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Qa Automation Tester Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • 7.5+ years of experience in the Information Technology Industry as a QA Tester in Manual and Automation Testing on Client - Server, Web Application & Object-Oriented Programming systems in multiple applications.
  • Extensive experience in creating the automation framework from scratch using Selenium WebDriver with JAVA for writing test suites and test cases for testing web applications with Cucumber, TestNG and Junit Frameworks.
  • Sound experience in working on Agile- scrum environment
  • Experience In HTML, CSS, JavaScript and core JAVA programming.
  • Well-versed in designing and implementing automation scripts using selenium web driver
  • Sound experience in performance testing using JMeter
  • Sound experience in writing the Test cases, Test plans, executing test scripts, reporting defects and preparing test result report
  • Strong understanding of Object-Oriented methodologies, software life cycle.
  • Extensive experience in developing and maintaining test methodology, strategy & plan, documenting & executing test plans, test cases,test scripts, resource planning, delegating tasks.
  • Preparation of technical and end-user documentation& Manuals for UAT (User Acceptance Testing).
  • Proficient in testing applications for browser compatibility, performance/Load, functional,stress, regression, user interface (UI), integration, system & acceptance testing.
  • Involved in mobile application testing with various apps
  • Strong grip in using TestNG Listeners for generating aggregate automation reports
  • Strongly experienced in Page Object model to automate Functional and regression testing by creating hybrid automation frameworks using eclipse, maven, java, selenium web driver, testNG.
  • Experience in design the framework using cucumber BDD, gherkin, java and selenium webdriver.
  • Experience in using Rest Assured for automating the testcases related to the Restful webservices.
  • Used java singleton technique to create frameworks.
  • Used extent-report for creating the test reports.
  • Sound experience in using Jenkins with mavenfor continuous integration.
  • Tested Web Services, Validated Request and Response XML, SOAP Calls, Restful calls and WSDL using SOAPUI tool.
  • Sound experience with source code management tool GIT
  • Experience in using browser stack tool for responsive testing for mobile application.
  • Good exposure of working in continuous integration environment using Jenkins
  • Well-versed in defect tracking tools such as Jira and Quality CenterExperience in Preparation and Execution of appropriate business test scenarios based on Functional & Technical Requirements effectively delegate and manage the tasks assigned to the team.
  • Expertise in reviewing requirements, planning test cycles, documenting test artifacts, performing various test execution and Reporting at all stages of the projects.
  • Experience in preparation of Requirement Traceability Matrix, Optimal test plan, Test Metrics,DefectReport and Weekly Status Reports.
  • Excellent in the test automation process, right from identifying test cases for automation to analyzing the results and reporting bugs.
  • Strong understanding of QA best practices, test management processes and defect management.
  • Well versed with waterfall and Agile methodologies in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Used Xpath for locating dynamic web elements.
  • Highly motivated and conceptually strong with exceptional handling and problem-solving skills, multi-tasking, Communication and interpersonal skills and good team spirit.
  • Expertise in writing SQL Queries for data validation


UI Automation Testing Tools: Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Cucumber

Testing Frameworks: TestNG, Junit, BDD

Build and dependencies management: Maven

Continuous Integration: Jenkins

Repository Systems/ Version control: Git and GitHub, SVN, Git and Bitbucket

Performance Testing: JMeter

API/ Webservices Testing: SoapUI, Ready API, Rest- Assured, JMeter, WSDL, POSTMAN

IDE: Eclipse, IntelliJ, Programmer- notepad, NetBeans

RDBMS: Oracle, MS- SQL Server, My SQL, SQL Lite


JavaScript Framework: Chai, Mocha

Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile/Scrum

Defect Tracking and Mgt Tools: Jira, Quality Center, Bugzilla, TM4J

Operating Systems: Windows XP/2000/9x/NT, UNIX, Mac

Reporting Tools: Extent-Report, Listeners, Cucumber Report, Allure Report

Meeting-Tools: Cisco WebEx, Go to Meeting, Google meeting

Microsoft Tools: Microsoft office, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Share point

Other Tools: GIT, SourceTree, Tortoise Git, Git Bash, SQL developer, Apache POI, Firebugs, Fire Path, Xpath, CSS, Browser Stack, Selenium Grid


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

QA Automation Tester

Environment: Selenium, SOAP UI, J2EE, Oracle 11g, Java, TestNG,SQL, XML, Cucumber, Maven, GIT, JIRA


