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Database Engineer And Automation Developer Resume

Irvine, CA


  • More than 6 years of experience in designing, developing, engineering, and administering database projects that includes installing databases, creating database objects, performing deployments, working on capacity planning, and tuning database to optimize the application performance.
  • Work closely with business professionals and application developers to architect, design, and develop applications from database end.
  • Create complex data models, data pipelines, and manage the data flow between applications. Work with BI professionals in creating business reports, manage the huge data, and tune the database for optimal performance.
  • Extensive experience with Linux Shell Scripting. Good knowledge of ETL for data pipelining and create data flows between applications. Experience with creating complex SQL codes, functions, and procedures. Good understanding of SQL tuning and run tuning task on database.
  • Good experience with Python programming for creating system monitoring scripts, performing database operations using custom APIs, and using AWS APIs for accessing AWS.
  • Extensive programming and administering experience with relational database systems such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Learning NoSQL database MongoDB. Good knowledge of Oracle RAC environment.
  • Good knowledge of AWS technology. Hands - on on working with EC2, RDS, S3, and IAM. Working on AWS .
  • Learning Data Mining algorithms such as k-means, Page Ranking, and Support vector machine. Good understanding of Machine learning and its algorithms such as Linear Regression, Naïve Bayes, Decision Tree, and Random Forest.
  • Designed and developed data visualization tool in Oracle Application Express (APEX).


Databases: Oracle, MySQL.

Database Tools: SQL*PLUS, PLSQL, Toad for Oracle, Oracle APEX

Languages: PLSQL, Python, Linux Shell scripting, C, C++. Machine Leaning, Data Mining, Data structures, and Algorithms

Operating Systems: RHEL (4, 5,6,7), Sun Solaris, HP-Unix.


Database Engineer and Automation Developer

Confidential, Irvine, CA


  • Performing a role of a data engineer and database administrator for Verizon’s BI application database. The role includes monitoring the production, QA, staging, and development application databases; creating data models, objects, data pipelines, and deploying the application code onto the databases; working on performance tuning of databases; and helping application developers in designing, coding, and maintaining the application from the database side.
  • Understand the application data, create the data modes, functions, procedures, and create data pipelines for the data flow between them. The data pipelining is done through Linux Shell scripts, ETL jobs, and database replication tools.
  • Administer the production databases, replicate the databases between DCs and other databases, take backups, perform database installation, upgrade, and patching.
  • Perform regular health checks of the database, analyze the database performance reports, find long running, performance costly SQLs and optimized them.
  • Deploy monthly enterprise releases on production, resolve post release issues and run the post release data fixes. Work on developers requests to resolve their issue on QA and staging databases through Jira Ticketing tool.
  • Created in house database visualization tool built on Oracle Application Express platform that visualize the real-time on-prem database health checks for all Verizon’s databases.
  • Created adaptive database alerting system in Python, SQL, and Linux shell scripting that generates the database alerts almost in real time depending on thresholds which can be change on the fly.
  • Created Python Flask based website to deploy application database code automatically onto the production database.

Database Engineer



  • Worked on designing, architecting, and deploying new applications onto the database. Performed its capacity planning and database tuning for optimal performance.
  • Experienced with database engineering, creating data models, functions, and procedures, understanding of data pipelining through ETL jobs and customized Shell script jobs.
  • Worked with application developers to design and architect application from scratch, write database codes, and suggest changes in their code to optimize the application performance.
  • Implemented strategies for data archival and worked with application developer teams to purge unwanted data to increase the database performance.
  • Installed and configured RAC environment 11gR2 with ASM/Non-ASM file system, RAC 11g databases as well as standalone databases on production, development, and production-like environments. Created RMAN jobs for database backups. Performed PSU, CPU, Bug-fix patches on Oracle databases. Performed migration and upgradation of oracle databases to a newer version.
  • Extensive experience with SQL programming and query tuning using OEM, SPM, SQLT, explain plan for query optimization, and SQL tuning advisor.
  • Configured physical standby for disaster recovery using data guard for high availability. Performed DR drill. Written a shell script to monitor and resolve the archival gap in physical standby databases.
  • As a part of performance tuning, worked on OEM to find long running queries, analyzed AWR, ASH reports. Designed and scheduled different jobs in database to monitor the database performance, find huge tables, purge unwanted data from tables etc.
  • Automated DBA monitoring tasks by writing shell scripts such as monitoring ASM disk space, standby database log repots, tablespace report.

Oracle Database Administrator



  • Provided 24/7 to more than 25 Ultimatix production, development, and production-like databases. These includes ERP databases, standalone OLTP databases, and data warehousing databases.
  • Installed standalone OLTP oracle databases on HP-Unix servers. Worked on creating new environments and providing end to end support to development teams depending on applications’ need.
  • Performed database upgrade from 10g to 11g. Worked on PSU, CPU patching, and bug fix patching.
  • Worked on managing disaster recovery (DR) databases and carried out DR drills. Designed and developed shell scripts that monitors DR databases and perform recovery automatically if required.
  • Worked in identifying database growth periodically and took necessary actions by contacting application developers for either archiving data or purging unwanted data from production environment.
  • As a part of performance management, identified long running jobs and user application queries and accordingly took necessary actions. Identified server and memory level bottlenecks. Helped application developers in resolving their database performance related issues.
  • As a part of Oracle Applications DBA, worked on Oracle Applications 11i and R12. Performed Oracle Application cloning to create production copy on development application server.
  • Analyzed growth of workflow tables, defined purging strategies,
  • Worked on identifying worst performing SQLs and fixed them with the help of development Teams. Periodically run automated scripts that shows long running queries’ report and thereby understand the performance issues in the databases. Discussed the same with the development teams and tool necessary actions such as tuning queries, changing queries, indexing tables, or purging unwanted data from tables.
  • Wrote Unix shell scripts for database and server health-checks and scheduled crontab jobs for different operations on database servers.
  • Wrote shell scripts for generating email alerts for database tablespaces, ling running jobs, CPU load thresholding, daily ARW report.
  • Created new database server from scratch for new applications and performed as a mentor for those applications from Oracle Database side. Create application structure on database and run their change requests.
  • Managed Disaster Recovery and performed DR drills. Maintained regular backups on disk.
  • Worked on application developers’ change requests to roll out the development changes in production.

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