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Senior Performance Tester/lead Resume


  • 9 + years of experience in IT, specialized in Performance Testing of client server and web applications. Excellent understanding of software quality assurance techniques, software development life cycle (SDLC). Understand the Entire SDLC, to bring in the best practices and methodologies.
  • Extensively used Performance & automation - testing tools such as HP Load Runner 9.5/11.52/12.02 ,Performance center. Have strong experience in working on Web (HTTP/HTML), Truclient, Web services protocols in Load Runner.
  • Have strong experience in gathering performance and NFR test requirements by interacting with Business Analysts and Project teams.
  • Establish Non-Functional and Automation test approaches based on the System Design documents, Business requirements and SLA.
  • Strong on Load Runner in Virtual User Generator, Controller, Load Generators, Monitors, Analysis and Performance Center.
  • Have strong experience in preparing Performance test plan, developing Performance test strategies, test cases and test scripts based on the requirements.
  • Have good experience working with offshore and also have the ability to work independently
  • Have strong experience in Scheduling, coordinating, and managing successful completion of performance testing of all releases.
  • Have good experience in preparing the Business Volume based on the production metrics provided by Business Analysts/Development teams.
  • Have strong experience in preparing performance test scenarios in Performance Center/ALM based on the Business Volume.
  • Have strong experience in conducting Baseline testing, Endurance testing, Load testing and Stress testing on the different applications as per the client requirements using HP Load Runner.
  • Have strong experience in working on monitoring tools like HP Diagnostics, Sitescope, Wily Introscope to identify the performance bottlenecks and issues.
  • Have strong experience in capturing & analyzing the different metrics such as Response time, Throughput, Memory, Garbage Collection, CPU utilization, Database and I/O statistics.
  • Have strong experience in monitoring CPU utilization, Memory utilization, Garbage Collection, Heap utilization and network utilization while the load test is running.
  • Intermediate working knowledge on back-end testing using SQL, PL/SQL and Good experience in conducting script and load test design reviews
  • Strong working knowledge in usage of Unix/Linux commands and ability to write shell scripts.
  • Have Good experience with Microsoft Windows and UNIX environments and Have strong experience in testing client server applications, large distributed Enterprise wide customer facing web applications.
  • Expertise in Problem solving & defect Tracking Reports using Defect Tracking Tools (Quality Center)
  • Have strong experience in preparing test summary reports and communicating the performance metrics and issues to the concerned stake holders
  • Have been involved in agile methodologies attending the sprint and scrum meetings.
  • Capable to work independently in a fast-paced and multi-tasking environment. Self-motivated and a team player with continuous interest in learning.


Testing Tools: HP LoadRunner 9.5/11.5/12.02 , HP Performance center 9.5/11.5/12.02 , JMeter, Blaze meter Quality Center, QTP

Data Base: Oracle, My SQl, DB2

Scripting Languages: HTML, XML, Java Script, C

Operating Systems: Windows NT, 2000,XP, VISTA, Windows7, Linux, Unix

Web and Application Servers: IIS, WebSphere application server, WebLogic, Apache

Monitoring Tools: SiteScope, Wily Introscope, HP Diagnostics

Internet Technologies: J2EE, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS



Senior Performance Tester/Lead


  • Reviews Non-Functional requirements, assist development teams in identifying and resolving problems, tweak individual components for optimum performance
  • Responsible for all deliverables such as Test Plan, Testing Strategy and Test Case Documents, Test Scripts, Test Data, Test Results, Test Summary Report, Defect tracking
  • Establishes performance test strategies and requirements, planning and procedures, and load and stress testing
  • Develops Test scripts using the Jmeter and Blazemeter
  • Use Correlation to Parameterize Dynamically changing values
  • Create various scenarios in Jmeter for performing Benchmark, Stress, Volume, Scalability and Endurance tests
  • Reviews Java application code over several J2EE applications to optimize Performance and eliminate risks to stability, capacity and high availability
  • Monitor & Tune the metrics such as response times and Server Resources such as Total Processor Time (CPU), Available Bytes and Process Bytes (Memory), Garbage collection, Queue Length, Connections, Buffer Cache, SQL Queries, Roundtrip times, Physical read & writes
  • Collaborates extensively with server and Network Admins to root-cause issues with load balancing, server sizing,
  • Monitors resources to identify performance Bottlenecks, analyze the test results and report the findings
  • Run the test longer duration to find the Memory Leaks and Network issues in the application
  • Conducts weekly status calls to discuss outstanding issues


