent Life Cycle (SDLC) stages in Require m ents Manage m ent and Quality Assurance roles. Wide range of skills refined during eight years in the IT consulting industry. Possesses a blend of technical and business knowledge to effectively conduct requirements capturing sessions, analyze business processes and data, and develop functional and technical requirements. Excellent co mm unication skills enable effective co mm unication with various user groups to form ulate, scope, record and prioritize stakeholders’ require m ents, and to clearly articulate them to the develop m ent team. Experienced in Functional, System, Integration and Regression testing in Client/Server and W eb application environ ments. Provides Require m ents Analysis and Quality Assurance, preparing Test Plan docu m entation for internal review by applying a variety of SDLC best practices and QA m ethodologies. Creates and executes test scripts to ensure software systems quality. W orks well in team environ m ents and effectively coordinates efforts between Require m ents, Develop ment and QA groups.


Software M ethodologies: RUP, Use Cases, U ML, Object Oriented Analysis and Design Rational Tools Rational ClearQuest, ClearCase, ReqPro

Languages: SQL

M odeling Tools: Visio, Axure

Databases: Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MS Access

Desktop software: MS Office (W ord, Excel, Access, PowerPoint), MS Project Operating Systems MS Windows, MS DOS

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chro me, Safari


Business/QA Analyst



  • Working as a part of an enterprise analysis team: analyzing core co m petencies, performing custo mer value analysis, examining the IT architecture, and evaluating the project portfolio, ensuring that the necessary business requirements are elicited, analyzed, docu mented, validated and co mm unicated. Provide support for m odeling the AS IS and TO BE business and enterprise architectures.
  • Developed require m ents and QA docu m entation mobile application suite. Lead joint application develop m ent (JAD) sessions to capture stakeholder requirements. Created, m odified and maintained docu m entation for functional require m ents, use cases, test cases and plans.
  • Performed QA/QC related activities for GSA NCR systems. Verified system functionality based on use cases. Performed integration, system, regression and system load testing. Tracked and updated require m ents and quality tickets using IBM Rational software suite. Coordinated enterprise efforts between require m ents, develop m ent and QA teams. Coordinated user acceptance testing and enterprise release schedule.
  • Developed and reported system performance m etrics to identify and resolve system deficiencies.

Requirements Analyst



  • Gathered and defined requirements for the NIH’s electronic docu ment processing web service aimed at im proving grant application sub mission process.
  • Defined data ele m ents, electronic forms structure, data and workflow processes.
  • Developed Use Cases for grant application budget sections.
  • Collaborated with m ultiple user groups, business analysts, UI designers, software developers and testers to coordinate enterprise efforts.

Business Intelligence Analyst/QA Analyst



  • Categorized and prioritized legacy reports to be migrated into a new Oracle Data W arehouse/BI system.
  • Responsible for require m ents capture, analysis and docu m entation.
  • Ensured the quality and accuracy of data for scorecard dashboards, standard and Oracle Answers ad hoc reports.
  • Perform ed Quality Control activities across the full product lifecycle.
  • Validated Require m ents Traceability Matrix during the functional testing phase. Created test cases based on the business process m odel and user stories to express the Functional Require m ents.
  • Reviewed and analyzed different inco me statement hierarchies used by the 11 regions to specify data co mm onalities and to enable data aggregations and comparisons across hierarchical levels.
  • Reviewed new opportunities for correlation analysis with project stakeholders; e.g. m odeling revenue data to identify trends/patterns and to view correlations between custo mer ratings and revenue streams across tim e, finding new m easures of revenue performance, such as inco me per project, and inco me per agreement.
  • Answered questions from users and captured enhance m ents when conducting virtual tours of BI fra m ework syste m. Perform ed data validation by querying the source system and co m pared results displayed in the new BI system.

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Requirements/QA Analyst


  • Perform ed Syste m, Unit, Acceptance, Regression, Load and Functional/Performance Testing of applications using manual testing m ethods.
  • Leveraged knowledge of object oriented programming to help validate, verify, co mm unicate and resolve software issues through careful, thoroughly docu mented testing to maximize return on investment (ROI) for IT initiatives.
  • Established call center based information gathering and analysis m echanisms.
  • W orked closely with the software engineering team to ensure the proper translation of the functional require m ents into system design specifications, and m onitored system develop m ent to ensure clients’ needs were satisfied.
  • Collaborated with team management and project sponsors to determine project scope and vision.
  • Analyzed and verified requirements for co m pleteness, consistency, co m prehensibility, feasibility, and conformity to standards.
  • Managed and tracked the status of the require m ents throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Developed and conducted peer reviews to ensure that requirements specifications are correctly interpreted.
  • Translated conceptual user requirements into functional requirements in a clear manner that is co m prehensible to developers/project tea m.

Confidential, Winston Salem, NC

Fi n a n cial M a n ager


  • Perform ed various custo m er service and relationship m anage m ent responsibilities.
  • Led grant application processes; responsible for successful outco me of the non profit organization’s grant applications and other funding proposals.
  • Established and supported required grant perform ance m onitoring and ongoing periodic reporting.
  • Assisted senior accountants by assembling and summarizing data, preparing reports; making presentations of findings, analyses, and recommendations supporting business decisions that impacted profitability.
  • Determined financial status by comparing and analyzing plans and forecasts with actual results.
  • Responsible for accounts payable, co mm ercial bank accounts and daily cash.
  • Prepared m onthly sales tax and financial state m ents.
  • Managed cash disbursements with daily and m onth - end reconciliation. Reconciled transactions by comparing and correcting data.
  • Responsible for payroll manage m ent, payroll tax returns, and general ledger accounting.

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