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Qa Automation Engineer Resume

Grundy Center, IA


  • Over 5+ years of professional experience in Informational Technology (IT) with emphasis in Quality Assurance (QA).
  • Experienced in SQA (Software Quality Assurance) including Manual and Automated testing with tools such as Selenium WebDriver/IDE/Grid, TestNG, JIRA, POSTMAN, ALM and SOAP UI.
  • Good experience in creating automation framework along with developing, executing and maintaining automation testing script with Selenium WebDriver.
  • Work experience in developing automation test scripts in BDD, POM frameworks and analyze test results and create defects.
  • Experienced in web user interface automation testing with Selenium WebDriver, java, Cucumber and TestNG frame works.
  • Ability to locate the objects based on ID, Name, XPath, CSS elector, Link, Partial Link, Attributes and Tags.
  • Experienced in handling dynamic Drop - down, Auto-suggestive Drop-down, Radio buttons, Calendar UI, Alerts, and switching between a parent & child windows.
  • Experienced in testing and handling different frames (frames, iframes) of a HTML page with having different DOM's for every iframe.
  • Experienced in handling broken links and inter application links (page redirects to respective URL's) in development, test and production environments.
  • Experienced in using Apache POI to read the data from external sources like Excel files in order to perform Data Driven Testing from TestNG DataProvider.
  • Experienced in handling Ajax Requests and synchronization in Selenium using implicit and explicit wait conditions.
  • Experienced in using Selenium Utility Methods provided by Selenium APIs to Capture Screen shots of failed Test Cases.
  • Experienced in using Maven Plugin to integrate with TestNG to create Profiles for Tests.
  • Experienced in BDD using Cucumber / Gherkin with Senarios, Scenario Outlines, Hooks and Tags.
  • Experience in testing Mobile Apps using Android Studio and Real Devices to test the application using Appium and Appium Desktop.
  • Expertise in creating Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM), Daily/Weekly Status Report, Defect Report and Project Report.
  • Experience in creating Test Plans, writing and executing Test Cases, Manual Testing, and automated Test Execution.
  • Excellent experience in developing Test Scenarios, Test cases, Test Scripts and Test reports for Manual as well as Automated testing for various applications to ensure proper business compliance.
  • Extensive experience in GUI, Regression, Functional, Integration, System, User Acceptance (UAT), Sanity, Performance, Stress, Reliability, compatibility, Cross Browser, Security and Database Testing.
  • Extensive Experience in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Testing Methodologies like Agile, and Waterfall Model.
  • Experienced in providing the efficient locators strategy like XPath and CSS to run WebDriver script in stable condition.
  • Strong knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies such as Agile, SCRUM and waterfall models and TDD.
  • Expertise in cucumber tool that computer programmers use for testing other software.
  • Good analytical and communication skills and ability to work independently with minimal supervision and also perform as part of a team.
  • Use OOP to develop network communications between departments within the building
  • Develop online applications using OOP as well as Python programming
  • Program systems with both data and code giving ability to senders and receivers
  • Retrieve and modify data within the system
  • Research and implement any updates or new software that is available


Test Approaches: Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, SDLC, STLC, Bug Life Cycle

Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Selenium IDE, POSTMAN, SOAP UI, Appium

Test Build & Integration Tools: Maven, Jenkins

Frameworks: Cucumber, Data Driven, Hybrid.

Programming Tools: JAVA, SQL

Markup Languages: HTML, XML, XPath, OO

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari

Operating Systems: Windows

Defect Tools: JIRA, ALM

MS Office Tools: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.


