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It Quality Assurance Manager Resume

Tallahassee, FL


  • Innovative, strategic, and highly focused senior technology leader with a proven track record of developing and implementing Scrum business strategies, coaching Senior IT project and product managers, facilitating large - scale technical projects, and implementing changes in software processes to align with Scrum and Agile methodologies.
  • Skilled at communicating with technology and business executives to arrange budget and implementation meetings, establish project goals, and setting agendas of projects.
  • Continuously works as a coach to Senior IT project managers and a senior technical liaison between influential business stakeholders and IT departments, and cross-functional software development and quality assurance teams.
  • Assists with defining project requirements, assign tasks to project managers, identify user needs, and determine project goals.
  • Is highly experienced at establishing process improvement and quality control change in software, technical infrastructure management, organizational management, and strategic business progress.
  • Skilled in aligning client needs with long-term solutions.
  • Promoting proactive project collaboration and a positive work culture by building and leading high-performance technology teams, establishing targetable schedules and goals, and prioritizing employee engagement strategies.
  • Working in Scrum environments and using change management methodologies and practices. Integrates Agile & Waterfall and Scrum Methodologies into project management processes to support continuous IT and business development.
  • Establishing business and process changes, software infrastructure management, and organizational leadership
  • Seasoned IT professional with exceptional leadership and project management skills. Well-organized, systematic, and diplomatic in building consensus and spearheading teams. Specialize in planning and implementation.
  • Methodical quality assurance manager with superb problem-solving and analytical abilities. Able to keep meticulous records and identify and troubleshoot problems promptly. Specialties include operational improvements, program implementation, and documentation.


  • Senior Management
  • Strategic Planning & Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Operational Planning
  • Technical Communication
  • Business Analysis
  • Scrum & Agile Methodologies
  • Test Data Management
  • Business Development
  • Risk Management
  • Process Implementation
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Project Lifecycle Compression
  • Test automation
  • Contract Management
  • Business Consultation
  • Team Leadership
  • Implementation


IT Quality Assurance Manager

Confidential - Tallahassee, FL


  • Manages the quality assurance and test data management teams on multiple projects and cross-functional activities.
  • Evaluates, trains, and explores employee improvement opportunities and course of action.
  • Reviews and determines budgetary requirements for successful resource and program allocation planning.
  • Implements new quality assurance and customer service standards that improved processes by 30%.
  • Maintains quality assurance and plans and tests strategies for the information systems administration division.
  • Improve techniques and documentation attributing to 65% increase in test case analysis and execution and maintain policies and procedures that allowed for an overall improvement in test creation and strategies, allowing the team to produce an additional 25% of testing coverage on ongoing projects.
  • Establishes and maintains the quality assurance testing lab, allowing the team to execute test cases in cross-functional environments and creating 25% improvement in test coverage.
  • Establishes and maintains the departments test data management (TDM) process, development tools, and the Quality Assurance test automation process, improving test coverage by an additional 5% to 10% on ongoing projects.
  • Utilizes the organization's portfolio project management tool to maintain and update project statuses and progress, reviews project charters and analysis viability and project risks, and work with the QA team to provide test creation and execution estimates for upcoming and ongoing projects.
  • Facilitates quarterly division meetings and present test outcomes including defect tracking and statistics, and participate in the organization's governance meetings, present QA statistics, and coverage including defect tracking, risk analysis, and cost savings to executive leadership.
  • Participates in the organizational change management process and provide analytical feedback and test estimations that a contributes a 10% increase in process improvement.
  • Integrates quality assurance testing into the organization's software development life cycle Improves interdepartmental relations with the business users, product owners, and the quality assurance team.

Enterprise Process Analyst



  • Assisted in gathering and facilitating test data and test plans and facilitate the creation of test scenarios and procedures to increase testing processes by 15%.
  • Utilized Visual Studio to create, maintain, and review development tasks, test case scripts, project reporting, and management.
  • Reviewed, tested, and recognized testing defects and discrepancies.
  • Maintained business requirements and business needs during the development and testing and effectively report results and impediments found during development and testing.
  • Facilitated requirements and information found by the team and determine solutions and needs in a timely matter
  • Presented and instructed quality for the product and determine and brainstorm how it can be improved within the limits of the organization.
  • Analyzed data, identified problem areas, made recommendations to improve, and implemented approved recommendations
  • Facilitated process development, implementation, and improvement during the life cycle of the project
  • Maintained and created vital relationships and effective communication between subject matter experts (SME), business unit, product owner, and stakeholders Implement team-building exercises and improve team relations
  • Analyzed the team’s weakness and strengths and assigned tasks and duties best suited for the team members knowledge of stress testing.

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