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Performance Engineer Lead Resume

Houston, TX


  • Around 8 years of Quality Assurance experience with strong expertise in Performance/Load & Stress Testing using HP Performance Center /Load Runner.
  • Extensive experience in automated testing of Web based and Client/Server applications with proficiency in Load and Performance Testing.
  • Expertise on various monitoring tools like HP Site scope and HP Diagnostics, to keep track of the test performance and identify various bottlenecks.
  • Experience in Performance testing of Web and Client/Server applications using Load Runner.
  • Experienced with all functionality of Virtual User Generator and Correlating Statements, configuring Run time settings for HTTP, iterations, Simulated Modem speeds to bring the testing scenario to real world
  • Strong experience in using Single and Multiple protocols in Load runner Vugen like Web Http, WebServices, Ajax TruClient, Web Click and Script, SAP Gui, SAP click, ODBC and Oracle NCA.
  • Evolving software systems to increase their reliability, Performance.
  • Well versed with Handling Elements in Selenium Web Driver.
  • Writing Test cases using Element locators, WebDriver methods, Java programming features and TestNG Annotations.
  • Strong experience in preparing Performance Test Plans, Performance Test Strategy, Performance Test Analysis Reports, Test Scenarios and Test Scripts for Automated Testing for various software applications.


  • Testing Tools: Load Runner 11x/12X, Performance Center 12.55, Jmeter4.0, Jenkins, Storm runner, VSTS, Load UI, UFT, Quality Center 9/10/11
  • Load Runner Protocols: Web - HTTP, Web Services, Citrix, Oracle NCA, SQL Scripting, JAVASCRIPT, VB Script 9x/10, Selenium, ADO.net, Ajax TrueClient
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, JAVA/J2EE, VB.net, ASP.net, PEARL, Python, PHP, XML
  • Web/ Application Servers: MS IIS, Apache, Web sphere, CSS, XML, XSLT, XPATH, ISS(7.0/6.0/5.0)
  • Database: Oracle, Db2, SQL Server, MySQL
  • GUI: VB, JSP, Java Applets, ASP, HTML
  • Other: Service Oriented Architecture, Web services, XML, SOAPUIWSDL, WCF


Confidential, Houston, TX

Performance Engineer Lead


  • Gather Requirement from Development team and BA, collected work flows, established test plans, outlined test environment, scenarios and test scripts across CSL Services- eservices, Airframes, Flight shopping and PNR management.
  • As a Performance Lead discussed with application architects and product owners to come up with business requirements which will be documented and identifying the business-critical scenarios for non-functional testing, to enhance and scale up the existing and new products
  • Defining strategy to carry out all Performance Engineering activities for the application and as a lead planned the resources required, including the toolset used to accomplish test execution.
  • Developed scripts, recorded, configuration and user/data load setup in Performance Center 12.55 for the CSL services consumed by United airline channels.
  • Used various C, Java, and .Net codes and Correlation function in Vugen by adding regular expression extractor and correlate the dynamic values which come from the server response when a request is sent.
  • Worked with business partners and other Tech groups to identify technical needs of system and determine priority of need to improve the Site Reliability and introduce Fault Injection testing.
  • Managed Docker orchestration and Docker containerization using Kubernetes to improve the site reliability.
  • Developing automated scripts and enhancing the scripts for Load testing, Stress testing, Endurance testing and Regression testing for CSL web services.
  • Extensive backend knowledge Oracle 11g, SAP, SOA, JAVA, J2EE, .Net Application Servers.
  • Gathered AWR report from Oracle to process the performance statistics.
  • Conducted Fault injection testing by introducing latency
  • Used cloud monitoring tools for AWS environment as part of migration project.
  • Monitoring of Java J2EE Applications and used Jprofiler profiling tool for JVM monitoring, Heap Memory management, Heap dumps, Thread dumps, GC using Appdynamics and Dynatrace

Environment: Java, Web Sphere app, Web services, AWS, Kubernetes, Shares DB, AWR, Open Shift.

Tools: Performance Center12.55, Selenium, Jmeter 4.0, Fiddler, App Dynamics, Dynatrace, Kibana, MSSQL Server, TFS, Jira, Jenkins.

Protocols: Web services, Web (HTTP/HTML), Ajax TC. Citrix

Confidential, Irving, Texas

Performance Engineer


  • Prepared Test plan and Test specifications based on Functional Requirement.
  • Experienced in defining the performance scenarios based on the client provided QA use cases and inputs.
  • Creating performance test strategy and effort estimation document and walk through for Project team.
  • Developed scripts, recoded, configuration and user/data load setup in
  • Offshore and onsite Coordination. Worked with business partners and other Tech groups to identify technical needs of system and determine priority of needs to improve the Site Reliability.
  • Monitoring and Provide tuning recommendations if required after analyzing the results in server side for better Performance.
  • Enhance our monitoring of the production environment to ensure a speedy resolution of issues for the site reliability.

Environment: .NET, Azure, SQL Server.

Tools: Storm runner 12.5

Protocols: Web (HTTP/HTML). Web services.