Confidential, Grundy Center, IA

QA Automation Engineer


  • Designed test scenarios to cover every aspect of the business rules that affect the FATCA CMR.
  • Performing API regression using UFT for MT103, MT202 and MT202COV.
  • Validated beneficiary customer detail pay through UberPay through Unit as well as E2E Testing
  • Responsible for creating efficient design and developing User Interaction screens using HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Angular 6 and Node JS.
  • Enhanced application performance by Angular 6 Component based development in view of future Angular framework transitions.
  • Experience with creating custom directives, decorators, and services to interface with both restful and SOA services
  • Design and implement services, applications, and frameworks for mobile platforms involved in implementation of iPhone and Android apps using XCode, android studio, Integration Designer and Eclipse
  • Communicated with clients face to face to gather requirements, explain existing applications, provide suggestions for the expected application and demonstrated applications on each playback at client site
  • Develop software supporting next generation digital technologies; create and prototype solutions and proof of concepts to demonstration innovationsÕ viability.
  • Used Espresso for Mobile app testing in Android and IOS.
  • Implemented appium scripts to test IOS and Android platforms.
  • Executing the test plans on web and mobile (Apple & Android) as per requirements.
  • Developed Test plan and test cases and executed the test cases.
  • Implemented mobile automation frameworks using Appium
  • Research, define and write accurate, detailed, organized user stories and acceptance criteria based on product goals and business objectives.
  • End to End testing of the complete website which was developed using Angular.JS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and other web technologies.
  • Involved in Regression testing using Selenium and Creation of automation scripts for web pages
  • Followed Test Driven Development (TDD) as much as possible and written test cases using TestNG for every relevant class.
  • Developed automated Test cases in Java using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Written Core Java Coding and automated more than 750 unique Test Cases for both Frontend and Backend involving different modules like Checkout, Item Page, Customer Cart and Payment Systems.
  • Created user defined functions in Java and implemented the functionality with Selenium.
  • Understanding requirement and developing end to end automation test scripts using Selenium WebDriver with TestNG framework.
  • Find, isolate, document, regress, and track bugs through resolution via JIRA.
  • Designed, developed and implemented Test Driven automation testing framework utilizing Java in Eclipse
  • Conducted Test Case Walkthroughs to achieve consensus on Test Case correctness & completeness
  • Executed and managed functional, integration, and system test cases. Wrote test cases to handle Alerts on the web page.
  • Involved in using Maven build tool to manage framework dependency jar files in POM.xml.
  • Performed Compatibility testing of applications for dynamic and static content of browsers using HTML Id's and XPath in Selenium.
  • Expert to write test cases in Cucumber and automate the web application.
  • Executed SOAP based web services API testing (Java client and SoapUI).
  • Used Selenium WebDriver for automating of Cross Browser Testing on IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
  • Worked directly with analysts and developers to investigate software defects.
  • Clarify requirements based on reviewing work flows and document findings and decisions.
  • Validated SOAP responses by adding Assertions.
  • Involved in the Smoke testing whenever the build is deployed.
  • Created JavaScript (.js) using describe, it, promise, resolve, reject, done, expect and assertions for REST API Validations like POST, PUT, GET and DELETE.
  • Using Jenkins Continuous Integration Tools, trigger Cron Job to run daily sanity smoke test scripts in different environments like Dev and QA Environment.
  • Using Postman validated REST API Web Service Call by sending JSON Request and JSON Response.
  • Used JIRA for defect tracking. Based on priority/Severity of defects coordinated with dev team and make sure bugs were fixed on time.
  • Develop and enforce policy and procedural changes within the development group
  • Assist in defining development procedures
  • Maintain and enhance existing services, applications, and platforms including, but not limited to, bug fixes, feature enhancements and performance tuning
  • Design, develop and modify software systems, using scientific analysis and mathematical models to predict and measure outcome and consequences of design
  • Implementation and Development of various stand-alone, intranet, client server and web based applications using SharePoint and .Net technologies

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Maven, SoapUI, TDD, Jenkins, Agile, POSTMAN, HTML, XML, XPath, JavaScript, JIRA, Firebug, SQL, Oracle, Windows. . Espresso, (automated chambers)

