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Devops / Elk Stack Engineer Resume

Milpitas, CA


Dedicated and driven candidate seeking a stimulating environment to contribute and to grow with a group that will provide career advancement opportunities.


  • Overall 10+ years of experience as a Sr. DevOps / ELK Engineer and Build/Release management, SCM, Environment Management and Build/Release Engineering for automating, building, releasing and configuring changes from one environment to other environment.
  • Worked on DevOps/Agile operations process and tools area (Environment, Service, unit test automation, Build & Release automation, Code review, Incident and Change Management).
  • Profusely worked on Hudson, Jenkins Team City and Team Forge for continuous integration and for End to End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Proficient in SQLite, MySQL and Postgre SQL databases with Python. Experienced in developing Web Services with Python programming language.
  • Experience in development and configuration experience with software provisioning tools like Chef, Puppet, Docker and Ansible.
  • Integrated delivery (CI and CD process) Using Jenkins, Bamboo, Nexus, Yum and puppet. Encountered with Version Control Systems administering Subversion and Perforce.
  • End to end application design and development using RESTful APIs, Micro - services, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 3.0 and JQuery.
  • Integrated Jenkins with various DevOps tools such as Nexus, Sonarqube, Puppet, CA Nolio, HP CDA, HP ALM and HP QTP etc.
  • Automating Cloud infrastructure setup via Cloud formation, terraform and - Confidential Urbancode Deploy
  • Ansible Playbook. - AWS Code Deploy.
  • Good experience in Code Quality Analysis tool like Sonarqube for testing the code quality of developed code.
  • Hands-on knowledge of software containerization platforms like Docker and container orchestration tools like Docker-Swarm and Knowledge on Kubernetes.
  • Experience with AWS Cloud Services like EC2, IAM, SNS, CLOUD WATCH, S3, VPC, EBS, ELB, AUTO-SCALING, ROUTE53 and Knowledge on RDS.
  • Monitoring the Nginx with Nginx-Amplify.
  • Expertise in creating DevOps strategy in a mix environment of Linux CENTOS, UBUNTU servers.
  • Using Jenkins, able to build the different kind of projects like Freestyle, Maven Based, Pipeline, Multi-branch pipeline.


Operating Systems: Linux Red Hat, Linux CentOS, Ubuntu, Unix, Windows, AIX

Version Control Tools: SVN, GIT, TFS, CVS and Confidential Rational Clear Case

Web/Application Servers: Web Logic, Apache Tomcat, Web Sphere and JBOSS

Automation Tools: Jenkins/Hudson, BuildForge and Bamboo

Build Tools: Maven, Ant and MS Build

Configuration Tools: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift

Databases: Oracle 11g/12c, DB2, MS Access and SQL Server 2012/2008R2/2005 Couchbase

