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Automation Provisioning Tech Lead Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • I lead a team that delivers cutting edge engineering solutions with email marketing applications.
  • This requires me to utilize my substantive experience in software development, system administration and leadership ability.
  • I have a demonstrated ability in leveraging software development and data analytical skills to produce quality data results.
  • Spearheaded automation tools that increased efficiency and accelerated revenue.
  • Created roadmaps that paved team’s success in identifying company’s key performance indicators and hitting successful goal targets.
  • Also, I have extensive experience utilizing Salesforce CRM and generating reports with relational database management systems.
  • In addition, a broad knowledge and experience in provisioning/configuring domains and IPs for optimal email deliverability.
  • I consider myself approachable, fast learner, adaptable, emotionally intelligent and receptive to feedback.


Linux/RHEL/Debian Bash/Shell Scripting Python KVM

Virtualbox tmux Git SQL/PostgreSQL

Redis JavaScript Webpack4 Node



Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Automation Provisioning Tech Lead


  • I oversee the maintenance of a provisioning and deliverability application utilizing orgs, IPs, domains, DNS configurations and scheduled jobs with cron.
  • Perform weekly change management, top issues and defect management meetings for team to be kept in the loop and to set agenda for the week.
  • Held frequent onsite and client location - based demos and presentations for clients regarding our email marketing platform. Provided industry standard recommendations to clients to improve their IPs and domains reputation. This involved allaying client’s concerns and generating RCA for internal system lapse.
  • Guide team in utilizing several utilities for text processing, file system, user, process management and managed Systemd Services and Utils. Handy at finding relevant information with man pages.
  • Lead the development and maintenance of an IP vending tool that allocates IPs to the provisioning application and recycles IPs not being used. Python scripts written that automate the process of IP mapping with alternate domain names (CNAMEs) to our Amazon CloudFront distributions.
  • Developed and ensure team maintenance of internal applications for the Provisioning, Deliverability and Billing teams. Utilized JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SOAP API for Salesforce, SOQL, and Oracle as the associated back-end database.
  • Tutored and guided new team members on installing and upgrading multiple Debian/RHEL based systems. Very cognizant of virtualization with KVM and VirtualBox.
  • Slashed costs by initiating the development of a provisioning dashboard that captured pertinent information for various teams such as Billing, Sales and Client Success Managers. Using chart.js for data visualization, data/metrics such as case status, case backlog and features provisioned were displayed. Which helped identified our team and company’s KPIs.
  • Oversaw the development and maintenance of a deprovisioning tool. This tool equipped our Billing team with the ability to suspend and terminate clients’ accounts when deemed necessary. This process entailed the appropriate client’s Salesforce account fields updated via the tool and suspension/termination command relayed to our email marketing platform. Hence, ensuring revenue was recouped in a timely manner.
  • Development of a Salesforce application for the Billing and Provisioning team. This notified the Billing team automatically when an order was provisioned completely. Hence, kicking off the billing process.
  • This simplified our notification process to the Billing team and eliminated manual errors.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Technical Provisioning Specialist


  • Configuration of orgs, domains, IPs and IP pools to assist with email deliverability. Entailed DNS configuration using SPF, DKIM and DMARC records to ensure email authentication.
  • In-depth configuration of Custom and Sending Domains for email deliverability purposes. Domains were customized with branded hyper tracked links which enhanced deliverability.
  • Supported a Provisioning-Deliverability application displaying IP and ISPs extracted data. This application comprised of an alert dashboard and troubleshooting tools.
  • Developed complex SQL queries to retrieve pertinent information such as private domain keys, bounce domains and content domain information from pod specific databases. And automated scripts to feed respective information to dashboard.
  • Enabled multiple clients’ CRM integration with Salesforce via email marketing platform Engage.
  • Mapped IPs with their associated Virtual-MTAs. Maintained VMTA configuration files per pod. Ensured private domain key path reflected accurately in VMTA conf files and associated smtp-source-host information is accurate.
  • Supported our automated process for abuse processing. Where abuse complaints from ISPs are handled. Also, maintained our import procedure of PowerMTA logs to the database.
  • Migrated clients’ domains from 1024-bit DKIM signature to 2048-bit DKIM signature. Enabled HTTPs on clients’ links domains in Engage by kicking off SSL cert procurement process. Ranging from SAN certs to wildcard certs.
  • Confirmed accurate DNS validation of clients’ Sending Domains and Custom Domains. Ensured DNS records publicly matched what we had internally.
  • Maintained data integrity of our Provisioning-Deliverability database.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Senior System Analyst


  • Performed network security monitoring and analysis.
  • This entailed identifying suspicious and malicious activities. Also tracking malicious codes.
  • Led team in the assembly of custom computer system networks.
  • Ensured operational compliance and quality standards.
  • Scheduled and administered system updates and patches during designated time frames.
  • Hence, avoiding major downtime for clients.
  • Provided comprehensive system level support of our multiuser client management system.
  • Included software/hardware installation and configuration.
  • Utilized SQL Developer and more development tools to create and run queries.
  • Resolved issues that originated from errors in clients’ databases.
  • Performed data extraction, system enhancements, upgrades and report submissions.
  • Led training sessions and workshops on system processes for the team.
  • Maintained and upgraded our existing systems.
  • Also, troubleshooted technical issues as they arose.
  • Performed regular review of systems and generated reports on improvement areas.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Application Analyst


  • Assisted in development of new computer application systems, and efficient automation tools that aided in company’s Search Engine Optimization service.
  • Provided internal application support to team and created application test plans. Included weekly reports on the progress of projects.
  • Performed web development tasks and devised on-page optimization strategies with team to fit website requirements.
  • Managed the development and optimization of Landing pages for Pay Per Click (PPC) and email marketing.
  • Performed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for office and clients’ sites.
  • Hence, elevating clients’ brand awareness.
  • Implementation of Google Analytics on web applications and optimizing keywords on sites to enhance web traffic.
  • Utilizing AdWords tracking and several tools.
  • Analyzing and researching keywords related to client’s website through keywords research tool.
  • Performed continuous research on industry standard.
  • Maintained an edge by staying informed on SEO and SEM technologies, google alerts, and marketing automation trends.

Confidential, Marietta, GA

System Administrator


  • Managed storage of transcribed Grady hospital physicians’ recordings on our system.
  • Performed administration activities such as setting user accounts, roles, access, and privileges for company’s transcribers.
  • Monitored performance logs, server event logs and nightly server backups status. Included day-to-day maintenance and installation of server, virtual machines, backups and storage.
  • Performed operating system upgrades, software updates and patches. Continuously done for improved performance.
  • Performed day-to-day maintenance and installation of server, network equipment, virtual machines, messaging, backups and storage.
  • Troubleshooted network and application performance issues affecting transcribers recordings. This entailed maintaining routine daily logs and reports on major incidents.
  • Managed Windows Server environments including Active Directory for remote and onsite users. Utilized PowerShell to automate tasks and increase efficiency.
  • Researched new technologies and followed industry trends to ensure we stayed abreast of new OS versions, drivers and hardware. Hence, ensuring compliance with performance standards and product benchmarks. Which yielded 90% positive satisfaction ratings with our client.

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