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Qa Automation Engineer Resume


  • I have a proven history of developing powerful QA Automation Solutions and offer amazing return on investment in terms of powerful automated test coverage leading to high quality software product(s) supported or developed by your company.
  • To obtain long term QA Automation / QA Analyst position where my Testing Automation experience and abilities will be utilized and advanced.
  • I have 15 years of automated and 17 years of manual testing experience.
  • Proven performance in executing test automation projects development, performing software/hardware testing, hands - on test automation frameworks architecture design, programming and development.



QA Automation Engineer


  • Developed, from ground up, sophisticated QTP Automated Testing Framework (AF), Test scripts and Test Data for testing Confidential Apex desktop product:
  • Wrote automation code and test’s data used for automated testing of the GreenStar Apex application.
  • Developed real customer data driven test cases used to drive automated testing.
  • Organized first Automation Lab at Confidential AMS location.
  • Defined Lab requirements.
  • Ordered and assembled PC Hardware and software.
  • Created reusable library of the clean MS OS Images
  • Personally supported Running of the fully automated tests on seven workstations 24/7.
  • Facilitated Automatic execution of over 1000K tests for each build.
  • Analyzed Tests results after each test run with filing defects in Test Director / Quality Center.
  • Filed over 1300 defect reports.
  • Developed and executed Benchmarking and Performance Tests to measure software improvements.
  • Supported QTP AF code changes driven by regressing AUT.
  • Developed and supported AF & QTP Training presentations. Provided training to Confidential AMS PV&V local employees as well as to team in India.
  • Re-Designed obsolete QTP code used in GS2 embedded software testing to work under Automation Framework developed by me.

Confidential, St. Petersburg, FL

QA Automation Engineer


  • Developed QTP Automation Framework and Scripts for Sage ABRA HRMS Front-End / Back-End Automated Testing (Positive and Negative data validation testing):
  • Executed development of the QTP Framework (127 Scripts, 18K lines of code) to facilitate full scope of Sage ABRA HRMS 8.1 Automated Testing. Fully Automated process.
  • Facilitated Automatic execution of the 37K tests by interacting with ABRA Front-End GUI with real-time Back-End DB Data Validation VFP, SQL MSDE platforms . Tests results were automatically reported to separate Reporting SQL Database with Web-Intranet Crystal Reports retrieval interface.
  • Executed Tests planning, Test Cases & Test Sets development.
  • Filing, maintaining automation defects reports & development documentation. Tests-Results Flow Metrics and reports assembly for Sage Department Management.
  • Testing of the ABRA HR Front-End Reporting engine in the scope of Back-End Database Data Validation Testing.
  • Developed QTP driven ABRA Deployment engine to facilitate automated ABRA Deployment under different OS and SQL/VFP DB Platforms.

Confidential, West Des Moines, IA

Sr. SQA Analyst / Automated Tester


  • Back-End Data Validation Testing. Used VBA to design and develop the following in-house multi-user applications:
  • HL7Generator - to generate HL7 medical test files used for testing Back-End data validation algorithms. Regenerated files on demand for each new build (2.5 M files per build).
  • QTP HL7 Upload-Processor - to automatically upload HL7 files interacting with Front-End web interface. Used to run this automated project on 6 dedicated workstations uploading HL7Files 24/7.
  • Errors Comparison Tool - to analyze Back-End errors by automatically comparing tests results against expected errors. This tool was also used by QA to generate Deficiency Reports in a form of Excel tables later attached to TTP Defects.
  • Front-End Testing:
  • Tests planning, Test Cases & Test Sets creation.
  • Filing, maintaining bug reports. Supporting Bug tracking database.
  • QA Defects Flow Metrics statistics and reports.

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