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Principle Automation Engineer Resume


  • Over fifteen years of IT experience, with more than eight years of diversified experience in Software Quality Assurance & Validation, specifically, with Manual, Automated testing process. Extensive experience in designing and creating Test Plans, Test Cases, and Test Scripts for the Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Functional Testing, and Performance Testing processes Involved in all the phases of QA Testing process of both Client/Server and Web - based applications.
  • Has vast experience in using tools such as Mercury QuickTest Professional, WinRunner, Quality Center, Load Runner, Telerik WebAii, Selenium, BrowserStack, CrossBrowser, Visual Studio Test Edition (VSTEST), MTM, and Rational Enterprise Suite (XDE Functional Tester, Requisite Pro, Clear Quest, Test Manager, and Manual Test).
  • Have lead teams consisting of 5 - 15 members (mostly test leads, Sr. Testers, Testers, Interns, Automation testers, Testing project managers, environment coordinators etc). Building test team and mentoring the teams to deliver successful implementations.
  • Using hands on experience as test architecting (Manual and Automation testing) in setting up the test platform. Evaluating the right testing tool for the product.
  • Formulating Test Plan based on the User Requirement Document and System Requirement document.
  • Creating Test Strategy, based on the Transaction details, user details and transaction distribution over a period of time.
  • Managing and Estimating QA budget for small, medium & large-scale projects.
  • Independently handling all the QA Operations including recruiting and training.
  • Conducting QA Team meetings, Project Meetings, Lessons learned, Software review meeting and Change Management meetings.
  • Strong customer/user advocate, apt negotiator with excellent analytical, collaboration, communication, decision-making, and organization skills.
  • Conducted and participated in JAD/JAR sessions with Subject Matter Experts to obtain domain level information, discuss requirement gap, test challenges and sharing test strategies.
  • Repeat success in implementing Workflow, QA Process, methodologies & change management process.
  • Expert in Black Box, Gray Box & White Box Testing.
  • Vast Experience in coordinating offshore developed & testing projects.
  • Experience in decision making over test tool needs, purchasing and implementing.
  • Proven skills in implementing automation strategy using tools VS, CodedUI, WebAii, QTP & XDE Tester.
  • GURU in WebAii, Selenium, Postman, Quick test professional scripts development.
  • Good knowledge in Security/Vulnerability testing using QAInspect & WebInspect.
  • Knowledge of industry standards such as IEEE, ISO, CMMI, ISTQB


Operating Systems: AIX, Windows, LINUX.

Networks: NIS+, TCP/IP, Mail server, DNS servers, IIS, Apache web server.

System Administration: File systems, Job Automation, Backups, Printing

Languages: Fortran, C, C++, C#.Net, MVC, ASP.NET, Java, Asp.Net, LISP, Ocaml, SWI-ProLog, Perl, VB Script, VB, JavaScript, Assembly (8085/86).

Graphical Programming: LabVIEW.

Testing Tools: Telerik WebAii, MTM, Test Director, Selenium, ADO, SOAP UI, QuickTest Professional, WinRunner, LoadRunner, SCMS, Silk, TeamTrack, Postman, ALM, Rational Suite, AppliTools, TestRunner, XDE Tester, VSTS-TE (WebTest, LoadTest, ManualTest) QAInspect & WebInspect.


Web Technology: DHTML, CGI, PHP, XML, XSLT, CSS, Internet Security.

Software & Tools: MS Office, Ps Deluxe, FrontPage, Adobe Photoshop, BlueJ, JBuilder, Together, Quest Central, Rational Rose, Visual Studio.NET, SQL, T4, Web Matrix.



Principle Automation Engineer


  • Part of a team responsible for designing and implementing Position Manager Tests following agile/scrum (3week sprints) methodology and using ASP.NET, C#, SQL Server 2008 & XML.
  • Developed T4 templates for code generation to facilitate quick and error free code for automation resources.
  • Created reusable Aspects for exception handling, cashing, cleaning data using Post Sharp.
  • Implemented a framework using EmailArchitect to generate, retrieve and validate email notifications.
  • Responsible for creating internal sites using Entity framework, Dynamic Data Site and ascx controls.
  • Responsible for Unit test (Moq & MS Unit) coverage across the application and its maintenance.
  • Designed and implemented test automation framework using VS Selenium, postman and Webaii framework.
  • Validated customer/user-facing websites using tools like Accessibility Insights and WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool to generated reports and highlight the shortcomings to be in compliance with WCAG 2.1 (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1) Level AA. Briefly used JAWS free version as a screen reader for compliance with Section 508 ( https://section508.gov/)
  • Created performance scenarios using DynaTrace & Load test using VS which utilizes combination of scripts to simulate concurrent usage. Captured and analyzed performance results.
  • Developed applications using Dynamic Data, linq to SQL Template.
  • Responsible for creating about bootstrap data to seed application and support unit tests.
  • Created DB schema using model right and deploy to SQL Server.
  • Modeled ETL to Transfer data between servers, responsible for backup and restore of database.
  • Good knowledge of Designing and accessing Entity framework.
  • Configured and administrated framework integration with TFS.
  • Creating build definitions for data deployment using MSBuild.
  • Triage defects and TODO’s and prioritizing and estimating effort.
  • Created test plan for Mobile testing, and visual AI testing using AppliTools.
  • Created portal for managing automation runs and integrated with BrowserStack and CrossBrowser.
  • Expert in WebAPI testing using tools like Postman and SoapUI.

