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Qa Tech Lead Resume


  • 9 - 10 years of professional experience in the field of Software Quality Assurance and Testing with extensive knowledge of Software Automation Framework, Design & Implementation using Selenium Tool.
  • Experienced in Project Management, Project Planning, Requirement Walkthrough, Project Reporting and guiding a team to deliver the Deliverables on time as a Tech Lead.
  • Experienced in creating Test Plans, Test Estimations and providing Test Milestones based on Projects Timeline.
  • Actively involved in timely pre/post sandbox and PRDP deployments activities/support, such as coordinating, regression testing and assertions.
  • Experienced in testing for projects like - System Integration, Unit Tests, API Testing, UI Validations, System Validations, Payments (WorldPay) & Forms (DocZ, DocX) Validations and Verifications, Branding, Oracle DB
  • REST API testing for the new platform using SoapUI, Postman and created Test Data and provided estimation for End to End testing (API, UI (Web/Desktop), DB, Forms, Marketing, Services).
  • Automated REST API testing using Rest-Assured framework (Hybrid and Data-driven) for Assertions and Validations.
  • JSON creations from Data Table and extract data using Json-Path.
  • Experienced in Java Programming using techniques like - Algorithms and Data Structures.
  • Experienced in developing Page Object Model Framework using Page Factory in Selenium WebDriver.
  • Extensive knowledge of developing Data driven and Hybrid framework with Selenium WebDriver .
  • Proficient in Developing Automation Scripts/Frameworks, Execution and Analysis Test Results using Hybrid (Key-Word and Data-Driven) Framework in Selenium WebDriver.
  • Excellent knowledge in writing dynamic XPath locators from DOM to identify each unique element.
  • Experienced in performing Data driven testing using Data Provider Annotation from TestNG and Apache POI for Data Extraction (Read and Write) from Excel.
  • Experienced in developing and executing automation Regression testing using Java, Selenium WebDriver and developing Test Frameworks using TestNG / Junit, Maven tools.
  • Extensive Knowledge on using Maven’s central repository to manage external JARs and other dependencies .
  • Expert in using Git / GitHub, SVN as source repository system.
  • Skilled in using Jenkins as a Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment tool.
  • Extensively experienced in Software Development Life Cycle using Agile/Scrum, Waterfall methodologies .
  • Experienced in writing Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Procedures and Test Scripts from Requirements and Use-Cases.
  • Experienced with training and mentoring team members with product knowledge and business processes.
  • Expertise in designing the Test Scenarios and scripting the test cases in order to test the application.
  • Expertise in QA process and different levels of testing such as Functional, Regression, and Integration testing with business scenarios.
  • Expertise in Functional/Non-Functional Testing and Automated Testing of applications developed on various environments/platforms.
  • Proficient in creating Automation Framework from scratch and configuring various other peripheral tools to perform tests.
  • Experienced in developing Mobile Automation Framework and writing test scripts for Mobile Testing using Appium
  • Experienced in building BDD framework using Gherkin syntax and scripting by Cucumber Java
  • Experienced in writing effective Feature files to cover any requirements and logical Step Definition, using pure Java
  • Expertise in implementing cross browser and cross platform web/mobile testing with Selenium WebDriver, Grid, Browserstack, Saucelab, Perfecto, Appium.
  • Extensive Knowledge in JIRA for tracking, analyzing, documenting defects, user stories and project management
  • Strong Knowledge in HP ALM/ Quality Center for Testing and Defect Tracking.
  • Experienced in testing Application Web Services (REST).
  • Experienced in Load Test using JMeter & SoapUI and API Testing by JMeter Scripts.
  • Experienced in writing basic SQL queries to extract and analyze data in primarily Oracle Database.
  • Enthusiast to learn and develop quickly using new technologies and always open to learn more.
  • Strong Analytical and Communication skills and ability to work independently and as a team with minimal supervision.


Software development IDE: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Visual Studio Code

Testing Framework: TestNG, JUnit

Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver, HP ALM/QUALITY Center, JIRA, Appium, Rest Assured

Performance Testing Tool: JMeter

Bug Tracking Tool: JIRA, Confluence, HP ALM/Quality Center

Build Tool: Maven

CI/CD Pipeline: Jenkins

Version Control Systems: Git / GitHub, SVN Tortoise

Languages and Environment: Java, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS

Frameworks / Open Source: TestNG, Cucumber

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac

Cloud Testing Environment: BrowserStack, SauceLabs

Web Services: REST, SoapUI, Postman

Database: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB



QA Tech Lead


  • Involved in creating project plan, test plans, estimations, and development and tracking projects.
  • Involved in Test Case Preparation and Test Case Execution.
  • Analyzed application to find out which part can be automated and which can be manually tested.
  • Increase the productivity on a sprint by cutting down manual effort to Automation by 30%.
  • Built a Hybrid Framework for several Web Applications using Selenium Java Jars from scratch and highly appreciated by client
  • Implemented Data Driven, Keyword Driven, OOP, Data Structure, Java Generics
  • Perform testing on every timely release and be a mandatory part for each deployment (PRDP and Sandbox) and lead my team to accomplish the tasks from front
  • REST API testing for the new platform using SoapUI, Postman and created Test Data and provided estimation for End to End testing
  • Update all the projects for the release on JIRA and SVN, so team can narrow down their activity and focused on the tasks, by doing so improving team’s productivity by 20%.
  • Coordinating with Business team for the project’s improvements, assigned defects and get updates as required
  • Initiated meetings with Business / BSA / Developers / Managers to understand and accruing new projects to increase productivity of the team
  • Initiated meetings with appropriate squads for KT sessions on Applications Walkthrough, Business Processes for the team to get a better understanding and to get rid of the obstacle as they faced during testing
  • Perform SIT(System Integration Testing) for validating Business projects on every release
  • Written effective test cases and calculated every aspect to cover the requirements and guided the team to do so
  • Perform requirement walkthrough at the beginning of every projects to clarify all the testing scope and to educate the team to initiate testing on basis.

