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Integration-qa Analyst Resume


  • 14+ years of experience in SDLC including Requirement Gatherings, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Testing and Support.
  • 13+ years of experience in Software Testing, and 5+ years of experience as ETL developer.
  • 5+ years of experience with Cognos. Executed multiple OLAP applications using Cognos (8, 10) to verify/validate data from the EDW which support analytical reporting for Corporate Business Units.
  • Worked in Waterfall, Agile and V mode environment.
  • Extensively used JMeter and Java for Test Automation.
  • Experience in ETL methodology for supporting Data Extraction, Transformations and Loading process in a corporate - wide-ETL solution using Pentaho 4.x 5.x
  • Experience ETL testing Automation with QuerySurge which reduced testing runtime to 1/3 compare with manual for continues testing cycles.
  • Provided defect Analysis report with sample records which is generated thru QuerySurge to the development team to fix the issue.
  • Created UNIX shell scripts to execute Pentaho kjb and ktr and Informatica workflow.
  • Expertise lies in Functional testing, Manual Testing, Regression testing, User Acceptance testing (UAT), System testing, Integration testing and Black/White Box testing, Smoke testing
  • Experienced working with SalesForce.
  • Strong understanding of Banking, Confidential Care and Retail and food distribution business domain.
  • Experience in writing complex SQL, Oracle PL/SQL queries including calling stored procedures by passing parameters, functions using SQL Developer and Toad as development tools.
  • Expertise in QA Testing in distributed Unix Environment and Oracle & SQL Server databases as back end, Performed end-to-end testing & back-end testing.
  • Experienced in dealing with clients to gather requirements, understanding the Business requirements, product demonstrations and providing product support.
  • Strong understanding of Banking, Confidential Care and Retail business domain.
  • Experienced in Code migration from Development to Demo, UAT, Pre-Prod and Production using UNIX and WinSCP & FileZilla.
  • Experience with HP/IBM ALM tools like QA, CQ & JIRA and
  • Understand the business rules based on High Level document specifications and implements the data transformation methodologies.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and handle multiple tasks. A good team player, motivated, decisive with strong leadership qualities, flexible in work schedules and possess comprehensive communicational skills.


ETL Tools: DataStage, Informatica Power Center 10.x, Abinitio, & Pentaho 5.x, SalesForce, Tibco

Testing Tools: QuerySurge, beyond compare, HP Quality Center 10.x, HP ALM, TFS, JMeter

Databases: Oracle 12c, 11g, 10g, 9i, 8i, SQL Server 2012, MS Access, Netezza

Programming Skills: C, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, HSQL, Java, VB Script, Java Script, DHTML, XML

Scripting Languages: UNIX Shell Scripting, Java Script, HDFS Scripts

SQL Tools: Toad, SQL Developer, SQL Server Management Studio

OS: Windows XP, NT, 7, 8, AIX, Unix/Linux



Integration-QA Analyst


  • Extensively used JMeter for Test Automation.
  • SAP/Netezza/Oracle sources are used for integration project.
  • SAP se16 t-code is used to search source table and create the csv file to load to QA repository.
  • JMeter is used to Validate 22 integrations for the project built in Tibco.
  • Used HTTP Header Manager Config Element to Thread group for Jason/xml Content-Type and Accept.
  • Used HTTP Request Sampler to test new API created for Product Group interface.
  • JDBC Connection Configuration is used to get Database connection.
  • Used JDBC Request Sampler to connect and get the data from EDW (Netezza).
  • BeanShell Sampler is utilized for Java code which is used for data comparisons and validation.
  • Validated Source/Target data value and created STDiff and TSDiff for any Diff analysis.
  • Jenkins is used to automate jmx file and other components of Interfaces. qTest is used to maintain Test Cases and execution results.
  • Setup and configured SMTP Sampler to send Result statistics file and PIC document locations.
  • Java testing script validates Status of each Test Cases and write it on Results Statistics file with either Pass or Fail status with the Source/Target numbers.
  • Java testing script also validates Source and Target aggregate (SUM) amount and quantity columns and write it to Results Statistics file.
  • Confluence tool is used for Project Management and documentation.

