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Document Control Coordinator Resume

Houston, TX


  • Experience in Pilgrim, SmartDoc electronic document control systems
  • Document reformatting skills
  • Extensive customer service skills
  • Excellent writing and editing skills.
  • Writes Industrial technical documentation
  • Training delivery.
  • Adobe ® InDesign®, Photoshop® experience
  • Information Mapping® procedures, policies, and documentation development
  • Reformatted drafted Word documents into approved templates so trainers could train users on how to approve documents in the electronic document control system.
  • Responsible for approximately 6,700 documents for Corporate, Nitrous, Distribution, CO2, and Field Service facilities.
  • Provides customer service and support for all these facilities.
  • Reviewed macro driven Word document that was generated out in the field to ensure correct technical approvers populated in the document before it was entered and routed in the Electronic Document Control System.
  • Once document was approved in the system, the work was able to be processed at the facility.
  • Once the work was completed, the MOC had to be closed out in the document control system.
  • Created a new revision after the work was completed.
  • Made sure all documentation was signed off and necessary paperwork was included to properly close out the MOC, e.g., PSSRs, P&IDs, etc.
  • Provides maintenance on document and routes documents for pre - expiration review to ensure documents do not exceed the expiration date.
  • Performs audit trails on document control activities.
  • Assures the appropriate document numbers and templates are followed by reviewing documents for compliance against company standards and reformatting as required. Reformat Word documents using Confidential standard templates.
  • Delivered Approver/ Originator and Management of Change (MOC) systems training.
  • Provided end user support for 44 corporate departments including Cylinder.
  • Performed usability testing in our electronic document control system training instance and created various system scenarios used for training purposes.
  • Wrote instruction manuals for students to use in training instances.
  • Generate monthly document control reports using Discoverer and creating pivot tables in Excel.
  • Content Coordinator for Confidential Training/Quality Management websites.
  • Work with other document control coordinators to ensure that written procedures are in compliance with the document control process.
  • Format and /or revise existing written procedure so that they comply with Confidential document control standards.
  • Compile material for rewriting of new or existing written procedures for Manufacturing Operations plants and corporate functions.
  • Work with best practice program managers to revise written procedures after procedures have been put through the field review process.
  • Provide technical writing support for Confidential Industrial U.S. business unit related documents.
  • Designed and developed The Plant Manager Handbook-written for all newly hired plant managers.
  • Compiled rough drafts from interviews with subject matter experts.
  • Rewrote, reorganized, reformatted drafts from meeting using the Information Mapping methodology.
  • Wrote asbestos notices and safety statistics that were published on corporate web site.
  • Used Visio software to draw process map flows. Wrote procedures from Visio drawings.
  • Designed and developed the “3” Steps to Injury Management poster, and Driver Championship poster using Adobe InDesign.
  • Designed and developed training guides, PowerPoint presentations and job aids for training nationwide.
  • Designed and developed technical instructional manuals.


Confidential, Houston, TX

Document Control Coordinator

Confidential, Houston, TX

Technical Writer

Confidential, Houston, TX

Document Implementer

Confidential, New Orleans, LA

Field Engineer


  • Provided customer support and updates on major hardware/software problems on the Alpha Cluster system.
  • Coordinated maintenance and repair.
  • Trained, monitored, performed test download checks on Confidential email system.
  • Performed data base maintenance on Confidential system, including domains and post offices which also included troubleshooting Novell file servers and running Vrepairs and Dsrepairs.
  • Managed five computer operators.
  • Worked with other technical writers with updates on all hardware and software issues on Alpha Cluster mainframe, servers and peripherals.
  • Wrote backup, troubleshooting, and monitoring procedures for Novell and NT servers and incorporated procedures into operations manual.
  • Interviewed programmers concerning special updates, yearly runs, and changes to operations manual for the Alpha Cluster mainframe.
  • Provided documentation to our operations department with detailed procedures on these special runs and updates.

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