Bug Tracking Tools: JIRA, Remedy, ServiceNow and Confidential Clear Quest

Scripting: Shell, Ruby, Python and JavaScript

Virtualization Tools: Docker, VM virtual Box and VMware

Monitoring Tools: Nagios, Cloud watch, Splunk

Cloud Platform: AWS EC2, VPC, EBS, Cloud Formation AWS Config and S3, Terraform

Languages: C/C++, Java, Python and PL/SQL


Confidential, Milpitas, CA

Devops / ELK Stack Engineer


  • Migrate Data from Elasticsearch-2.x Cluster to Elasticsearch-5.6.4 and version 5x to 6.5, 6.5 to 7.X using logstash, filebeat Kafka for all environments.
  • Migrate all clusters for enterprise to Open source
  • Infrastructure design for the ELK Clusters.
  • Elasticsearch and Logstash performance and configuration tuning.
  • Identify and remedy any indexing issues, crawl errors, SEO penalties, etc.
  • Provided design recommendations and thought leadership to improved review processes and resolved technical problems. working with product managers to architect the next generation of Workday search’s.
  • Benchmark Elasticsearch - 7.X for the required scenarios.
  • Providing Global Search with Elasticsearch
  • Written watcher alerts based on required scenarios.
  • Developed APIs for integration with various data sources.
  • Implemented cloud based integrations with elastic.
  • Build visualization and Dashboards using kibana.
  • Worked on configuring the ELK stack and used it for analyzing the logs from different applications.
  • Involved in creating the cluster and implemented the backup of the cluster with the help of curator by taking the snapshots.
  • Spin up the environment with the help of chef cook books and involved in modifying them per our requirement.
  • Created users for application teams to view their logs using curl statements and provided only the read access to them.
  • Using Curator API on Elasticsearch to data back up and restoring.
  • Configured xpack for the security and monitoring of our cluster and created watches to check for the health and availability of the nodes.
  • Used AWS Beanstalk for deploying and scaling web applications and services developed with Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, Ruby, and Docker on familiar servers such as Apache, and IIS.
  • Worked on Cloud automation using AWS Cloud Formation templates.
  • Hands on experience in EC2, VPC, Subnets, Routing tables, Internet gateways, IAM, Route53, VPC peering, S3, ELB, RDS, Security Groups, CloudWatch, SNS on AWS.
  • Implemented Continuous Delivery framework using Jenkins, Chef, and Maven in Linux environment.
  • Responsible for Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) process implementation using Jenkins along with Shell scripts to automate routine jobs.
  • Manage AWS EC2 instances utilizing Auto Scaling, Elastic Load Balancing and Glacier for our QA and UAT environments as well as infrastructure servers for GIT and Chef.
  • Skilled in monitoring servers using Nagios, Data dog, Cloud watch and using ELK Stack Fluentd Kibana .
  • Managed servers on the open stack / cloud / Amazon Web Services AWS platform instances using Chef Configuration management.
  • Worked on using Chef Attributes, Chef Templates, Chef Recipes and Chef Files for managing the configurations across various nodes using Ruby.
  • Experience with container based deployments using Docker, working with Docker images, Docker HUB and Docker registries.
  • Implemented a production ready, load balanced, highly available, fault tolerant Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Worked with JIRA for creating Projects and Created Mail handlers and notification Schemes for JIRA .
  • Worked with ServiceNow for creating / reporting tickets, change dashboards and use service catalog.
  • By using JIRA/CONFLUENCE we maintain our product release wikis on confluence and administer JIRA and manage tickets raised.
  • Involved in an Agile/ Scrum environment and daily standup meetings.
  • Manage regular changes in priority due to customer priority changes.
  • Written the Grok pattern in logstash.
  • Configured logstash: input, filter, output plugins - database, jms, log file sources and elastic search as output converting search indexes to Elastic with large amount of data
  • Elastic search experience and capacity planning and cluster maintenance. Continuously looks for ways to improve and sets a very high bar in terms of quality.
  • Written custom plugins to enhance/customize open source code as needed. written automation salt Scripts for managing, expanding, and node replacement in large clusters.
  • Sync Elasticsearch Data between the data centers using Kafka and logstash. managing Kafka Cluster and integrated Kafka with elastic.
  • Installed and Configure curator to delete indices older then 90 days.
  • Responsible to designing and deploying new ELK clusters (Elasticsearch, logstash, Kibana, beats, Kafka, zookeeper etc).
  • Proactively monitoring performance.

Environment: ELK stack, Service Now, Kafka, beats, Python, Java, GIT, SVN, Maven, Ansible, Puppet, Docker, Jenkins, Apache Webserver, JIRA, Windows, Python, Power Shell, AWS, Chef, MYSQL, Kubernetes, VMware / OpenStack servers

Confidential, Austin, TX

Devops Engineer


  • Provided a better workflow for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
  • Actively involved in architecture of DevOps platform and cloud solutions. Create and maintain deployment scripts of Java/J2EE Applications to any Application Server. Salt Stack, Puppet, Chef and Ansible configuration management and automation.
  • Improved development quality by setting up automated testing using Code exception and Circle CI with Github.
  • Developed Spark code and Spark-SQL/Streaming for faster testing and processing of data.
  • Transitioned Infrastructure from private data center to Cloud (AWS). Experience with configuration management and automation tools Docker.
  • Created a tracker for signed and received offer packages for both TerraForm Power and TerraForm Global.
  • Created and wrote shell scripts (Bash), Ansible and PowerShell for automating tasks. Experience in building frameworks and automating complex workflows using Python for Test Automation.
  • Worked on integrating GIT into the continuous Integration (CI) environment along with Anthill-Pro, Jenkins, Cruise Control and Subversion. Written scripts to containerize Ceph using Dockers and orchestrate it using Kubernetes. Configured the services using modern DevOps tools, like GoCD, Ansible.
  • Good Exposure on Virtualization and Containers (Docker) Experience in Branching/Merging/Conflict resolution using source control tools such as Git, SVN.
  • Good understanding of Openshift platform in managing Docker containers and Kubernetes Clusters.
  • Troubleshooting issues occurring in Docker host using docker workbench tool by writing scripts.
  • Container clustering with Docker Mesos/Kubernetes. implementing and Managing Docker and Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Experienced in working on DevOps/Agile operations process and tools area (Code review, unit test automation, Build & Release automation, Environment, Service, Incident and Change Management).
  • In-depth experience with Amazon AWS Cloud Services, (EC2, S3, EBS, ELB, Cloud Watch, Elastic IP, RDS, SNS, SQS, Glacier, IAM, VPC) and managing security groups on AWS.
  • Built various containers using Docker engine and Docker Machine environments, to deploy the micro services oriented environments for scalable applications.
  • Deployed DevOps using Puppet, Dashboard, and Puppet DB for configuration management to existing infrastructure.
  • Launched Docker containers on EC2 instance. SVN administration like give access for branches and SVN repositories.
  • Determining what Elastic Search queries produce the best search experience. Improving performance and scalability of an existing Elastic Search app.
  • Participated in release planning and scheduling by providing empirical Scrum team statistics, identifying project dependencies, and creating velocity forecasts. Translating business requirements into a Elastic Search implementation.
  • Designed, automated the process of installation and configuration of secure DataStax Enterprise Cassandra using puppet.
  • Participated in release planning and scheduling by providing empirical Scrum team statistics, identifying project dependencies, and creating velocity forecasts.
  • Developed and tested many features for dashboard using Python, Bootstrap, CSS, and JavaScript.

