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Senior Scientist - Biomolecular Analytics Resume

Chesterfield, MO


My professional goal is continued growth as an analytical chemist with an increasing technical leadership role. I continue to seek career growth with a scientific focus on analytical analysis, specializing in chromatography, spectroscopy, and wet chemical techniques. This growth is supported by continued through increased experience gained by tackling new challenges, presentations demonstrating analytical capabilities and s and personal interactions with my fellow colleagues.


  • Highly motivated, creative and versatile analytical chemist with over sixteen years of experience in analytical R&D and quality control.
  • High level of expertise applied to characterization and identification of “unknowns” in various matrices using a variety of analytical techniques including mass spectrometry, NMR and FT - IR.
  • Skilled in developing, optimizing and validating analytical procedures by finding innovative solutions to complex problems in a fast-paced environment.
  • Experienced interpreting and modeling data using statistical programs including Confidential .
  • Proficient with design of experiments and implementing process control charts to monitor analytical methodologies.
  • Participated in Kaizen events designed to create value-stream mapping to identify the root cause of waste and establish action plans to reduce the identified waste following Lean principles.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Experienced writing macros for automating Excel processes.
  • Hands on experience in programming and optimizing robotics systems including a Hamilton liquid handler. Utilized robotics and well plate technology to increase sample throughput and reduce solvent waste volume.
  • Proven ability to motivate and work effectively with persons from other cultures and lifestyles.


Senior Scientist - Biomolecular Analytics

Confidential, Chesterfield, MO


  • Supported research projects through analytical analysis, including LC-MS/MS, MALDI-TOF/TOF and Edman sequencing in a GLP environment.
  • Extracted and digested plant tissues for protein identification and quantitation. Setup and maintained an Orbitrap Fusion high resolution mass spectrometer for analysis of the digested proteins. Processed the raw data with Thermo Proteome Discover for identification and quantitation of peptides.

Senior Chemist- Environmental Analysis

Confidential, Madison, WI


  • Responsible for analysis of environmental samples following the guidelines and principals of SW-846 and corresponding federal and state regulations.
  • Analyzed samples using GC (FID, FPD, NPD, ECD, and MS), LC (UV and MS) and ICP-MS for a variety of EPA methods including organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides, PCBs, nitroaromatic explosives, acid herbicides and volatiles by GC-FID and GC-MS, and metals by ICP-MS.
  • Tasked with modifying/validating existing methodologies to lower reporting limits as needed to meet EPA guidelines and specific client requirements, requiring trace and ultra-trace level analysis.
  • Maintained, performed repairs and modified Agilent 6890 GCs, HP 1100 LC systems and Perkin Elmer ELAN 9000 ICP-MS. Repairs included diagnosing electric and pneumatic issues and repairing/replacing damaged components. Modifications included changing detectors and corresponding electronics as required for client projects.
  • Traveled to job sites to perform on-site sample analysis for same day sample turnaround. Instruments were setup in a trailer and transported to the job site by the analyst, adhering to federal DOT regulations. Interacted directly with the client for result reporting and questions regarding the analysis.

Senior Chemist/Group Leader

Confidential, Aurora, NC


  • Responsible for hiring, scheduling and directing five laboratory technicians and two maintenance engineers. Responsible for continual growth of team through and mentoring. Responsibilities also included repair/ routine maintenance of laboratory equipment and infrastructure, plus method development/validation of laboratory methods and streamlining processes for improved turnaround time and reduced cost.
  • Supported plant and engineering projects through analytical analysis, including ICP-OES, ICP-MS, GC and XRF in an ISO environment. Traveled to divisions within the corporation to provide on-site support.
  • Developed and validated ICP methodology for analyzing in-process plant samples. This method consolidated three existing analytical techniques into one, reducing three unique sample preparations per sample to one. During full plant production, the laboratory would receive samples per shift.
  • Developed and validated XRF methodology for analyzing in-process plant samples. These methods consolidated five ICP methods into one XRF method. ICP sample preparation required over two hours for a sample set where the XRF required twenty minutes. The XRF analysis time was less than one minute per sample where the ICP required five minutes. The new methods removed a burden from the ICP and significantly reduced sample turn-around time.
  • Maintained SQC charts to monitor analytical method performance for all laboratory methods. Responsible for creating new laboratory control samples and monitoring supply/expiration of control sample stocks. Created the SQC charts and evaluated trends to establish instrument maintenance schedules and determine data validity.

Senior Scientist - Research and Development

Confidential, Creve Coeur, MO


  • Supported research projects through analytical analysis, including LC-MS and GC-MS method development and validation in a GLP environment following EPA guidelines.
  • Developed and validated trace level LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS methodologies for analyzing plant /animal tissues and soil/water samples for herbicides/metabolites. Optimized sample preparation to reduce matrix effects and system contamination with techniques including liquid-liquid extractions and SPE.
  • Developed and validated methodology for extracting pesticides from a sorbent material used in air sampling. Verified efficacy of extraction technique through controlled analyte addition to the sorbent material and recovery of analyte.
  • Assisted with extraction and digestion of plant tissues for protein identification and quantitation. Setup and maintained the LTQ Orbitrap mass spectrometer for analysis of the digested proteins. Processed the raw data with Thermo Proteome Discover for identification and quantitation of peptides.

Scientist - Analytical Research and Development

Confidential, Maryland Heights, MO


  • Worked with clients to serve their analytical requirements in a GMP/GLP environment, including method development and validation, extractables/leachables analysis, dissolution profiling of APIs, heavy metals determinations and impurity characterization of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and neutraceuticals.
  • Utilized LC-MS, GC-MS and NMR techniques in the characterization of small molecules, such as process impurities and degradation products of stability studies.
  • Designed and executed an extractables study on a new enclosure for an inhalation drug product. Detected three unusual, unidentified compounds at potentially toxic levels. Identified the compounds via LC-MS and the client rejected the new enclosure based on compound identification.

Research Chemist - Analytical Research and Development

Confidential, Decatur, IL


  • Supported research projects, solved customer issues, and plant problems through analytical analysis including headspace, SPME, and direct inject GC (FID and MS), ICP-OES, IC, Karl Fischer (coulometric and volumetric), and other laboratory instrumentation.
  • Recommended for overseas assignment to provide technical support for plant start-up operations. Installed, qualified, and validated laboratory instrumentation. Trained and supervised technicians on standard operating procedures and laboratory safety.
  • Worked with process chemists to identify and remediate unknown process impurities discovered during initial plant production. Isolated and identified the impurity with SPE and LC-MS. Worked with plant operators to identify impurity source and optimize the process to prevent impurity formation.

Laboratory Technician - Quality Control

Confidential, Decatur, IL


  • Complied with the Confidential and in-house SOP’s for sampling and testing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and neutraceuticals in a GMP environment.
  • Supported the sample stability program through analytical analysis, monitoring stability chambers and pulling samples due for testing.
  • Performed analytical analysis and routine maintenance/troubleshooting on headspace and direct inject GC (FID and TCD), HPLC (UV, RI, and PDA), TOC, and other laboratory instrumentation.

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