  • Analyzed business requirements and functional documents, created the test strategy document that define the test environment, phases of testing, entrance and exit criteria into distinct phases of testing and resources required to conduct the effort.
  • Evaluation of functional/nonfunctional requirement documents to identify gaps in the necessities.
  • Reviewed System, Functional and design Specification documents for all the enhancements and releases.
  • Participated in daily scrum, sprint, grooming, planning, and retrospective meetings as part of agile process.
  • Involved in mapping requirements (Userstories) to testing scenarios and test cases to ensure proper coverage
  • Developed a Page Object Model within TestNG Frameworkfor selenium web driver automation test script.
  • Used Selenium Web Driver to automate tests on Multi Browser environment for Compatibility.
  • Used web debugging tools such as firebug, fire path and xpath to locate elements based on ID, Name, xpath, CSS Selector, Link, Partial Link, Link Test,Attributes and Tags.
  • Used JIRA to develop test caseswith TM4J, test scripts, executing, review test cases and logging defects based on business requirement, functional requirement, and user stories.
  • Involved in web services testing using SOAP UI tool and Automation of rest web services test cases using restAssured
  • Used complete integration with Jenkins and Git .
  • Used Java concept of object oriented programming like Abstraction, Polymorphism and Inheritance Encapsulation.
  • Used Extensively action classes and Pop and Alert functionalities in testing script.
  • Used SOAP UI tool for webservices testing
  • Generated the test defects report and reported it to development team for Bug fixing through JIRA.
  • Used Behavior driven Development to test for a login feature with Cucumber tool.
  • Experience in writing Test Plans, defining test Cases, developing and maintaining Test scripts, analyzing the results of scripts, interaction with developers in fixing the errors.
  • Coordinated with peers in the team for clarity on the requirements.
  • Proficient in all phases of Test Life Cycle from test planning to defect tracking and managing defect lifecycle.
  • Used Java access modifier to restrict the visibility and Java script executor to find Hidden elements.
  • Automated UI tests with different use cases.
  • Created Extent Reports and emailable for detailed explanation of automation test Scripts.
  • Defect Reporting and Resolution and Bug fixing.
  • Involved in grouping of Test automation framework for Smoke Test to ascertain that the crucial functions of the application.
  • Generated reports using extent reports
  • Created Validation checkpoints and efficiently caught and reported defects in JIRA
  • Use JIRA for bug tracking and agile project management.
  • Performed Black Box testing which includes System Integration (SIT), User Acceptance (UAT), Regression, Functional, Positive and Negative Testing. Reviewing Release phase, Test Strategy and test plans.
  • Participated in daily scrum, sprint, grooming, planning, and retrospective meetings as part of agile process.
  • Gain insight and understand the risks/issues with requirements that need further consideration.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

QA Automation Tester

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Jenkins, Maven, Cucumber, XPath, postman, GIT, Eclipse, Quality Center, Agile, Windows.


  • Strategize the methodology to be followed for each vendor, attend the requirements and vendor meetings to review the functional specifications and gather business information to gain insight and plan the test deliverables, identify gaps and lead the team in the scrum meetings with the vendors.
  • Worked on airlines domain in Cabin crew IT wing.
  • Tested and monitored CO2 emission and RTK calculation.
  • Analyzed business requirements and functional documents, helped in creating the test strategy document that define the test environment, phases of testing, entrance and exit criteria into different phases of testing and resources required to conduct the effort.
  • Verified, edited and update test data in new or existing systems before testing.
  • Drafted Test Plan which included testing objectives, testing phases, scenarios and test environment, Scope after a thorough analysis of the business rules.
  • Involved in writing Test Case by using Design docs and Acceptance criteria.
  • Developed Automation framework using Selenium Web Driver.
  • Developed Selenium test cases using TestNGframework
  • Involved in Performance Testing Using JMETER tool
  • Extended TestNG Data Driven framework by adding some helper classes and methods.
  • Created automation framework in Selenium WebDriver using behavior driven approach like Cucumber.
  • Involved in providing the efficient locators strategy like XPath and CSS to run Selenium Webdriver script in stable condition.
  • Developed a Page Factory Model within TestNG Framework for selenium web driver automation test script.
  • Designed and Developed UATRegressionautomationscript and Automation of functional testing framework for all modules using Selenium and WebDriver.
  • Used JAVA conceptAbstraction, polymorphism, Encapsulation, Method Overriding,Method Overloading and Inheritance and Abstract Classes.
  • Used xpath and CSS Selector and Java Script Executor with Selenium Webdriver to identify and locate the elements on webpage.
  • Used TestNg ‘s different annotation to interact with the application.
  • Testing of web services using RestAPI.
  • Created test scripts and UAT test cases, coordinated with the UAT team and project manager and performed UAT activities with end users
  • Used complete integration with Jenkins and Git .
  • Setup Maven project for Cucumber and Selenium, perform Data Driven Testing in Cucumber and Selenium
  • Created Data driven framework using Excel sheet and JSON
  • Configured Cucumber Report Plugin to Jenkins to generate html test reports.
  • Used key concepts such as scenario outline and data tables in for generating a uat test automation framework for end to end scenarios
  • Configured TestNGand Cucumber Frameworks to Rerun the failedTest cases
  • Integrated automation scripts (Selenium WebDriver API) on Continuous Integration tools Jenkins for nightly batch run of the Script.
  • Performed GUI, Functional and Regression testing by automated using Selenium, TestNG, Maven, and Jenkins.
  • Implement Selenium Grid to execute test scenarios on multiple browsers
  • Verified files, asserting the files using various In-build assertions, performed Data Driven testing, in POSTMAN
  • Automate regression testing using hybrid framework
  • Used Quality Center for Defect Management and SharePoint for version control of Documentation and accessibility by all project teams.
  • Provide status updates in the sprint standup review meetings on the achievements since the last scrum meeting and the plan for the day.
  • Worked with Developers, Business analysts and Project managers to determine requirements (Test Cases, Test Data).