Environment: Informatica, Tibco, Confluence, JMeter, Webservices, API, Netezza, Java, JIRA, qTest, Jenkins


ETL QA Analyst/Tester


  • Created Test plans for in house developed application “Advantage”.
  • Developed QuerySurge Reusable Query Snippets and created new and automate them to execute ETL test cases.
  • Provided the Test result analysis to the developer/business to fix the issue found during automation.
  • Active participation in decision making and QA meetings and regularly interacted with the Business Analysts & development team to understand Business Process, Requirements & design.
  • Created and executed many test cases to verify data such as Row Count, Data Type, Fields max/min length, Upper/Lower Case, Mock up data, Date Range, Cycle Ids, Duplicates, Minus, Sample Records.
  • Assisted team to get to the speed to complete testing life cycle.
  • Developed SQL queries to show the discrepancies between Source and Target.
  • Executed Control-M jobs to load data.
  • Performed troubleshooting and performance tuning of quires written for data compare. Analyzed error table entries and resolved related issues.
  • Analyzed DataStage mapping to find the root cause of the job failure or data discrepancies.
  • Performed detail job log analysis for any job execution failure or missing data in target.
  • Used HP QC - ALM to log a defect and tracking.
  • Developed simulator which create Inbound files based on sent Outbound file to complete the process cycle.
  • Used Splunk to see the logs for webservices.

Environment: DataStage 11.5, UNIX, Oracle, Toad, Control-M, HP QC - ALM, WinSCP, Splunk, Webservices


ETL QA Analyst


  • Performed GAP analysis between Technical STM and Business STM and report and discrepancy.
  • Executed Tivoli jobs/ICS which generates Subject are Feeds like Claims, Member, Provider, LAB, Rx etc.
  • Tested and verified Feed generated from EDW which then ingested to DAL RAW and STD layer.
  • Performed regression testing after the defects code fix.
  • Performed negative testing to make sure system behave as expected.
  • Executed hdfs Scripts to inject feeds into Hive/Impala/Pig tables.
  • Verified hdfs scripts executed successfully and feed copied to S3 server.
  • Generated csv file from Hive/Impala/Pig tables and copied to local machine using mapped drive.
  • Executed command to copy files from one location to another and unzipping files to load data.
  • Executed hdfs script to load data from RAW layer to STD layer.
  • Performed data validation with all trans logic applied on RAW data.
  • Used vi editor to modify par file to avoid insert any special unseen characters in file.
  • Loaded Hive/Impala/Pig csv data files to temp table in EDW and compare data with Feeds generated from EDW.
  • Used TFS to maintain documents versions and test management.
  • Run Cognos reports to verify good data is available for analytics.
  • Executed query on STD layer and compare data with Cognos reports using with different prompts.
  • Extensively used Clear Quest to log defects and follow up with Dev team to get the code fix and migration.
  • Attended daily Scrum standups and provided update to scrum master and notify any road blocks.
  • Executed ICS jobs which loads data from EDW to Salesforce and set the parameter dates to run a Partition.
  • Created temp tables in EDW and loaded Salesforce data using Salesforce Dataloader.
  • Verified data model using Describe Salesforce tool.
  • Used JIRA to communicate Project Management all defects raised during test cycles.
  • Used Sharepoint extensively for documentation retrieval and uploads.
  • Closely worked with BA/DA and Developers to get the requirement docs and speed up the code fix and meet the release date.

Environment: Erwin, Apache Hadoop, HDFS, Pig, Hive, Hue, Shell Scripting, TFS, Oracle, LINUX, UNIX, Toad, Salesforce, DataLoader, Clear Quest, Describe, Jira, IPSwitch, SQL Server 2012.


Data Integration Engineer


  • Effectively lead 3 Member team.
  • Generated system flow, data flow and process flow diagram and assist team to accomplish project goals.
  • Interacted with the Business/System Analysts to transform the business requirements into technical requirements.
  • Created Technical Mapping documents, Production Implementation Documents and Resource Allocation Documents.
  • Worked on PL/SQL coding and creating stored procedures to be used from Pentaho kjb and ktr jobs
  • Worked with multiple pipeline mappings.
  • Migrated Classic Oracle Warehouse jobs to Pentaho kjb jobs.
  • Developed DataMart for Cognos reports and provided support for Cognos Framework Manager.
  • Executed multiple Cognos applications to test data workflow from DWH to DM.
  • Used debugger to identify bugs in existing mappings by analyzing data flow and evaluating transformations.
  • Performed unit testing at various levels of ETL development and actively involved in team code reviews.
  • Fixed invalid mappings and troubleshoot the technical issues related to database.
  • Scheduled and monitored jobs in Tidal.
  • Used Pentaho kitchen scripts to develop transformation and jobs.
  • Created UNIX scripts to execute the Pentaho kjb (job) and ktr (transformation) and control the ETL flow
  • Worked with Oracle RDBMS and Flat Files sources and targets.
  • Developed mappings to replicate data from SQL Server tables to Oracle tables.
  • Developed dimensional modeling using star schema and snowflake schema for Cognos Analytical.
  • Migrated Code from Development environment to Demo, UAT, Pre-Prod and Production using UNIX and WinSCP.
  • Optimized performance tuning at source, target, mapping and session level.
  • Used Hints, Indexing at table level to get optimum performance.

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