Environment: Windows, Microsoft Visual Studio, Git, Team Foundation Server (TFS), .NET, C#, Linq, Telerik Webaii, SQL Server, Entity Framework, IIS, XML, JSON, JQuery, PostSharp, DynaTrace, App Fabric, T4, Resharper, TelerickStudio, ASP.NET, MVC, Mobile, Bootstrap, Web API, Model Right.

Confidential, MA

Sr Software QA Automation Engineer in Test


  • Managing QA process following agile and iterative methodologies.
  • Providing estimates and budgeted testing efforts using MS Project.
  • Monitoring project status, tasks, and resources.
  • Capacity planning to provide the forecast for the current and future project work and resources.
  • Interview Software testers to fill the testing resource for new project assignments.
  • Identifying and assessing the Risk, mitigating the risk, handling exceptions & problems.
  • Conducting Business Reviews, UAT’s (User Acceptance Testing) Sign off on the UAT and requirements.
  • Creating, updating and maintaining Test Plan, Test Logs, and Test Summaries.
  • Designing test Strategy, workflow & defects management process.
  • Providing the feedback on the project to the core team members.
  • Responsible for validating Interwoven’s teamsite (Content Management System) upgrade.
  • Defining Test Requirements using Requirement Documents, Wire Frames and Owner’s manuals.
  • Developing Manual Test cases/Scripts from use-cases and Test Requirements.
  • Creating execution matrix for System test, UAT and Regression test models.
  • Participating in postproduction issues to provide test estimates and solutions for the production issues.
  • Responsible for setting up the Test Lab for UAT activities and demos.
  • Conducting and participating in meetings and walkthrough for the testing team, business & development team. These meetings are mainly to resolve project & testing risk and to clarify requirements.
  • Working with offshore QA and UAT teams for test completeness.
  • Identifying test cases for production validation Responsible for providing estimates on the test time and risk for the emergency production fixes implementation.
  • Setting up project in teamtrack, reported bugs, tracked defects, resolve issues with developers, business analysts and end users.
  • Performing functional, system, regression, system integration and performance testing.
  • Populated data in the SQL 2005 database for validating training functionality.
  • Applied automation methodologies while creating web tests and load test. Created VBScripts to validate the XML file and string lengths. Responsible for version controlling the test assets.
  • Helping Testers to complete project assignments on time, training new testers and transitioning project work to the successors.
  • Provided perfmon data and share the test results for performance testing.
  • Created test cases for functionality, Negative, boundary, Error Testing and regression testing.
  • Developing reusable Automated Test Scripts using Manual Test cases and executed using VSTS-TE.
  • Configured and administrated TFS and VSTS-TE. Mentored team members on VSTS-TE best practices. Created custom template for Manual test cases and installed in Visual Studio to share with the team.
  • Validated Incenter and ClinEd app which are build using DNN.
  • Was responsible for the web site to be in compliance with MAC/Windows OS as well as the following web browsers IE6/IE7/IE8/Safari/FireFox.

Environment: Operating systems Windows XP/VISTA, Mac OS. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team System - Test Edition(VSTS-TE) and Team Foundation Server (TFS), Automated testing tools (VSTS-TE, HP Quick Test Pro, HP LoadRunner), SQL Server, Internet Technologies (IIS), Interwoven’s TeamSite, MS Project, MS Visio, .NET, C#.Net, DNN, XML, Web Services, SOA, SharePoint, LiveLink, TeamTrack and VBScript.


Software QA Test Lead /Manager


  • Managed projects following Waterfall model and RUP methodology.
  • Monitored project status, resources & cost. Setting up the project in time tracking tool (MS EPM tool).
  • Capacity planning to provide the forecast for the current and future projects.
  • Identified and assessed the risk, handling exceptions & problems.
  • Conducted Business reviews, UAT’s, Sign off on the UAT and test requirements.
  • Preparing, updating and maintaining Test Strategy documents, Test Data plan and automation model.
  • Coordinating with project teams as required to procure test data and to follow up on the deliverables.
  • Discussed the new QA automation strategies across projects for implementing on effective test suite.
  • Responsible for seamless transitioning the work to the new test lead and bringing him to the speed.
  • Performed Database back end testing to ensure data integrity & consistency.
  • Responsible for regression testing the app for the infrastructure changes.
  • Created Data in different states to facilitate concurrent testing and random state testing.
  • Restarting services and instances on the web sphere to pick the data changes.
  • Created test scripts for functionality, Negative, Error Testing and regression testing using QuickTest Professional and XDE Tester.
  • Creating executing matrix for System test, UAT and Regression test Models.
  • Testing the Interface, setting up the test application & automation environment to perform the Web Enrollment Testing.
  • Designing workflow & defects management process. Driving the QA team to achieve the corporate targets and production moves.
  • Created Automation Object model (QuickTest Pro) to execute Batch updates to reuse the old scripts with the new application.
  • Created Scenarios using QTP and executed using Loadrunner for performance testing.
  • Developed project-estimating tool for providing easy estimates, which is used across BST (Business Solutions Testing in BCBSFL).

Environment: Test Director, QuickTest Professional, VBScript, Rational (XDE Tester, Clear Quest, Clear Case, Test Manager, Manual test, SODA, Requisite Pro), Java, JSP, Web Sphere, Teamtrack, SQL, Quest Central, UDB DB2, Mainframe, Ms Project, Ms Visio, AIX, Ms Project, Ms Visio, AIX, Siebel, BizCast, BART, Mainframe, Siebel, ControlM, Trillium, Siebel Analytics, Windows NT/XP, HIPPA.

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