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

QA Tester

Environment: Java, Selenium IDE, SQL, ORACLE, Selenium webdriver, SOAP UI


  • Worked in a highly agile environment with the scrum master, product owner and Dev team to agree on a set of achievable sprint commitments and the level of effort required to deliver each story.
  • Agree on the sprint objectives and define a sprint delivery strategy which includes breaking user stories into tasks, estimating the efforts and assigning the tasks.
  • Gain insight and understand the risks/issues with requirements that need further consideration.
  • Consult with the scrum master to ensure that requirements are fully understood/addressed and provide insight on the sprint challenges relative to the agile requirements.
  • Highlight the dependencies between the sprint activities with the stake holders and flag any impediments or blockages that may prevent from proceeding with the testing as planned.
  • Involved in setting up different configurations for compatibility testing and manual testing for each environment that includes graphical user interface (UI)
  • Test and highlight any known risks that have a high likelihood of being realized during the course of the sprint cycle and track the defects and highlight them in the defect meets.
  • Ensure that all the story cards and the burn sheet are updated and with revised status and estimates before the daily scrum standup meetings.
  • Provide status updates in the sprint standup review meetings on the achievements since the last scrum meeting and the plan for the day.
  • Worked on QA resource planning, coordination and implementation of QA methodologies.
  • Developed and implemented Test Conditions and Test Cases based on the requirements.
  • Regression testing to see the major functionality of the application is unaffected.
  • Served as primary point of contact for quality services across all stakeholders and facilitated/ confronted the delivery from Requirements to deployment in the capability of a QA lead.
  • Participated in multiple sprint cycles to finalize on the achievable sprint commitments.
  • Responsible to conduct weekly meeting and discuss several issues that were put forth by Business Analysts and Technical Architects and responsible for maintaining the Testing Metrics.
  • Creating and Executing of the system test plan to check the dependencies between the interfaces.
  • Prepared plan for optimal test scenarios for post deployment smoke testing using lean methodology.
  • Created Test scripts using different classes in selenium including actions, Select and made contributions to existing automation framework
  • Created and Executed Test Cases and assign it to the Dev team using JIRA.
  • Analyzed the functionalrequirements for developing Test Cases and Test Scripts
  • Performed Functional and Regression testing manually.
  • Created SELENIUM IDE record and Play backwith the Framework followed by the Company.
  • Performed web services Functional and regression testing using SOAP UI
  • Wrote SQLQueries to extract the data from database tables for testing purposes.
  • Defects were tracked analyzed and monitored using JIRA tool.
  • Provided feedback to improve user experience
  • Used Selenium IDE / Firefox for scripting with record and play feature
  • Conducted compatibility tests with different browsers and multiple operating systems.
  • Worked on Agile Methodologies.
  • Involved in Webservice Testing (SoapUi) using WSDL Files.
  • Tested Applications compatibility on different browser versions (IE, Firefox, Safari and Chrome).
  • Verified that all features work as described in the application documentation provided by the Development Team and as defined through study of screens and underlying application code.
  • Regressiontesting on each new build of the application to verify that the latest version of the software has not affected previous working functionality and that known problems have been fixed.
  • Created reports and logged the defects.
  • Reported decisions based on the results of the validation tests performed and provided suggestions to improve quality of the AUT.
  • Participated in daily scrum meetings where all the testers will address any blockers blockingtesting and discuss the status of assigned tasks.
  • Documenting test cases based on corresponding user requirement documents, technical specifications and other operating conditions

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