Environment: Eclipse, Anthill Pro, Oracle, SVN, Git, BitBucket, Windows, Selenium WebDriver, JIRA, SoapUI, Cucumber, HP ALM, TestNG, HP UFT (Script Execution), Postman, Rest-Assured, Maven


Automation Engineer


  • Created Test Cases and scenarios for Regression, Integration as well as Back - end and System testing.
  • Worked closely with clients in gathering and reviewing the business requirements for each Sprint/Release.
  • Performed and planed regression, integration, functional, system compatibility and User Acceptance testing.
  • Responsible for tracking and reporting defects using JIRA.
  • Used JIRA to store and maintain the Test Repository and Document Generation.
  • Performed Regression Testing for the new builds using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Performed Mobile Automation using Appium to Automate a Native App for iOS and Android
  • Developed Web Service Test using Postman and Rest API.
  • Developed Hybrid framework for web automation using Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Maven and Jenkins.
  • Designed and build Automation Framework for web based software products using Page Object Model (POM) design using Page Factory in Selenium WebDriver to reduce code and better maintenance.
  • Performed BDD (Behavior Driven Development) with Data Driven Test Automation Framework using Cucumber Features, Scenarios and Step Definitions in Gherkins format.
  • Created and executed multi-action scripts based on test script/scenario flows.
  • Coordinated the UAT testing by guiding the users during UAT.
  • Interacted with the developers to get an estimate and to resolve technical issues.
  • Created several custom reports from Test management tool those were helpful for management to understand overall Testing status of the entire project.
  • Prepared Weekly reports and built status reports.

Environment: Appium, Maven, Jenkins, HTML, XML, Oracle, Java Script, GitHub, Windows, Selenium WebDriver, JIRA, JMeter, Cucumber, HP ALM, TestNG, Perfecto, GitHub, SauceLabs, BrowserStack


QA Engineer


  • Participated in analyzing the user/business requirements, functional specifications and use case documents to create the Test Plans and Test cases for System testing.
  • Involved in analyzing Requirements, System Specifications, Use-Cases and Technical specifications.
  • Verified the integration of various components in the application and executed end-to-end testing.
  • Involved in Black box, Functional, Integration, System, Regression, Reliability, Usability, Scalability and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Performed Test Cases Management using HP ALM.
  • Involved in writing the PL/SQL stored procedures.
  • Wrote test case automation scripts in java using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG and Maven.
  • Wrote Selenium script for taking screenshot and used Selenium Actions class to handle mouse movements and hover-over actions on Web Elements.
  • Used firebug to identify object's ids, Name, XPath, links in the application.
  • Implemented Continuous Integration of automation framework using Jenkins, GitHub and Maven.
  • Conducted Regression Testing whenever some code module was changed; identified risks and developed mitigation strategies.
  • Performed Performance / Load / Stress Testing using JMeter and LoadRunner.
  • Performed Regression testing on new builds and every modification in the application using Selenium.
  • Implemented automation test scripts using REST Assured for web service testing and for the manual API testing we used Postman.
  • Participated in enhancement meetings focused on making the product more effective in real time scenario.
  • Played a major part in testing and timely delivery of the product.
  • Participated in Daily Scrum meeting, Stand-up meeting, walkthrough meeting, weekly assessment meetings with business analysts and developers.

Environment: JMeter, LoadRunner, TestNG, Maven, JUnit, Java, Java Script, GitHub, Appium, MS SQL Server, PL/SQL, Windows, HP ALM, Selenium WebDriver, XML, JIRA, MS Office Tools.


Software Tester


  • Tested entry and exit criteria for the application screens and checked their contents.
  • Participated in creating and reviewing Test Plan, Test Scenarios and Test Cases.
  • Reviewed User Requirements, Use Cases and Detailed Designs to develop Test Cases.
  • Worked in Functional and Regression Testing.
  • Performed GUI, System, Back-end, Negative, Positive, and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Established GUI standards for both Web and Windows applications.
  • Responsible for finding and logging bugs using Quality Center/ALM.
  • Prepared Test cases and Test requirements into Quality Center/ALM.
  • Used Quality Center/ALM to track and report system defects and bug fixes.
  • Involved in data mapping of the project requirements, queried the database using SQL queries for data mining, data analysis and data modeling.
  • Applied best practices and professional principles and techniques to evaluate systems during development.
  • Developed and maintained custom libraries for the common automation framework using JAVA in Selenium.
  • Performed Integration and Regression testing to check compatibility of new functionality with the existing functionalities using Selenium.
  • Designed Automation Testing Framework for web-based application using Selenium that maintains the work flow as an end-user.
  • Handled Build releases and Manual Projects Internally.
  • Involved in managing onsite & offshore project team - work direction, estimation, resource management and issue resolution.

Environment: ALM/Quality Center, Selenium, HTML, SQL Server, Java, Oracle, MS Word, MS Excel, Windows.

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