Chicago, IL

QA Performance Engineer Lead


  • As a Lead planned Performance resources and gave estimates to project teams and planned the tool set and defined the process and methodology.
  • Performance Lead activities involved Installed Jmeter in the RDC to set up the test environment.
  • Creating performance test strategy and effort estimation document.
  • Developed scripts, recoded, configuration and user/data load setup in JMeter.
  • Using Correlation function in jmeter by adding regular expression extractor and correlate the dynamic values.
  • Custom coding and bean shell scripting using jmeter.
  • Enhance the script by adding text check functions like response assertions in Jmeter.
  • Adding view results in tree, Table, Aggregate Report in Jmeter to analyze the results during the test runs.
  • Monitored and analyzed on COBOL from the server logs after the execution to identify the bottlenecks.
  • Worked with business partners and other Tech groups to identify technical needs of system and determine priority of needsto improve the Site Reliability.

Environment: Java1.8, AWS, COBOL, CICSPearl, Mainframes, .Net, Micro focus, DB2

Tools: Gatling, Load runner12.55, Fiddler, VMware, MSSQL Server, Jira, Confluence

Protocols: Web (HTTP/HTML).Citrix

Norfolk, VA

System's Performance Engineer


  • Performed Correlation and Parameterization for the script, to ensure the script runs successfully during replay.
  • Performed Load, Stress, scalability and performance test using Load Runner 12.53. Developing and
  • Maintaining Test Scripts, analyzing bugs and interacting with development team members in fixing the defects.
  • Performed the back-end test connecting the database MySQL.
  • Monitored Test through performance center and Controller.
  • Monitored database for sessions, connection pool and memory issues.
  • Recorded and enhanced Vuser Scripts by inserting Transaction points, Rendezvous points in to Vuser Script in Loadrunner12.53.
  • Involved in systems monitoring, OS Metrics, Wily Introscope, Diagnostics/Profilers.
  • Used Web Reg Find function to search for the text to see if the desired pages are returned during replay in Virtual User Generator.

Environment: Pega7.2.2, Java, Web Services, SQL Server.

Tools: Performance Center12.53,Fiddler,Splunk,Wily Introscope, MSSQL Server, Jira, Confluence

Protocols: Web (HTTP/HTML), Ajax True Client.

Confidential, Fremont, CA

Performance Engineer


  • Agile development - Participated in daily scrum meetings to report daily progress of Automation activities and Sprint planning for test planning activities.
  • Developed Vuser scripts using LoadRunner for Web (HTTP/HTML), and Web services protocols based on the user workflows.
  • Developed Web Service Vuser scripts for a Web Service Call using Soap UI.
  • Extensively used XML Spy to test SOAP and web services based applications.
  • Worked extensively with XML data and SOAP protocols in Non- UI Web services (SOA) Testing.
  • Defined and configured SLAs for hits/sec, throughput, transactions per second in LoadRunner.
  • Developed and Validated Scripts in Jmeter, correlated, parameterized and debugged the scripts.
  • Added frame work to jmeter and integrated with Jenkins to run the job and pulled out the results.
  • Used C programming in the VUgen scripts to test the complex scenarios.
  • Analyzing Throughput Graph, Hits/Second Graph, Transactions per second Graph and Rendezvous Graphs using Appdynamics.
  • Validated data count in the in the SQL server DB for the Data dependent Modules.
  • Translate the functional requirement to the Appian business.
  • Triggered Jenkins Job for integrated Test run for all in scope Modules and Validated and updated data in Database Before the test run.

Environment: Java, J2EE, HTML, PHP, Web Services, SQL Server.

Tools: Performance Center12.5, Jmeter, Jenkins, Microsoft Visual TFS, Fiddler, Dynatrace, MSSQL Server, Jira, Confluence

Protocols: Web Services, Web (HTTP/HTML).

Confidential, Chandler, AZ

Performance Tester


  • Developed Web Service Vuser scripts for a Web Service Call using Soap UI.
  • Created automated scripts by including timers for recording response times, and test checks for confirming the retrieval of the correct page.
  • Extensively did performance testing of server’s load and scalability by creating multiple Virtual Users by using Load Runner Virtual User Generator(VuGen) component.
  • Extensive backend knowledge of Oracle 10g,11g, SOA, JAVA Application Servers.
  • Highlighting the object used by the alternative step and replaying it using Ajax trueclient.
  • Used JMeter to perform basic load and stress testing on web application environment.
  • Created Various Vuser Scripts based on the Transactions such as Transfer funds, My Accounts, Customer service, Alerts, and pay bills Used by the Real time users using VuGen of Load Runner.
  • Configured Web, Application, and Database server performance monitoring setup using LoadRunner Controller, Wily Introscope, Spunk& HP diagnostics.

Environment: Java, J2EE 1.6, AJAX, HTML, Web Services, SQL Server.

Tools: HP Performance Center 12.50, HP Analyzer, Fiddler, Dynatrace.

Protocols: Ajax True client, Web Services,Web (HTTP/HTML).

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