Environment: GIT, SVN, Maven, ANT, Docker, Jenkins, Apache Webserver, JIRA, Windows, Python, Power Shell, AWS, Chef, MS SQL, Java.


DevOps Engineer


  • Participated in configuring and monitoring distributed and multiple platform servers using Puppet. Used Puppet server and workstation to manage and configure nodes.
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using AWS Code pipeline, code commit Jenkins, Chef, Maven & Nexus in Linux server's environment.
  • Scripting Continuous Integration (CI) with help of Ruby and TeamCity to build and deploy on AWS EC2 instance using Docker.
  • Problems & performance issues; deployed latest patches for Sun, Linux and Application servers, Performed Solaris, and Red Hat Linux Kernel Tuning for TCP stack.
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Jenkins, CHEF, and Docker in AWS on prime servers.
  • Experience on Hudson/Jenkins and Bamboo for continuous integration and for the end to end Automation for all the builds and deployments.
  • User management, Creating and configuring new environments, libraries and projects in BuildForge.
  • Worked in migrating code from SVN to Gitrepo (stash/bit bucket)
  • Writing wrapper scripts to automate deployment of cookbooks on nodes and running the chef client on them in a Chef-Solo environment.
  • Involved in design, development micro services with Restful and SOAP web services using Spring REST.
  • Responsible for nightly and weekly builds for different modules.
  • Worked closely with development team and SQA team for product releases.
  • Worked closely with software developers and DevOps to debug software and system problems.
  • Worked on building and deploying Java code, AWS, Azure, Chef, Cruise Control, Web Sphere Application Servers, Jboss Application Servers. Anthill Pro, NoSQL.

Environment: Perl Scripting, Puppet, Shell Scripting, Subversion, TFS, Jira, ANT, Maven, AWS, Azure, Spring TC Server, Jenkins, J2EE, Web sphere.


DevOps / Build and Release Engineer


  • As DevOps Engineer, I am responsible for day-to-day build and deployment into QA and pre-prod environments
  • Automate the build and deploy of all the internal environments using various continuous integration tools and scripting languages.
  • Integrated Subversion into uDeploy to automate the code check-out process
  • Maintained and administered GIT source code tool.
  • Developed processes, tools, automation for TFS (Team Foundation System) based software for build system and delivering SW Builds.
  • Managed build results in uDeploy and deployed using workflows in uDeploy.
  • Delivered specific versions of various components of an application into target environments using uDeploy.
  • Maintain and track inventory using uDeployand set alerts when the servers are full and need attention.
  • Modeled the structure for multi-tiered applications orchestrates the processes to deploy each tier.
  • Experience in JIRA to capture, organize and prioritize issues. Experience in partially administering JIRA for issue management.
  • Network administration and Network monitoring.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN as build tools in Jenkins to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Developing Information Security policies and coordinating the activities required for implementing them. Creating a compliance review plan and conduct periodic review to evaluate the compliance level.
  • Implementation of TCP/IP& related Services-DHCP/DNS/WINS.Used Hudson/Jenkins for automating Builds and Automating Deployments.
  • Troubleshot TCP/IP, layer 1, 2 problems and connectivity issues in multi-protocol Ethernet environment.
  • Owned Release to Production Process, gathered approvals, signoffs from stakeholders and QAs before going to PROD.
  • Maintaining the VMware ESXi Servers through VMware Infrastructure Client (vSphere client).
  • Managed the Release Communication and Co-ordination Process.
  • Developed build scripts using ANT and MAVEN as the build tools for the creation of build artifacts like war or ear files.
  • Maintained the Shell and Perl scripts for the automation purposes.
  • Involved in editing the existing ANT/MAVEN files in case of errors or changes in the project requirements.

Environment: Windows Solaris, UNIX, C++, Java, Eclipse 3.20, Ant, Jenkins, JBoss Application Server, CVS, Subversion, VTFS, Jira and Cygwin, IBMClearcase 7.0.


Linux Engineer


  • Automated the deployments using scripts which execute the automated CI and release management process.
  • Created a reusable deploy distribution for the system which can be ported to multiple environments without having the need to run separate builds.
  • Automate Deployment using configuration Management tool like puppet to provision Amazon AWS Instances to enable continuous Deployments.
  • Evaluate and install new software releases, system upgrades, and linux patches within a configuration management framework.
  • Installed Linux, created user logins, administering the system performance and monitor Activities.
  • Maintained test environment for pro active testing before deploying in the Production server using Vagrant for creating Virtual Linux development.
  • Deployment of Bug Fixes on to the application server and tracking of the bugs using Bugzilla.

Environment: CI, AWS Cloud, OpenStack, PowerShell, Puppet, Jenkins, Maven, Cloudwatch, Cookbooks, Docker, JIRA, Ansible, Shell, Perl, GIT, Jenkins, Maven, AWS EC2, WebSphere, ANT, Putty, CONFLUENCE, Java, J2EE, SOA.

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