Senior Performance Tester/Lead


  • Leading Performance testing, actively involved in creation of detailed test plans test cases and test scenarios for different application modules according to Performance requirements and business specifications
  • Worked on multiple projects to address aggressive client’s timelines.
  • Assist with establishing performance requirements and identify test estimations to draw the timeline map.
  • Developed Performance test strategy and test plan
  • Involved in writing test cases/scripts, test execution and analysis
  • Setup collection tools to gather performance measurements
  • Provide decision support information to projects
  • Attend project meetings and provide testing status to projects
  • Participate in performance walkthroughs and reviews
  • Help project teams understand performance concepts and performance testing
  • Mentored resources across the organization in encouraging and developing the performance discipline within the given application and infrastructure teams
  • Managed customer relationships with the business, delivery, and technology partners
  • Identify type of performance tests needed based on business and technical requirements and build consensus with project team and business.
  • Defined benchmarks from business and technical documents.
  • Conducted performance tests, analysis and present test results, metrics and summary to facilitate go/no go decisions on release stability.
  • Analyzed test results to identify issues, and work with architects and development to suggest improvements and drive issues to resolution.
  • Analyze production monitoring metrics to trace back to test results and offer suggestions for areas performance improvements.
  • Communicated performance results in appropriate manner to executives and project team members, suggest any applicable changes when needed.
  • Contributed to the project success in a team environment while simultaneously completing individual tasks and goals. Lead and collaborate with Performance Test team to perform Load, Stress and Endurance tests, analyze and report results.

Environment: Load Runner 12.02, Performance center 12.1, Java, HTML, oracle.


Senior Performance tester


  • Collected work flows established test plans, outlined test environment, scenarios and test scripts.
  • Key person in QA process in the company, coordinated onshore and offshore activities
  • Analyzed the system requirements and developed test plans using technical specifications.
  • Developed scripts using Load runner by recording/playback and as well as by writing functions as required.
  • Changed the runtime settings such as pacing, think time, Log settings and timeout settings in Load Runner VUGEN and controller to simulate the real scenario.
  • Created various scenarios in Load Runner controller for performing baseline, benchmark, stress tests and endurance tests.
  • Advanced usage of controller to Create scenarios in controller for test
  • Creating performance test reports
  • Defined requirements for large-scale Load Runner performance tests of the Web, Client-server and Database server Applications.
  • Used Controller Scenario for performing Load Test and Analysis Module for yielding results.
  • Used Site scope for Monitoring of applications.
  • Monitor the analysis, design, implementation and execution of the test cases, test procedures and test suites.
  • Used Scenario by Schedule in the controller to change the Ramp Up, Duration and Ramp Down settings. Performed both automatic and manual correlation using the options in Load Runner.
  • Used IP spoofing to generate and associate different IP addresses to Virtual Users to emulate real-time Recorded, parameterized, and enhanced Vuser Scripts to simulate the critical business transactions.
  • Scenarios for load balancing issues activating / configuring monitors and adding desired performance counters into the Graphs.
  • Monitored the CPU, memory, and network utilizations on the UNIX server using Site Scope monitors.
  • Analyzed results of Transactions Response time, Transaction under load, Transaction Summary by Vusers, Hit per Second and Throughput.
  • Used Load Runner to check the source of Performance delay, Network or client delays, CPU performance, and Input and output delays.

Environment: Load Runner 11.5, ALM, Java, .Net, HTML, Oracle, DB2.

Confidential, Tallahassee, FL

Senior Performance Engineer


  • Identified the test requirements based on business requirements and blueprints.
  • Developed test scenarios and test procedures based on the test requirements.
  • Participated in Preparing Test Plans.
  • Performed website Load, Stress and Endurance testing using Load Runner.
  • Created Performance scenarios and Vugen scripts for identifying business transaction.
  • Configured Run-time settings for Vugen and Controller and monitored Vuser status.
  • Participated in various meetings and discussed Enhancement and Modification Request issues.
  • Involved in documentation of maintenance and running of scripts for future enhancements.
  • Generated graphs and studied them to monitor the software performance and network bottlenecks.
  • Prepared Test Metrics for measurement by keeping a record of the number of test cases passed, failed and details of the failures
  • Monitored database for sessions, connection pool and memory issues
  • Documented errors and implemented their resolutions.
  • Provide input to the Test Manager, Project Leaders and peers regarding testing and product quality
  • Analyzed results of Transactions Response time, Transaction under load, Transaction Summary by Vusers, Hit per Second and Throughput.
  • Determined the source of bottlenecks by correlating the performance data with end-user loads and response times.
  • Executed performance and endurance testing of a project to compare Transaction Response Time for business critical transactions on different builds of web based applications.
  • Utilized Load Runner Controller to perform volume testing to verify the system load process.
  • Used Load Runner to check the source of Performance delay, Network or client delays, CPU performance, and Input and output delays.

Environment: LoadRunner12.0, Site scope, UNIX, SQL, Silver light, Ajax, .NET, CRM.

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