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Test Automation Engineer


  • Design and executed automated scripts to validate functionality, interoperability, and data integrity within the IT testing guidelines.
  • Responsible for managing Unit testing and UI testing for iOS and Android (using espresso for Android).
  • Performed Data driven testing using Selenium WebDriver, Junit functions and JDBC Connections which reads data from scripts using property and XML files.
  • Proficient in using Appium to develop Automation testing scripts for Mobile and client-server applications. Work on Appium for App testing (Android/ IOS).
  • Created and executed Unix/Linux Scripting to automate the QA& Database Functions.
  • Created Emulator and Simulators using Android SDK and Xcode.
  • Demonstrated the ability to effectively communicate with all levels of management regarding testing strategies, execution of test objectives, and testing progress.
  • Implemented and worked on Acceptance Test Driven Development (TDD) agile methodologies completing releases ahead of schedule.
  • Tested Application UI Pages with Text Fields, Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Drop Downs, Links, Alerts, Multiple Windows, Mouse Movements as part of Functional Testing using Selenium.
  • Designed and developed test automation artifacts (scripts, functions, scenarios, processes) for simple to complex automated testing situations.
  • Ensuring test cases are developed and traced to software requirements for full test coverage.
  • Working with Android developers to have Appium automation.
  • Worked with Frontend developers to have Night Watch automation for web application.Worked with Product team, UX designers, and the Development team to understand the overall business objectives, functional and system requirements of our product and services.
  • Worked with the Project management team to provide accurate estimates for testing timelines and also managing the testing resources internally and externally.
  • Conducting regular Bug review and status meetings on team's test plans and feature deliverables.
  • Used SOAP UI for functional testing by developing Sprint based Test Suites for SOAP API's.
  • Coordinated with developers and system engineers offshore to fix application defects.
  • Reported testing status about the test plan coverage in daily scrum.
  • Cucumber was used for the entire regression testing and functional testing with Selenium as primary tool to the Test Scenarios, Test Cases and Test conditions identified.
  • Designed automation framework to validate the Angular JS developed application to verify API functionality.
  • Used Maven to manage Project's build and dependencies and Jenkins for deployments to environments.
  • Used Firebug to do web based testing with selenium for the commands and locator application.
  • Implemented test automation scripts for mobile testing using Appium.
  • Performed a lot of web services testing by creating requests using WSDL file and testing backend applications by sending the requests through SOAP UI tool.
  • Executed Test Suites for Smoke, Functional, Integration, Regression, User Acceptance and Backend testing.
  • Worked on Web services using POSTMAN exclusively on obtaining the needed information using the URL approach.
  • Write test cases in Application Life Cycle management (ALM).
  • Created whole test framework using Selenium for further test creation and execution.
  • Performed Integration and Regression testing to check compatibility of new functionality with the existing functionalities of the application using Selenium.
  • Tested the application in highly dynamic environment with sprint team using Agile Methodology.
  • Analyzed the test results and logged the defects using HP ALM 12.01.
  • Used Git for Version Control and Code Collaboration to manage code reviews.
  • Develop and provide support for a limited number of applications
  • Create and enforce policies within the development group
  • Maintain current applications, including, but not limited to, bug fixes, feature enhancements and performance tuning
  • Create coding standards and adhere to best practices and security guidelines
  • Lead and mentor junior developers
  • Research and implement new solutions to enhance current processes, security and performance
  • Networking knowledge (Sockets, TCP/IP, UDP)

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Appium, TestNG, ATDD, Maven, API Testing, Jenkins, SOAP UI, XPath, Firebug, POSTMAN, Eclipse, Cucumber, ALM, SQL, Windows.

Confidential, New Orleans, LA

QA Analyst/angular developer


  • Validated(Reports-Pre/Post Conditions)
  • FACS reports and process of transferring them to Recon Team.
  • Different Message Transactions with new payment type Guaranteed OUR.
  • Related SWIFT messages transactions (MT 103, 102, 101,191, 190) Inward messages (IN100) in AQUA subsystems according to SWIFT standards.
  • Automated and manual credit/debit process for both Time Deposits and DDA Accounts.
  • Used various Angular 2 custom directives and developed reusable components and templates that can be re-used at various places in the application.
  • Worked with Angular 2 to develop single page applications, worked with ngrx for managing Angular applications.
  • Created Typescript reusable components and services to consume REST API's using Component-based architecture provided by Angular 2.
  • Developed manual and automated test cases to test the functionality of the application.
  • Worked on System Test Plan Preparation, Requirements Streamlining and Traceability Matrix in ALM.
  • Developed and executed test cases for integration, system and regression testing throughout the software development life cycle.
  • Write Test cases / Scenarios for Positive and Negative flows.
  • Performed Functional testing and Published test summary reports.
  • Participated in writing Test Plan, Test strategy & Test Scenarios based on software documentation from business, technical and functional requirements.
  • Performed end-to-end testing of application and verified compliance for software quality standards of the organization.
  • Conducted weekly meetings with the developers and build team.
  • Implemented Recovery Scenario to handle unexpected events or errors.
  • Tracked, Reviewed, Analyzed and Compared defects using Quality Center.
  • Participated in Test Case review and Test case sign off meetings.
  • Tested in Development, Staging and Production Environments.

Environment: Manual Testing, SQL, Java, Quality Center.,angular

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